Thursday, August 21, 2008

Congratulations Kriss!

Our friend Kriss graduated from the Police Academy! We went to the graduation and celebrated with everyone. Kriss won like every award possible and was voted by his class as the best rookie! Way to go Kriss!!! They are now moving to American Fork where Kriss got a job on the force.

I hate gardening!!!

I am happily enjoying my three weeks off track (I've never had three weeks off of work!!!) and crossing all the items off my to-do list. Today I decided to tackle the flower bed and lawn. So I force myself out of bed early and get to work. The flower bed is full of dead flowers and weeds. I got on my handy-dandy gloves and got to work pulling everything. Now, I've spent the last two summers trying to get SOMETHING to grow in the flower bed. I thought I had it last year, but of the $100 of perenials I bought, only one of them came back. This year though, I have no idea what is growing in there. There are several different things and they are all growing out of control. I didn't put them there, I don't want them and I have drawn the conclusion that gardening is NOT one of my talents. However, pulling everything out of the flower bed, I am talented at.

Within the massive overgrowth of crap I find a city of spiders. Big huge webs that are feet long within the roots. Plus, the spiders were all huge!! I jumped out of the flower bed many, many times to save myself as they run towards me or honestly, move at all. Good thing for my quick feet as I jump on the spiders over and over and over again.

Then the gardening got worse. I am loading all the former living weeds into the garbage can when I get attacked by a preying mantis. At least that is what I think it was. It jumps on my arm. I jump and swipe it off. It jumps back on me. I knock it off again. It jumps on my head. Soon I am flailing my arms, turning in circles and, although I am ashamed to admit it, I scream because by this time I am pretty sure I am going to die. The stupid thing will not leave me alone. I even hit it with a shovel and it keeps on going - jumping on me and jumping on me and jumping on me. Finally, it leaves me alone and, although I am tramatized, I am alive. It stayed very close to me on the grass for quite awhile. Then it finally left forever. (insert sound of me breathing a sigh of relief)

On to the lawn - so as I am working on the lawn I realize I would really like an edger. You know the thing that makes your lawn look all nice and edged? Edging with a shovel really sucks. Then I wish I had a weed eater to help cut down all the wierd stuff growing in our grass. Pulling it out by hand is no fun. Then I wish I had a hoe to help get all the little weeds. My hands hurt from trying to get all of them. And when I am finished edging, raking, sweeping and putting it all in the garbage can, I wish I had a blower so I didn't have to sweep. That's when I realize I really don't like gardening. Not even one little bit.

Now if there was only one thing I could buy to help keep my yard looking nice it would be a landscaper to do all the work.

Here is the flower bed before. Just imagine it empty for the after picture cause I picked it clean! I have no idea what any of it is, especially the weird bush thing...

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Idaho Weekend!

We went to Idaho this weekend, just for Saturday night, so we could be there for family photos. We got there about an hour before the pictures, after spending HOURS in construction traffic! On a Saturday?? We celebrated Justin's birthday with cake and ice cream, sleep over at Robin's, and spent most of Sunday at Brian's parent's house. It was very relaxing and Robin's family let us sleep in! Thanks Spencer's!!! :) We got to see James' new house and I laughed and laughed and laughed with Kim, Katie and Darlene. Thanks for the good times!!

Of course, I took no pictures. Could that be that I hate our camera?? It has as many pixels as my cell phone. Really, I'm just out of the habit.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Colton and Sarah visit!

Colton, Sarah and their girls - Kyla and Kenna - came to visit this weekend. Crystal, Tim and Gavin joined us for a barbeque and fun night together. I had to post this picture because it's going to be so fun to watch how our "family" grows! I'm so glad we have a spare room so we can have friends stay. Also, it had been forever since we had seen Crystal, Tim and Gavin. One of us seemed to always be traveling and we hadn't gotten together for too long. It's wonderful to have such good friends!


Okay,'s been forever. I added four other blogs for you to look at - Fun-filled Weekend - School Classroom and Camping - We Are Proud To Announce... - New Year's Resolution August and New Year's Resolution July

Here is our update: We are doing good - crazy busy but good. Starting school has really thrown me for a loop but after two weeks I am finally getting caught up. School is different than I thought but I am really enjoying it. It just gets kind of boring to teach the same lesson four times in a row. I love teaching but I really don't like the classroom management part. Seriously, do 10 and 11 year olds really need to be told the same thing over and over again?? I'm realizing that is so.

I bought and read Stephenie Meyer's new book, Breaking Dawn. I really enjoyed it after about chapter 20. Her writing style at the beginning of the book was so completely different that her other books. I still totally recommended the Twilight series. If you haven't read them - you are crazy and totally and completely missing out!

Brian is enjoying his three week break from welding school. He is working during the day and completing many projects by night. He loves only having to work. He has seven months left in school and is REALLY looking forward to learning everything and being able to get a job as a welder. Seven months and counting!! He LOVES the olympics and is spending his spare time fast forwarding through them and watching the sports he enjoys the most.

Yesterday we spent the afternoon at cousin Maren's wedding in Bountiful. It was soooooo wonderful to catch up with all the McComb's and Auntie K!! It's been too long!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

New Year's Resolution - August

Last night we took our friends Chelsie and Stuart on our New Year's Resolution adventure. We just drove into Salt Lake and randomly choose a restaurant to eat at. We ended up at Bangkok Classic on about 900 South and State. None of us had ever been there before. It was INCREDIBLE food!! We are sad we hadn't ever gone there before. I got orange chicken and I can never eat orange chicken anywhere else again. Seriously. We were all so impressed with our food that we all tried eachother's. And the price was perfect - not even $20.00 for the two of us!

I asked Brian for his comments and he said he wants to go there again - soon. Who wants to join us??