Thursday, February 1, 2007

Sally's 30th Birthday!

Brian threw me a surprise birthday party for my 30th. Not only was it a surprise but he offered to give buddy passes to all of my family to come. Amy, Barry and their kids, and my mom and dad took up the offer! He invited all our family we live near, all our friends and several of Brian's family members even came up from Idaho. He ordered pizza, organized excuses for everyone and set up an alibi while he and my dad set up the church for the party. Pretty sly he is! It was the best way to bring in my 30th! Here I am blowing out the candles on one of my many cakes! I got another cat for my birthday. Funny thing -I am a dog lover - Brian is the cat lover! So we welcomed Mokie into our house. It took awhile for the two cats to like eachother but now they are great friends. I'm so glad that only took a week because it was hard to see them dislike eachother. Happy Birthday to me!! :)