Monday, February 18, 2008

Trip to Canada!

We got back from Canada today. It was Jeremy and Janie's wedding reception and the ENTIRE family was home!! It was so fun to see everyone, hang out and play. I got to see some of my high school friends and Brian got to eat famous Coaldale pizza - Dilos!! Just kidding, its not famous...just delicious and one of a kind. We were only there for the weekend but got to see so many people. It was the first time I went home that I was in contact with and therefore able to see several of my high school friends. I had to include a picture of the sink at my parents house. When everyone arrives we write our name on a cup that we use until we leave. Check out all the cups! That's now even all of them. There are so many of us now we don't all fit at my parents house. It was a great trip just wish it was longer!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Sally's Birthday!!

For my birthday we went to a restaurant called Five Alls. It is a midevil restaurant with fancy tin cups and plates. We were served a five course meal. First we got appetizers - a banana drink, bread with a yummy spread and meatballs. Next course was soup, followed by salad, then our main course. I got steak covered in seafood and an incredible sauce. Brian got steak and huge shrimp. I was so full already so I actually only had a few bites but wow - was it good. For dessert we had ice cream with our choice of sauce. It was a fun atmosphere and a great experience. Pricey, so I doubt we will go again but I highly recommend it! Brian gave me the food processor for my Bosch I have been wanting forever. I am sooooo excited!! I love to cook and a food processor will help save lots of time and help make much yummy food. Happy Birthday to me!!