Friday, August 17, 2007

Welcome Baby Cassidy!

We went to Idaho this weekend to meet our new niece, Cassidy, and to attend her baby blessing. She's so cute and such a good baby! After the baby blessing we had a picnic at a park. The kids all ate suckers and turned their mouths fun colors. We played on the playground and visited with friends. Even though Cassie is super cute and I totally monopolized holding her, it didn't make me baby hungry. YAHOO!

Trip to Canada

We needed to go to Canada to get our marriage certificate. We had been married for about a year and still did not have the certificate. When we filled out all the paperwork for it, we were told all that was left was for the temple to mail in their part. Well, we were told wrong. We had to pay some more money - of course - and fill out another paper. Since we got married in another country, I was able to use that as an excuse to get my driver's license and social security card changed. However, the bank kept bugging us for it and since they currently "own" our home, we thought it was a good idea. We found out that Greg, Amy and Barry were all going so we planned our trip at the same time. We managed to get our marriage certificate money paid and paper filled out before we even got to my parents house. That left us time to play with the family. We celebrated Jacob's birthday while there - doesn't he look like the happiest birthday boy ever?? We got our Christmas present from my parents early - a Wii!! Barry and Brian got to work on the family tradition we have. The ladies decide on a craft project, the men cut it out and the ladies craft away. This time we made letters for the seasons. I didn't have time to paint them so someday when I finish them, I'll post a picture. I had to include the last picture because Maddie, my niece, has curly hair!!! Now I'm not the only family member with naturally curly hair! Yeah Maddie!!