Sunday, April 16, 2006

Welcome Baby Madelyn!

A new niece for me! Amy and Barry welcomed Madelyn Judy into their family on April 16th, 2006. Here is proud big brother Jacob and the whole family. Congrats!

Saturday, April 8, 2006

Las Vegas Trip

We spent the weekend in Las Vegas with our friends Kriss and Sarah, Ike and Kristy. We drove with Kriss and Sarah and met up with Ike and Kristy, who live there. It was fun. We saw the water show and the cool flower display. We went outside of Vegas and rode the rollercoaster, Desperado. It was AWESOME! Then again I am biased - I LOVE rollercoasters! :) We went and rode the Big Shot. First of all it's a million miles above Las Vegas. You get strapped in, with no shoes and shot a gazillion more feet into the air. I've never been more afraid in my life! But I would totally do it again because it was INCREDIBLE!! It was a great get-a-way.