Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I went to Philadelphia this week for a work training. I asked my company to fly me back the Sunday after it ended and Brian came and joined me for the weekend. If you haven't been to Philly before, you totally need to go. I loved it! We bought City Passes and they picked us up at our hotel and took us into the city. We could ride on their double decker buses with tour guides. They told us so much information about the city we wouldn't have otherwise known. The buses would drop off and pick up at 20 or more locations. The City Passes came with entrances to several places. We went to a museum all about submarines and boats. We got to go onto a retired Navy submarine and ship. I can't believe how many people they fit on the submarine. It would literally be body to body all the time. And the whole cot sharing thing?? Crazy! Of course we tried true, authentic Philly Cheese Steaks - YUMMY! We saw the Liberty Bell, where the Constitution was signed, and several more historical sites. Most of Philadelphia is row homes. That is because back in Colonial times home owners were charged per exposed wall. So they built row homes, with corner stores, to save on their taxes. On the second level there are these funky looking ornaments. They are called busy bodies. Home owners would look through them when someone would knock on their door. If it was the tax man, they would knock on their wall to warn their neighbors. I learned so much. My favorite place was the Constitution Center. After an amazing presentation about why people wanted a Constitution, you tour an entire level dedicated to the Constitution. You start when the Consitution was formed and as you go around the room it talks about the admendments and all the people who contributed to the Constitution. Absolutely fascinating!! Trust me...you have GOT to go some day!