Thursday, May 10, 2007

New Bathroom!

Brian's parents came up this weekend to help us redo our bathroom. The man we bought the house from was a strange person. He used caulk inbetween the shower tiles so everytime I washed the walls, the caulk would come out. We also found out the tiles he used are not shower tiles. When we took the tiles down, the wall behind was FULL of mold. We had to replace everything! Also, we bid a VERY happy farewell to the green toilet seat, the green shower head and all the chipped and pealing gold fixtures. Plus, now one room in our house is no longer the same, boring color and it's so nice. It's like a whole new part of our house. I feel like I am walking into another house when I go in there. Soon we will replace all the green doors and carpet the green stairs. I use to like dark green, now...not so much. Brian's mom taught me how to make curtains this week and we made and hung curtains in the master bedroom and the guestroom. It's crazy how little changes make such a big difference. Thanks Mom and Dad for all your work on our house!!