Monday, December 25, 2006

Our First Christmas Together!

Brian was definetly like a child this Christmas. He would beg me a million times a day to open gifts. He was excited to see if he got motorcycle parts. He kept asking for this one package that was Oreo cookies covered in white chocolate, his favorite. He thought the gift was motorcycle parts. So one day, after being annoyed by him, I decided to let him open it. Boy was he dissapointed! hahaha! We decided to adopt my family tradition of opening one gift on Christmas Eve. The next day, when Brian got home from work, we opened the rest and enjoyed a lazy day. We spoiled each other rotten! For Christmas we got a cat. Isn't she soooo cute?? She is a siamese tortie cat. Her nose and paws are all multicolored brown and pink. We decided to name her Phanta.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Christmas in Idaho!

Brian has to work on Christmas day so we went to Idaho the weekend before. We celebrated with Brian's family by having gift exchanges and celebrating the December birthdays. This year the birthday boys were given their own cake and, as you can see, forks so they could dig in and enjoy. We had a big dinner with several memebers of Brian's extended family. Brian's mom made each of her grandchildren's names and his dad made the frames. Don't they look incredible? We also found out that weekend that Brian's sister Tyra was expecting in July!! Yeah, the pressure for having a baby is off of me and Brian!! Thanks Tyra and Cody and Congratulations!