Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fun in Indianapolis!

I got to spend several days with Stacey, Brett, Olivia and Mallory in Indianapolis! I LOVE having free flight benefits!! I had so much fun! Now it's even more sad to be back in Utah remembering that we use to live about 10 minutes away from each other. I can't believe how much the girls have grown up since they moved. And now Stacey is expecting a boy in about two months and this will be the first baby I miss being at the hospital for. When are they going to invent instant time travel?? So here are a bunch of pictures highlighting our time together!

Livy and Mally LOVE to be princesses. Here they are all dressed up.

Here are the girls playing in their car. I had to include this one because Livy was "getting pretty" when I took the picture (at least that is what she told me when she looked at the picture) and look at cute little Mally's face!Here is cute Mally with her B (that is what she calls her blanket!) and her pluggy wuggy. Poor girl is getting molars and chews on the plug to make her gums feel better.

Stacey discovered the girls LOVE to vacuum so she sets them to work under the table vacuuming up all the food that drops there. They are hilarious! The point out to each other the food saying "get that" and they take turns actually vacuuming. That is one smart momma! It keeps them entertained for about 1/2 hour and then Stacey can get some more cleaning done while they are busy.

Brett cooked us some delicious food while I was there. (Well, the verdict is still out on the pancakes! hehehe)
I brought a princess cake mix with me to make with the girls. Here we are getting ready to make it. Such CUTE faces!
Getting ready to mix it all together.
Livy enjoying the fruit of her labor.
And here we are about to enjoy the cake! The cake tasted good but was a strange texture. It was really hard to ice and there was one part of the cake the icing would not stay on. It just kept ripping the top of the cake. So I put the big princess decoration over that spot. Livy gets all excited and says, "It's a bandaid!" Adorable (and so true!)
It was a fabulous time and it went by way too quickly! Thanks for everything Hansen Family! Hopefully we will make it out when the baby is born! LOVE YOU!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy Day!

Today is a great day. It's the day that David Cook's CD came out! I happily drove to get one and then proceeded to run some really LONG errands (which I really didn't want to do) and spent the entire time rocking out to David Cook. I LOVE the CD!! I have never gotten into American Idol before. I don't know what made me get into this year but, even though I am from Utah, I totally cheered for David Cook. Maybe I enjoyed American Idol this year because we had TiVo. I could fast forward through the people I didn't want to watch and enjoy just those worth seeing. I never voted...does that make me a bad person?? And just to sweeten this post, here is some eye candy below.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Melted computer picture

Now that the computer is back, I can finally download the picture I took of the melted hole it had on the bottom. Crazy!! It's so nice to have it back and fully functional. See, I could have happily lived with the hole, but when it wouldn't turn on....that's where I had a problem. Plus, now I have proof that I wasn't a slacker, the computer really was broken. Here are the crazy pictures!

My super hero, Tammie and no surgery for me!!

This is my ode to Tammie blog. Not only did Tammie get me in to see an incredible hip specialist where she works, she got me in fast! All the places I called, it was a six week wait. And when one cannot sleep, let alone walk normal, six weeks is an eternity! Tammie got me an appointment for the day I asked for it (because I already had to take that day off work to see the spine specialist.)

Then I got scheduled for the HUGE needle MRI thingy and told I would need surgery and was given an appointment to discuss things with the surgeon for the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. I asked Tammie if she could get me an earlier appointment. If I had to have surgery I was hoping I could get it all done before going back to work in December. Well, she couldn't find one earlier so I happily accepted my appointment and headed home. The next day Tammie just went to the doctor, explained my situation, called me and told me to be at the office in 40 minutes! Hello, miracle worker!

So I actually saw the surgeon on Wednesday and found out - no surgery for me! YEAH! The tear is not big enough to need surgery. So instead I went in on Friday and got another HUGE needle full of cortisone to see if that would help. And it has. I am doing much better - for starters, I am actually walking normal.

Here is a picture of my hip, after not one, not two, but three huge long needles being injected into it. The red, round spot is the MRI spot. It took me three days and tweezers to finally get that dang bandaid off! The blue spots are the other two needle spots. So pretty!

And here are my kitties keeping me nice and warm. I guess some people can get allergic reactions to the contrast put into the hip for the MRI. It causes great pain and you fix it by taking Benadryl. Of course, I ended up in horrible pain and loaded up on Benadryl. I fell asleep on the couch and woke up when I couldn't move my legs at all. I panicked until I realized it was the cats and not that my legs lost all blood circulation and fell off while I was sleeping.

And to continue with my super hero Tammie ode....I didn't realize that after the cortisone shot I could not drive myself home. My leg is numbed before the huge needle is inserted and being that is the leg that pushes the break and gas is the one being numbed....well you get it. So I went upstairs to Tammie and asked if she would take me home when she got off work. We laughed about the situation and I settled down in a very comfy reclining chair and started reading. Meanwhile, Brian figured out how to come get the car from the clinic but after he got off work. Suddenly Tammie comes out (20 minutes later) and tells me we are going home. When she went to tell her boss, he told her to just leave and take care of the patient. And if that wasn't wonderful enough (though I was perfectly happy waiting) then she took me on the errands I was planning on running after the cortisone shot! Everyone should have friends as wonderful as Tammie!

My super welder

Since I haven't been able to update for awhile due to no computer I haven't been able to tell you about my super welding husband! Brian is a pro at welding. I love seeing him be so successful! I am one proud wife!

Brian now has FOUR welding certificates!!

He is cruising through his welding course. I don't know all the welding lingo so you will have to ask Brian if you want more details but here it is in my terminology....

Brian kind of struggled with welding at first. He was getting everything done and learning what he was suppose to, but it was a struggle. The teachers kept telling him to look for things that he could never see. He was frustrated and confused because no one would really help him. One day, another student lended Brian these magnifying glasses to use with his helmet. Suddenly Brian could see better and welding was so much easier. His teacher told him he didn't need those glasses and made Brian give him his helmet. When the teacher looked through it, he couldn't believe Brian had even been able to weld. His helmet was defective!!

Brian was about to enter the next level of welding and he was really worried. Most of the other guys really struggled with this type of welding and one guy even took six months to pass it. Everyone was telling him how hard it was. That got Brian worried because he really wants to graduate by Spring and didn't want this level holding him back. You only have so long to finish the course, you see. So we talked and prayed about it a lot. I tried my very best to encourage him and let him know that no matter what, it would work out. I could really tell he was worried. Well, he started the level and passed it off TWO DAYS later!!

Way to go super welding hubby of mine!! LOVE YOU!

The "New" Car

Finally, I am posting a picture of our new (to us) sexy car. Really this is how we picked it out. We had a certain price in mind, a certain amount of miles, a year we hoped it wouldn't be any older than, etc. We had MANY a stupid sales man treat us rudely because we could "never find a car like we were looking for." However, they are stupid for many reasons. First of all, we did find a car - neener, neener. And secondly, even when I someday (and miracously) have money, I will NEVER go back to those dealerships to purchase a car. And I could go on, but really we all already know, don't we?
So I am adjusting to this car. The entire back is tinted to limosine black. It is really nice but makes backing up at night slightly difficult since I cannot see anything. The glove box has a nice surprise. It contains a little fridge! When the car is running and I can put my water bottle in there and keep it nice and cold. LOVE IT! This car has an incredible stereo system. The first time Brian figured that out, it couldn't help but laugh. He took it on some errand and came home with the stereo so loud I could hear it inside the house (and all the windows and doors were closed.) I looked out the kitchen window, to see if it was him, and he saw me and smiled a HUGE smile. He didn't get out for a while and when he did, it was to tell me all about the great sound. Now he takes my car often because "he doesn't want to put all the miles on his car." Uh-Huh....I'm sure that's why! The strange thing is that the back seat is a normal size but only has two seat belts. Not sure why, just the way it is.

So I want to name this car Willow but Brian wants to name it Tank. Please vote or give your own suggestions.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I got invited to Gutter Butt!!

My favoritest cousins have a super fun family reunion once a year here in Utah. It is called Gutter Butt because there is no fixed agenda. Just good food, good fun and family. This year, Brian and I got invited to crash the party. It was an honor to attend and sooooo fun to see all my awesome cousins and my aunt and uncle.

We ate these cookies that were to die for and Halloween candy. It was more sugar and pure yumminess than I have had in a long time. Heather totally put something in those cookies that made them addictive. Then we had dinner where Jason sauted onions for the tacos. I love tacos but I will never eat them again unless I have sauted onions to put in them. DEVINE!! The onions totally made the taco. Needless to say, I was one completely stuffed, happy girl. Us girls talked lots of girl talk, relaxed in Ann's totally comfy room and looked through family pictures and scrapbooks. Brian hung out with the guys watching a movie and gutter butting it on the couch. I don't know if he did anything else. I was chillin' upstairs. We also helped cute cousin John with his dating life. You just had to be there...it was wonderful!

Thanks for inviting us!! Too bad we missed out on the massages the next day...

Here are some pictures that I totally stole from my cousins websites because I forgot my camera.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Let's talk about Labrums

First off, our computer is back! Yeah! No more melted hole in the bottom.

Secondly, labrums are not a dirty word. It just made a catchy title. And I will talk about them so just keep reading.

On the car accident front, I am doing better and worse. I finished physical therapy for my back last week. I have these huge knots in my back but other than that, the pain is hardly ever there. That makes me happy! But my right hip is killing me. I haven't slept through the night since the accident (seven weeks and counting) not to mention the pain. And my hip keeps catching. I don't know how else to descibe it. It feels like the bones actually get stuck on each other and click apart. It's painful and there have been a couple of times I have actually fallen to the ground. So off to the hip specialist I went.

I had regular x-rays that didn't show anything although with my symptoms, the doctor was pretty sure I had a fracture. She wanted me to get a fancy schmancy MRI with contrast. Now getting an MRI didn't worry me, even though I was stuck in a tight spot, but something else about this test made me very nervous. The HUGE needle they were going to inject directly into my hip joint. I'm happy to say I survived and it was no where near as bad as I thought. Plus, the staff was incredible. I really like the University of Utah medical care.

So after the needle and the small space and repeated MRI's (lucky me, I got to spend longer than usual in the MRI machine) it was discovered I have a labral tear. My first question was...I have a labrum?? And it's located in my hip? That's when the doctor pulled my MRI up on the computer screen and actually showed me my labrum. Talk about cool! My own little personal anatomy lesson!

So in the socket of the hip joint where the thigh bone sits is lined with cartilage. That cartilage is called the labrum (see, I told you it wasn't a dirty word) and it's job is to cushion and support the hip joint. Well, that labrum can tear and cause pain, clicking or locking of the hip and stiffness and restricted movement of the hip. And that is when a thought crossed my mind - I'm not crazy!! It's so nice to learn that you are "normal." It was definetly caused by the car accident, which again is nice to know.

The bad news is that the only way to fix it is surgery. The doctor actually has to go into my hip joint and either sew up the tear or cut it away so the tear is gone. The doctor said I would be pain free after the surgery so I'm excited for that - well the after the surgery part. I go see the surgeon right before Thanksgiving and schedule the surgery then. The long term problem is arthritis in the hip.

I'm still wishing I had left work later the day of the accident...