Thursday, September 25, 2008

It's a sad, sad day....

I know there are worse things in life, but I'm still going to blog my sadness at saying goodbye to my car, Jadie. I LOVE Jadie. Even when Brian and I got a new, to us, car - I still drove Jadie. I bought her brand new, only 60 miles on her and have loved all our adventures together. Then Tuesday, September 23rd happened.

I am headed home from school to grab something to eat and head off to job number 2, when I am rear ended. Yep, I was DRIVING about 50 miles an hour down Bangerter, no red light, no slow traffic, no vehicles in front of me, perfect weather when I look in my rear view mirror to see a lady bearing down on me. You have all seen those drivers that are going really, really fast, right? Well, this lady wasn't gradually gaining on me, she was FLYING and smashed into the back of my car. It was like I wasn't even there. My head hit the head rest, my contact popped out from the force, my car took air, slammed back down onto the road, skidded to the side and stopped.

Now I was really confused at this point. Did all of this just really happen? I try to call 9-1-1 but my phone won't work, I can't see properly (at this point I didn't know my contact came out) and my head was pounding. So, I finally figure out my cell phone is turned off and I call 9-1-1, at that point I see my contact on the stearing wheel (thank goodness because I am TOTALLY blind without it) put it back in and wait for the police. The lady never got out of her car to see if I was okay (I was not getting out, I was scared!), she didn't call for help (maybe someone in her vehicle did, I have no idea) but at least she stayed. The police come and ask if I was stopped and she hit me. I tell him NO! She was flying down the road, I was going the speed limit and she ran into me. Then the ambulance comes, loads me up and takes me to the hospital.

I am home, sore and really sad. I went yesterday to get my stuff out of my car and it's going to be totalled. The trunk is pushed in at least a foot, the fender is gone and the bar under the fender is totally pushed in. The car is pushed into the gas tank and the back doors no longer line up with the frame of the car. I WANT MY CAR BACK!!!! I love my Jadie. I am emotionally attached and not ready to give her up yet. Her seats are still comfortable, she gets great gas mileage and runs perfect! No blue book wad of cash will ever replace a fully paid off, perfectly functioning car. Plus, I love Jadie!

So I am sad. Sad that my car was taken from me by someone who was obviously in a hurry. Sad that I missed work and no longer qualify for the $1000.00 bonus for not missing work all school year. Sad that I can't move normal. Sad that I just fixed the air conditioning, new tires, barely paid all the stupid Utah taxes to do my annual renewal on my car (not to mention the money that will have to be spent on registering and licensing a new, to me, car). Sad that I missed work on Tuesday night (more lost income.) Sad at all the hours (two nights) I spent in the ER. Precious hours I will never get back. Sad at all the cell phone minutes I've had to spend talking to the insurance companies, police, doctors, etc. Sad that I have to go car shopping, eventually, and make another life altering decision.

I just want my car back. I just want my life the way it was before I got run into it. Is that too much to ask for???......

Here are some pictures of how poor Jadie looks. :( Pictures don't do it justice. The back doors don't open, the truck doesn't open and the back lights are not attached to the car. I was going to add one of me in the neck brace (cause I think it's kind of funny) but I forgot to get it off of Brian's phone.

Here is the inside of the trunk. You can't really tell with the shadow, but it's all buckled.

Here is that crash bar thingy that is under the fender/bumper....whatever it's called. That is what is pushing into the gas tank. I didn't see it for myself though. I can't bend that way.

And here is a side view. Yes, it should NOT be sticking out like that.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I feel jipped!

Who remembers doing fund raisers in school? Well, I remember I didn't even care to do the fundraiser because the so-called prizes you could win, weren't even worth winning. Well, my school just started their fundraiser and SERIOUSLY....could I please be a student again?? Even I think the prizes are COOL! They can even win a IPOD Nano and that's not even the highest prize!

Plus, who doesn't want a bucket of cookie dough in their fridge? :)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Lagoon and Short Shorts

On Saturday night Brian and I were hanging out and thought, why not go to Lagoon? We have season passes and Lagoon is closing soon. So we headed out at about 6:00pm and had a blast. We discovered the "trick" to riding the rollercoaster, Wicked, and rode it five times in less than an hour!! It was awesome!! In fact, when we learned the "trick" and got out of line, we were getting on the ride for the third time when the people, who had been behind us, were getting on for the first time! I LOVE being sneaky!! All you have to do is be able to read and you too can know the "trick."

Every time we have gone to Lagoon I have noticed the millions of women who wear short shorts. You know, the kind that when you bend your butt is exposed. Last night it seemed to be the dress code - and for every age of woman! Seriously, women of every age and every size were wearing these teeny, tiny shorts. I just have one question....WHY?? Don't they realize certain images are forever burned into people's minds?? I just don't get it...

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Brian!

Happy Birthday to Brian!!
This year for Brian's birthday he took the day off of work and I was off track from school. He took a long nap and then he opened his presents. Then we went out to dinner and European Connections (yummy crepes) and got a movie.
The cats joined the unwrapping by attacking the paper and jumping in the gift bag! Hilarous!
Brian wanted cheesecake for his birthday. I have tried to make one in the past and decided it wasn't worth the entire day's effort to make one (sorry honey) so I bought one from the Cheesecake Cafe -YUMMY!! He only wanted one candle but I put four in instead.
Jeremy and Janie stopped by to visit and eat cheesecake. We kept them over REALLY late and had tons of fun catching up since they just got back from the summer in Texas.

Monday, September 1, 2008

The Greatest of our Latest Adventures

We spent labor day weekend at Brian's Family Reunion. The family rented a huge cabin in Island Park, Idaho and settled in for a three day party! There were over 50 of us with Brian's entire family, and his mom's sisters and their children. Brian and I decided to sleep in our tent and the first night was awesome! I don't think I've slept that well in a long time. The second night the wind was blowing really hard. Just as I was crawling into bed two trees broke and the tops of the trees fell about two feet away from our tent. So, we took the tent down and moved into the cabin. Here are some pictures of us at a "getting to know you" activity.

On Saturday night we got out a ton of glow braclets, necklaces, ect. There were connectors that you could use to make all sorts of shapes. The fun lasted forever!
Here is Shalynn dressed like a go-go dancer! It was hilarious!!
This is a view of a group of people with the glow stuff. I wish the picture could capture just how incredible it looked!This is a little place space under the stairs. The kids called in "the Harry Potter bedroom."
The First Annual Hammon duck race!
We decorated ducks and WOW - everyone was so creative. I took like five
seconds to decorate mine! Here are just a few of them.

We loaded them in a wheelbarrow full of water and put tarps down a hill. Here is the big dump!
Most of the ducks just fell at the side. The water went too fast and the poor ducks couldn't keep up.
Two lone ducks made it to the end!! So we tried again and had people hold the sides up to force the water, and hopefully the ducks, down the hill.It was a great idea till the ducks got to a tarp that no one was holding. Then all the ducks went under the tarp!And finally - the poker party!! Yes, we teach children while they are young how to gamble. That way we know who to take to Vegas. And the winner of the first game.... Justin, at the ripe old age of SEVEN! Yes, folks that's right - a seven year old won and no one let him. He had his own hand and a little help from Uncle Brian and won it all!!

And we celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary by driving home. We stopped in Idaho Falls to visit with Brandon and Emily and their new baby boy, Kelton. And I think that's it!