Friday, May 30, 2008

Twilight (December 12th is just too far away) and Breaking Dawn (first chapter)

I don't know about you, but I am insanely excited for the movie Twilight!!!!!!!!!!! I haven't talked much about my love of the Twilight series on my blog (that's cause I started my blog after I read the books) but I truly am quite insane. I watch the trailer for Twilight daily, have the whole thing memorized (but don't worry, I won't reinact it for you) and thought I should share it on my blog. Several of my friends and I are going to the movie so if you want to join - let me know! It's going to be AMAZING!!! Here's the link!! Also, the first several paragraphs of the first chapter of Breaking Dawn were posted today. Here is that link.,,20203238,00.html I CAN'T WAIT!!! ENJOY!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008


I'm very sad to announce that my favorite tv show of all time, Moonlight, has been cancelled. Stupid tv people. It's a very sad day for me. :( It was such an incredible show! Stupid tv people getting rid of a perfectly good show. That's all I have to say...stupid tv people.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Weekend

We spent Memorial weekend with Colton, Sarah, Kyla, Kenna, Crystal, Tim and Gavin!! PARTY! There was a lot of X-Box, good food, shopping, ice cream, late nights and sleeping in! Who could ask for a better weekend? We also had a barbeque at our place and Sarah, Kriss and Oliver joined us! I just forgot to take pictures of that. What did you do for Memorial weekend?

Kenna LOVED to play with the x-box control! I think she knew how to use it better than me!

Kyla is painting Gavin's nails a beautiful sparkly purple!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hot Weather = Air Conditioning

So this weekend it got yucky hot in Utah. Some people may love such weather but not me, nor my heat trapping house. It got over NINETY DEGREES INSIDE my house! It was miserable. Our swamp cooler doesn't work and so fans were our only source of "coolness." I thought our cats were going to die. They turned to laying in the sink, bathtub and running into the fridge whenever we opened it. We even made them take a bath one day just to cool them off. Poor kitties! So we looked around and bought two window air conditioners at Home Depot!!! Happy, happy, happy day!! (Just imagine me with a huge smile). Here we are putting them in... I'm happy to report we all survived and the weather is back to exactly where it should be. No need to use heat and no need for air conditioning. Just mother nature at her best.

Meeting Stephenie Meyer

Yes, it's true. I got to meet Stephenie Meyer! It was awesome. Several months ago they announced she was coming. I called right away to get us tickets. There were 40 signing groups, with 25 people in each group. Crystal and I ended up in group 39! CRAZY! The bookstore said they sold out in four days. We got to the event just before 11:00 am and didn't leave until after 4:00 pm! There were so many people there and I was surprised to find even a few men. A huge group of Twilight Lexicon people were there. I guess they are following Stephenie around on her tour. Another large group, called Twilight Moms, was also there. It was fun to talk with people and get to know other crazy Twilight fans. I tried to start reading her new book, The Host, but the atmosphere was just too exciting! Stephenie answered a bunch of questions and then signed books for hours and hours. I don't think that would be an exciting part of the job. It was totally worth my $30 and 3/4 of my Saturday. Now it's a countdown to Breaking Dawn on August 2nd!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Stimulating the Economy

Brian and I happily deposited our stimulus money into the bank this week. We were going to use all of it to pay debt but then decided to do just one small fun thing. We bought Lagoon season passes!! Roller coaster summer here I come!! Have you ever been on the Wicked? LOVE IT! The Spider! YAHOO! The only sad thing is that the Samurai is broken, again. Tim, Crystal and Gavin joined us in the joy of Lagoon season passes. Here we are having fun. The super cute picture of all of us waiting to ride the Wicked didn't turn out. Dang save button on the cell phone. Stay tuned...I'm sure there will be several Lagoon posts. If you go there this summer, we'd love to join you!

Friday, May 16, 2008

On The Cold Front

So this cold wouldn't be so bad if I didn't get HORRIBLE asthma with it. Seriously, walking from my bedroom to the bathroom is exhausting. And to top it off, I have a sinus infection! I went to my doctor today and wanted to show you all the goodies I got to take home... Antibiotics, new asthma medicine and a sinus rinse system. I was not excited AT ALL about the sinus rinse but then I tried it. Oh yeah...I like it! The stuff that came out, the ability to breath and not to mention, a new experience I've never had before. Really though, I'm doing much better. I'm just wishing I had more sick time at work cause it sure is fun to stay home!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Windshield Wipers...

I finally bought new windshield wipers and am now left wondering why I didn't do it earlier? They are so quiet (I no longer jump everytime they move), they actually clean my entire windshield (hallejuah, I am a much safer driver) and I no longer have to stop at the gas station just to wash my window (I was waiting to get pulled over because someone would think I stole gas). I am posting this in hopes that I will motivate others to enjoy the luxury of new windshield wipers and to remind myself to not wait so long the next time.

Thank goodness for kleenex with lotion!

I have a horrible cold and just wanted to express my LOVE for kleenex with lotion!! Whoever decided to join together kleenex and lotion deserves to be a millionaire in my books. I have spent this last week sleeping, and sleeping and sleeping and bonding with lovely lotion kleenex. My sweet hubby brought me flowers, with a butterfly! Just to be cared about makes me feel better. I happily look forward to breathing freely again.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

My New Year's Resolution

This year I decided to have a resolution that I would keep and that would be fun. That way I could actually have a good experience with resolutions. So I decided that since I have lived in suburban Salt Lake for seven years, and don't know the city at all, it was time to get to know Salt Lake. So once a month, we eat at a restaurant in Salt Lake we have never been to. For our birthdays we go to an expensive place. Here is the run down so far:

January - we went to Setabello's. It is an authentic Italian pizza place. They even get the flour from Italy. The pizza's are cooked in a wood burning stove. Very yummy. The pizza does not come cut - you have to rip it into pieces. For dessert we had pistachio and hazelnut gelato. Oh boy, I sense a craving coming on. I highly recommend it.

February - for my birthday we went to Five Alls. I talked about it in my birthday post. I recommend it but make sure your pocket book can take it.

March - I went to Thaifoon with my friend Shannon and the band Lifehouse. Okay, they sat at a different table but since we had just met them, they did say hi as we walked by. And we didn't go there because they were there. That surprised us. So on to the food. I love the titles of their food. Shannon got "Evil Jungle Princess Chicken". She really liked it. I got Pad Thai and enjoyed it for the next three meals. Good prices and great food.

April - we went to Trio Cafe. Not my favorite. Brian got pizza (shocking) and I got ravioli with squash sauce. There was no salt and pepper on the table although the waiter would freshly grind pepper on your food if you liked. I am not a salt person but the ravioli really needed some.

May - we went to Red Rock Brewing Company. Cousins Ann and Josh took us there but let me (spoiled, I know) pick the restaurant. Yummy, yummy. I got this vegetable sandwich - oh goodness, it was good. Everyone seemed to enjoy their food and our waiter was incredible. Our glasses never even got close to being empty! Plus, the company was top notch. Thanks Ann and Josh - we LOVED it!! :) And Setabello's was right next door so, of course, we had gelato for dessert. It made for a perfect evening.

You should all join my resolution. It makes for a great date night!

Two Week's a long one

It's been a couple of weeks since I blogged and yikes, time went by fast. So I decided to sum up these two weeks as what I have enjoyed and what I haven't liked. So here it goes:

What I Have Liked (in no particular order, including date):
On Monday, April 28th Jeremy and Janie slept over at The Hotel Morris. We had a lot of fun - eating out (thanks for dinner guys!), staying up "late" (okay, I cowed out and went to bed) and enjoying the evening. It was sooooo hot that night. When I got up at 6:00 am, it was still 70 degrees in our house. Poor Jeremy and Janie - but I guess it was just getting them ready for Texas.

On Sunday, April 27th we had a bunch of friends over for a barbeque. It was beautiful outside and we celebrated Crystal's birthday with the Best Freakin' Chocolate Cake EVER (I'll totally share the recipe) and ice cream.

I only had to work ONE JOB during the last week of April! I feel so rested and my brain works. It's a whole new world for me. Not to mention the million of things I got done!

The Friday night show "Moonlight" is back on. Need I say more?? I'm not crazily attracted to the actor of Mick, I just REALLY like the show...alot.

Winter is kind of over in Utah which means it's time for car seat checks! I LOVE car seat checks. For anyone who doesn't know, I'm a car seat technician and will share car seat information with you even if you don't want it! :) So I got to spend a glorious afternoon crawling in and out of cars and teaching people about car seats. Seriously - I love it! Maybe I'll have to have a little section of my blog devoted to car seats..... Let's all toast to car seat checks!

I found a new delicious, HEALTHY brownie recipe! It is a must try and super simple. Just take a 15 oz. can of black beans. Put them in your blender until all mooshy. Add the beans to a package mix of brownies and mix up. NO eggs, water or oil - just black beans. Bake according to package directions and enjoy!!! Trust me. It puts all the pleasure back in brownies!

I finally cleaned the flower beds in front of our house. They were looking pretty horrible. I was going to take before and after pictures but I totally forgot.

I cleaned and organized our entire house. I feel like I live in a totally new world. I know where everything is, there is no old yucky food lingering around, and the weight that has been lifted off my shoulders - priceless! Now I need to build our food storage up and get things we never had in storage - like toothpaste - I think we might just need that someday.

I mailed my transcript off again! This time to Cricket magazine. However, they take four to six MONTHS to respond so I'll hear from them by Halloween.

I signed up for a week long writing course at BYU in June. I'm incredibly excited! I get to write all week and work NO jobs all week!! :)

I sent off packets to school districts and private schools this past Tuesday for a new job. By Wednesday, I had already gotten three calls! I've had two interviews and another one next week! Maybe, just maybe I'll become an elementary teacher!

Tonight we went to a barbeque with our motorcycle group. It decided to be spring here today so it was lovely to be outside and be with friends. Our friend Kevin just graduated from school to become a principle and he hosted the whole par-tay! I posted some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Things I Have Not Liked:

Jeremy and Janie moved to Texas!! Of course we wish them the best but miss having them so close. Plus they went to SixFlags without me! Okay, I was invited.

My treadmill keeps over heating! Now I cannot go my regular amount of time and it is making me very angry! Plus, when it suddenly stops going, I almost get thrown off everytime. Why does everything have to cost money?? And my treadmill and me were really starting to bond.

In Utah, if not more places, a season has not been chosen yet. Monday, we died of heat, had our windows open and Brian wore shorts. Wednesday and Thursday, it snowed. Wherefor art thou, spring??

On another note - I didn't talk much about Brian. He is working hard and doing great in school. He spends his spare time customizing his motorcycle. If you are interested in pictures, let me know. I'll tell you where on the web you can see them. And he has been enjoying life with me!