Wednesday, March 15, 2006


One Wednesday I had a big meeting at work. It was hard for me to concentrate because I knew I was leaving that afternoon to meet Brian's family. I made it through, met up with Brian and headed to the airport. Once we got to the airport I knew we were not going to Idaho. Brian tried to hide it from me that well, that's pretty hard when you have to show your boarding pass through security. That's when I found out we were headed to San Francisco! Brian had arranged for a friend to pick us up in a fancy car. Brian was really excited. I don't even remember the type of car! This friend drove us to the Golden Gate Bridge and Brian acted like he was going to propose. But then he said - "okay, let's go". So we got dropped off at our hotel and got checked in. Our hotel was right on the beach - Rockaway Beach. It was my favorite beach from my mission. By this time it was pitch black but we headed to the beach anyways. Now Brian didn't know why this was my favorite beach until we got there. When the tide comes in, there is no beach. Only the waves crashing against the rocks with huge sprays of water. He had bought a seashell and made it into a ring box. His plan was to have me "find" the shell on the beach. When we got there the beach was getting smaller and smaller so he had to switch plans. There was an Italian restaurant right there overlooking the crashing waves. He asked the server for a quiet place to sit. We ordered food and by this time I honestly thought he had maybe given up at asking me to marry him because nothing was going his way. When the waiter come with our food Brian asked him to take a picture and that's when he asked me. It was simple and perfect and I think he was really glad it was over. I planned on teasing him when he asked but when it happend all I could say was YES!! The pictures are of the real event!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Brian asks my Dad!

Thank goodness for free flight benefits because I don't think Brian would have made the long drive to Canada. His nervousness might have done him in. So we flew and Dad picked us up at the Calgary airport. I am so mean because I got in the backseat and quickly fell asleep! During the drive to Coaldale, Brian asked my Dad if he could marry me and of course the answer was yes! During that weekend, while we were at Church, Brian actually showed my parents the engagement ring. When I leaned forward so he could rub my back, he showed the ring behind my back. I remember my dad crying and wondering why because I really didn't think the talk was very good! Now it all makes sense! So here we are at the airport on our way back to Utah. I had no idea what was to really come...