Thursday, September 14, 2006

Motorcycle Accident...

We got home from our honeymoon on a Sunday. That Monday I witnessed a car accident and gave first aid. The next day, Tuesday, I again saw a car accident and gave first aid. On Wednesday I saw a motorcycle accident and when helping got the man's blood on me. When the ambulance came, they took over and I stood back, sobbing, splattered with blood. A police officer arrived and came up to me. He asked me if I was involved in the accident - was I okay. I could only shake my head no. He looked at me like he was trying to figure me out. He then asked me if I knew someone who rode a motorcycle. I said yes, my husband. When I was cleaned up and done with the police I called Brian and told him what happened. I told him I knew something was going to happen and I begged him to be careful. The very next day, Thursday, the call came - Brian had been in a motorcycle accident. I knew it was coming so I let work know and headed out to meet up with him. We spent all day at a dentist office, an oral surgeon's and the ER. He had shattered his mandibular jaw and lost his four bottom front teeth. The dentist pushed the teeth back in and wired them together to try and save his jaw. The oral surgeon made sure nothing else was wrong and the ER let us know he had torn the AC joint in one of his shoulders. It was a long day and only two weeks after we got married. We have some really disgusting pictures of his mouth but here is a family friendly one after he was feeling better. It's going to be a long recovery road and several surgeries but at least he is still here.

Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Honeymoon! Hubba-Hubba

We spent three days in Banff, Alberta. It was beautiful! We were surrounded by breathtaking mountains, wildlife and tons to do. It was Brian's birthday while on our Honeymoon and I ordered a cake from a local bakery to be delivered to the hotel. We could walk almost everywhere from our hotel, went to most of the shops and tried several of the local restaurants. Brian said the best hamburger he ever had was in Banff. Go Alberta Beef!! We rode on the gondola while there and had professional massages. That was Brian's first massage and hehehe, I got him hooked! After Banff we took two days to get to Idaho for our Open House there. Then we returned to our cute, little house in Utah and back to real life.

Friday, September 1, 2006

Wedding Day!

Our wedding was wonderful and fantastic! The day before was rainy and cold. When we were setting up for the reception my dad asked my mom for plan B due to the weather. My mom's response was that it was going to be beautiful and she didn't need a plan B. She was right on! We couldn't have asked for a better day. The sky was a clear and a beautiful blue, the weather was warm with the perfect breeze and not a rain cloud in sight. Brian and his family went to Denny's for breakfast and were far too kind to Denny's. They ended up late to the temple because getting their breakfast took so long - and it all came cold and not completely cooked. Poor Morris'! After the ceremony Brian's sister arranged for us to go on a horse drawn carriage ride. We were just suppose to go around the temple but he took us all over Cardston. Our families thought we weren't coming back. The reception was perfect! We had it at the Kinsman Park in Coaldale which sits on the Birds of Prey reserve. WONDERFUL! It was so fun to see so many long time friends, be surrounded by family and finally be married. Our photographer was Brian's sister Robin. She is amazing! You should check out her website - I don't know why the pictures are all different sizes but - ENJOY!!