Monday, March 31, 2008

I became a "mom" of SIX!

Wendy and Kenny asked me to come out to Minnesota to watch their six kids for the weekend. I was more than happy to go! I arrived Wednesday night and Wendy and Kenny left Thursday morning. The kids were on Spring Break so our mornings didn't have to be too early. Xander got up every morning between 6:30 -7:00, which is 5:30 - 6:00 am to me. Super Fun! I was quite surprised at how fast the days went. I didn't expect them to go slow or anything like that, they just went by so fast. We played outside, fed Xander alot (or so it seemed - but he is little), the kids had friends over and Stacey, Brett, Livy, Mallory and Greg all came to visit! Jennie was really wanting to put her hair in curlers and when we took the curlers out - her hair was sooooo curly. She LOVED it! I had to drive their 8 passenger Infiniti SUV and I didn't wreck it, crash it or even come close. And I never got lost!! I had so much fun with my family. I felt like I got to know everyone a little bit better. Too bad reality strikes and I had to come back for work. Those five days went by much too fast.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Missing Teeth Twins!

While in Idaho I couldn't help but take this picture. Abbie is missing a couple of her bottom teeth and so is her Uncle Brian. Adorable don't you think??

Happy Birthday Mom Morris!

We went to Idaho this weekend for Brian's mom's birthday. Brian's family organized a surprise birthday dinner so his mom wasn't suppose to know we were there. As we walked through the Idaho Falls airport we saw his dad - and MOM - pull up to pick us up! We freaked out, called several people before getting one of his sisters and told to make something up. While we were making up a story, Brian's mom walked into the airport looking for us. Good thing Brian was quick on his feet and I just followed along with his story. His dad is now sharing his space in his shop with his wife and daughter so we got to check out the cool new digs. Then we pretended we were meeting up with some friends and went over to Robin's house. Everyone, but mom and dad, came over and we dyed eggs and hung out. When it was time we left all the kids and headed to a restaurant. We had a great view of the entrance so we could see when mom and dad got there. We sang happy birthday, had great food and enjoyed each other's company. We joined back up with the kids and had donuts (mom's favorite) and ice cream. Two of Brian's nephews, Chris and Taylor, begged us to bring them back to Salt Lake with us. No one could convince them they couldn't come with us. I took a picture of the begging boys. It's nice to be so loved!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Another crazy Wii night!

Colton and Sarah came up from Idaho this weekend with their girls. We ate good food, went shopping, hung out and of course, played the Wii. Here are the boys "swimming". So funny!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Las Vegas Baby!

We met up with our friends Crystal, Tim and Gavin for a fun filled weekend in Vegas. We pricelined our hotel and ended up at Hooters! Too funny cause I have been joking about getting a job there! We went for the weekend and saw lots of casinos, watched our husbands play the penny slots. Oh yeah, I played the penny slots - won $14 - and then gave it to Brian. He came back without a penny to his name. Lost my entire $14! Guess some of us have the gambling gift! There is so much to do in Vegas but I must say the annoying people handing out those cards on the streets - don't get me started. I think we should all ban together to sue the city of Las Vegas for all the litter. I really wanted to ride on the gondola's but a huge windstorm came up. We were also headed to ride BigShot then too but it was closed due to wind. We did get to ride the rollercoaster At New York New York. I hadn't been on that one before and wish it wasn't so expensive cause it was awesome! Crystal and I sat about 1/2 way back and so we couldn't see what was coming next. The second time we went upside down we screamed in surprise and utter delight! I'm always up for a good coaster ride. I finally got to go to the M'nM store. Four levels and m'nm yumminess. I bought an apron but no candy. We went to the Beatles theatre and took some cool pictures. I had to include Gavin peeking back from his stroller. That was a regular site during the day - so cute! Crystal and I saw a real life Chip 'n Dale man - WHOA! Talk about muscles and I am not really into muscles. He was coming into the hotel - late for his show - as we came out. We turned around to follow him but our husbands noticed! So all we got was a glimpse... I didn't think fast enough to take a picture.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Lifehouse concert

So one boring morning at work I entertained myself by winning tickets on the radio station. The tickets were for the Lifehouse concert. Well, I was already pretty excited about that when I got a call from the radio station saying I had also won the chance to meet the band!!! Well Brian, the bum, didn't want to come so I invited my friend Shannon. We went down about three hours before the concert started and got to watch their sound check. It was so incredible! There was less than 10 people there and after the sang about five songs they came down and hung out with us. They are very nice and really down to earth. I have no idea what I was expecting but it was awesome!! The concert was fantastic! I have liked Lifehouse for awhile but they are a million times better live. If you have the chance to see them - it's totally worth it!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Exciting Week in the Mailbox!

Brian got a subpoena to testify in court! Some idiot broke into our house last August when Brian was home. He is now facing charges and since Brian saw him and kicked him out, Brian has to testify in court. He was nervous when he had to do a line up to ID him but after it was over, he said it was super easy to identify him. I sent away my first manuscript this week to Highlights Magazine to see if they would publish it! I am very excited to see what happens. Wish us both luck!