Monday, April 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Janie!

Jeremy and Janie came up this weekend and we celebrated Janie's birthday. We had angel food cake (Janie's favorite) with strawberries, whip cream and homemade chocolate sauce! YUMMY! So if anyone wants to bring something that is edible with homemade chocolate sauce....we welcome you over. Then there will be less for me to eat! It's a win-win so come on over!!

This week has been fun! Brian's mom, dad and sister Robin came and stayed with us for a night. I got to spend Saturday with super cute Ellie, cousin Ann and Josh's little girl. Brian is busy with work, school and redoing his motorcycle. I got called to be a Primary teacher of the six year olds turning seven. There are 10 of them and they are talkative and busy! But also cute and wonderful!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Errand Adventure!

So this weekend I was running errands and went to PetsMart for necessary cats supplies. I got all my stuff and headed to check out. While unloading my purchases I saw some DVD's for sale above the little conveyer belt thing. Upon looking closer I found out they were DVD's to entertain your cat or dog. Are you kidding me?? Why in the world would a cat need a DVD of fish swimming or birds flying? People actually pay money for this stuff?? I got the website for your entertainment - You should look. Poor cats. Even if they are interested, they keep trying to catch something they will never get.

So I was trying to recover from such a find when I saw a flyer. I can host a birthday party for my pet and up to five furry friends!! I couldn't help it, I actually started laughing out loud. So funny. I don't know about anyone else but my cats don't like other cats and especially the don't like dogs. I have a hard time thinking an animal birthday party would be enjoyable. And some of you think I spoil my cats...

Here are some cute pictures of my kitties for you to enjoy. Phanta is the white-ish cat and Mokie is the black-ish one. We find them in the funniest places. Phanta crawled in the middle of the dirty laundry - I guess it was comfy! And Mokie somehow fit herself into the basket we keep napkins in!

Off the cat topic - I heard back from Highlights. My manuscript was denied but on the paper it lists 20 to 25 reasons why. The only one checked for me was that it was not something that they needed at this time. So I'm a little sad but I will be sending it off this week to another magazine. Really, it would have been a miracle if the very first time I sent a manuscript, I got accepted. I take it as a huge compliment that it was only denied because it wasn't something they were needing at the time. Try, try again.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Ode to Ice Cream

So for many, many years I have been addicted to ice cream. Not just did I love it, I was full on addicted. I could tell you every place you could buy good ice cream and I would turn my nose up to cheap ice cream. I could even totally tell the difference. Well, I got over that addiction - HOORAY!! But this week I ate ice cream more than I have in a LONG time. On Thursday Brian got his teeth and we went out to ice cream with Tammie and Steve to celebrate. On Friday Kriss, Sarah and Oliver came over for dinner and for dessert we had rootbeer floats. On Saturday we went out to eat with some friends from Idaho, and Crystal, Tim and Gavin and then headed to our house to of course, play the Wii. We ended up going to Leatherby's for ice cream. Since my mom isn't here to make me her hot fudge sauce - I guess I'll live with Leatherby's. Now off the ice cream topic - we also spent a large amount of time on the internet downloading free ring tones to everyone's cell phones. Oh the songs that played. At one point, Brian and two friends were having a competition for the best song, best sound...I don't know...I lost track. Back to ice cream, we went to Tammie and Steve's today to celebrate both of their birthdays. I brought their birthday cake, which I have named "The Best Freakin' Chocolate Cake Ever". And that's no lie. Of course, you cannot have cake without ice cream. There were even four flavors to choose from... oh ice best of friends we use to be.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Happy 40th Anniversary Mom and Dad

I am proud to announce the 40th anniversary of my parents!! They are the bestest ever! Amy had this announcement put in the paper. Usually my dad reads through the entire paper every morning but the morning of his anniversary, he had to get to work early so he didn't get to the last few pages. My mom called him later to tell him. I guess they got several calls from friends who saw the announcement! Way to go Mom and Dad! We love you!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Brian has TEETH!!

Christmas has finally come for Brian (all he wanted was his four front teeth)! His jaw finally healed enough that he could have his implants put in. We realized I have known Brian longer without teeth than I have with teeth! CRAZY!! I went with him to the dentist and got to watch the amazing event. He now talks funny and feels like his tongue is constricted! He looks different to me - he hasn't had teeth for sooooo long - but not in a bad way. He is still my handsome hubbie! Here are before, during and after pictures. I never included pictures before of his accident or surgeries because they are all bloody and yucky. These pictures are family approved. However, if you ever want to see them - Brian loves to show them to everyone!