Saturday, February 28, 2009

Good News on the Brian front

It's a miracle!! After almost four weeks of fighting with Brian's school, we finally won! Brian will be starting school again on Monday!!

In case you don't know, Brian was in a welding program before getting his pacemaker. Afterwards, they told him he couldn't come back. Only because they are totally from the old ages when pacemakers and welding didn't mix. I was upset because we were assigned a "risk assessment team" that was suppose to assess Brian coming back. They didn't assess anything. They just went off their old school knowledge and wouldn't budge. Not with notes from the doctor, information from us and the pacemaker company. We still didn't give up though. I finally sent an email to this so called assessment team with information right from the St. Jude Medical pacemaker website that specifically states Brian's pacemaker totally works with all types of welding. (Hello people, we didn't spend $11,000 on his pacemaker without making sure he could still weld!!) I included the link to the actual website too. The very next day we got a call that after reviewing the information, Brian just needed to contact his teacher and he could go back!!! Hallejuah! He only has three certificates left to get and he will be a GRADUATE!!! Way to go baby!! I'm so proud of you!

Also, yesterday we went to his doctor and he got permission to go back to work!! We got home too late to call his manager, so Brian will have to call her Monday and then we will find out what day he can start. He has to give a 72 hour notice before starting work or else he could just show up on Monday.

Happy Day!! I love miracles! :)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Can cracks be fixed??

I have a glass pitcher that I LOVE but after an fateful event in the dishwasher - it has a crack in it. A rather strange crack. Does anyone know if it's fixable? I would hate to throw it away. Here is a picture of the entire pitcher with the crack and another picture with the crack close up. I'm hoping someone out there can tell me how to fix it! And advice of NOT putting it in the dishwasher - well, I already learned that one. :(

The crack is just to the left and below the handle. To the right of the flash on the pitcher. Okay - maybe it's too difficult to see.

See, it's a strange shape. Liquid does not pour out of this crack. It comes out really slowly. It's only a crack though. It's not all the way through except in a small spot. Please tell me you know how to fix it!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Death by Onions

I was almost killed today, no joke, by eight onions. Who knew Brian had a knack for picking really good onions? Not me!

In order to save time, I decided to slice all eight onions at the same time. Thank goodness for food processers! So I chop the ends off the first onion and try to take the peel off, but no luck. My eyes are burning, I can hardly keep them open and I'm thinking "I still have seven more onions to go??" No wonder I switched to dehydrated onions. But I'm going to be strong - I'm going to do this - and so I chop into the next onion. More pain and agony. Stupid onions. By this time my nose has started to run uncontrollably and there are actual tears streaming down my face. I run for the living room where I dive for the box of tissue and take a breather.

Okay, I can do this. I pump myself up by telling myself I am 1/4 of the way done and head back into the kitchen. This time I go as fast as possible. Spilling onion peel all over the ground (but really, who cares) and make it through three more onions before my eyes and nose are beyond screaming for a break. I enjoy my breather in the living room once again.

So now I'm back to encouraging myself to get this done and wondering why, why did I ever want carmelized onions?? Back to the kitchen I go. I fumble through the last three onions, eyes burning, tears falling and what the heck is up with the runny nose? I've never had that happen before. And I can handle the painful, teary eyes but would they PLEASE stay open without me having to force them?? YEAH, it's a miracle! They are all done and after a short break I throw them all through the food processor thinking the worst is over. OH boy, was I wrong. Wrong. Wrong. WRONG!

Not knowing what was coming my way, I open the food processor to get all the beautifully sliced onions out, when a huge cloud of onion gas sucks all the oxygen out of the area surrounding me (okay, not really but it seemed like it) and I literally cannot breathe!! I am struggling for any amount of oxygen to fill my lungs but they are on fire from the onion gas that has filled them. I can't see because my eyes are burning and will NOT open. And snot is spilling out of my nose. I turn around and stumble out of the kitchen, trip over my computer bag and fall on the ground in the living room. So I lay in a heap on the floor, my lungs slowly filling with oxygen, my eyes starting to open again and happy for the nearby tissue when I realize that those dangs onions had just tried to kill me! I'm totally switching back to dehydrated!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

No Animals Were Harmed in the Making of this Film

Our cat Mokie loves to play, play, play! She will often jump into our bed in the middle of the night with a mouse or some other toy and want us to play. Both our cats aren't really into cat toys. They really like q-tips (if we don't give her clean ones, she tips the garbage can over to get the dirty ones), the cap off milk cartons, rolled up candy wrappers, suckers and socks. So sometimes when people drop by our house they must think we have issues with candy wrappers, suckers, milk caps, q-tips and socks all over the place. But oh well.

So Brian likes to come up with inventive ways to keep the cats entertained. Recently he tied some milk caps to a string of yarn and Mokie plays with it for hours. Hours and hours. And when we won't play with her, she sits near us, with the toy at her feet, and just stares with a sad look on her face. So Brian found a new way to entertain her...

And you may not believe me, and you may think Brian is cruel - but Mokie LOVES it! She brings the toy over and lays on the floor while he attaches the string. It's hilarious. Cats are sooo funny.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Valentine's Day Overload

Okay - so Valentine's Day was awhile ago. But it's just the way it goes. You see, we got a new camera (thanks Greg!) and I never took the time (until today) to figure out how to download the pictures. I can even download videos now!

Is it just me or has Valentine's day turned into Halloween? My fifth graders wanted to NOT exchange Valentine's this year - just CANDY! But I told them to bring Valentine's anyways. Hello - it's Valentine's Day I told them! I was amazed and surprised with all the loot I got from the kids. I mean, I gave them all a little candy bag (and I mean little) but I did not expect what I got in return. Here is the evidence.

The best part though - was when I opened two of the Valentines. It's nice to be loved as a teacher! These Valentines are from two little girls I teach.

So Valentine's Day had some really great plans that I was totally looking forward to. But it started out a bad day, got worse as the day went on and finally everything fell apart. I didn't get to do anything I wanted or planned. Especially, I wanted to go to my cousin's sealing in the Salt Lake Temple. They just adopted a little girl and I LOVE hanging out with my cousins - double bonus! So I overcome all sorts of obstacles during Valentine's day, actually get myself up to the Temple on time --- but didn't have my recommend. I cried all the way home. Needless to say, I think I'm going to ignore the day altogether next year. Well, except the chocolate that comes my way. That's right, aside from school, there is nothing to report. Better luck next year I guess!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Lots of posts

Just a quick note to say I've done a little catch-up. I just put up three posts for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Brandon and Emily visit!

This post is late but I totally forgot to post it with all that has been going on. A few weeks ago I was heading home from work and Brian called to tell me our friends from Idaho, Brandon and Emily and their two boys, were coming up for the weekend! Lucky for me this spurred Brian into happy mode and he almost had the entire house cleaned by the time I got home. Thanks baby! It was soooo nice because I always try to clean the house Friday so I can enjoy the rest of the weekend.
Anyways, so Brandon, Emily, Kaython and Kelton got here Friday night. We headed out to dinner and then came back and introduced them to the Wii. They had never played. And how can you not love the Wii?? Brandon even asked Emily if they could buy one that weekend. So we stayed up late bowling, playing tennis and many Olympic sports.

On Saturday, Brian wanted to take Brandon to the "man store" - a.k.a. NPS. It's a store where UPS sells all the items that have been damaged (mainly just the packaging) during shipping. Well, Emily and I went too and found the NPS store across the street with house stuff and clothing and a fully decked grocery store. The prices can be really good but not something that would be worth driving up there for. Unless there is a deal because then's a deal. And the grocery store sells all kinds of items you can't find at a regular store. Then we were off to Cabella's and then spent the night playing more Wii and visiting. It was a really fun weekend! Thanks for coming Brandon and Emily!! We'd love to have you again!

Happy Birthday to Me!

Okay, so this year, I really didn't care about my birthday. I wasn't looking forward to it even before Brian started getting sick. I'm not sure why, I just feel like life currently isn't worth celebrating. Sad, huh? Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining about life. It's just thrown me a lot of curve balls lately and I'm still recovering. And it has nothing to do with age because age doesn't bother me. So I just didn't want to celebrate, at all. No cake, no fancy dinner, no party, no gifts, no nothing. Well, except phone calls from my family. So when Brian got sick, I was actually relieved that the "birthday pressure" might ease up, up and away for me.

Well, it didn't quite turn out that way.

Due to Brian's surgery, his parents were here and on Monday they got me the biggest ice cream cake that Dairy Queen makes and made me stir-fry for dinner. Yummy!

My parents bought me these little dessert bowls that match all my dishes that I have been wanting FOREVER!! I have LOVED using them so far. I don't know how I lived without them. Here is the regular size bowl and the cute little bowls. The pictures don't do justice, you just have to come over and have something desserty in them. And I also got the crock that matches my dishes. So cute!

And before Brian got sick and we knew we would have yucky hospital bills, we bought a Wii Fit because all I want for my birthday this year is to finally get skinny. When we set it up, my Wii Fit age was 29!! Brian was in his 40's!! hehehe...Yep, I think the Wii Fit and I are going to be good friends. Come over anytime and play. I LOVE it!

And, also before said hospital bills, I signed myself up for a one day writing class which I throughly enjoyed yesterday. I learned soooo much and think my writer's block days are over. Now writing the middle of my novel seems possible. Yeah for blessings!

My brother Greg offered to give us his "old" digital camera and it arrived just in time for my birthday. Now we have a really, really nice camera! Thanks Greg!! We LOVE it!

So I've been spoiled rotten once again. Happy Birthday to me!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Update on Brian

As you can see from this picture...Brian is back! His crazy sense of humor, his staying up late and his need to spend's all back. But here are the details you are really wanting:

Brian had been talking to his Dr.'s office to get all his medical records. He went in to pick them up and drop off the heart monitor when they suddenly told him he had an appointment. Confused, Brian went and talked to the doctor. Well, the doctor once again proved himself incompetent (there are so many details but not worth sharing) so Brian called another cardiologist we had been referred to and made an appointment for Friday.

On Friday the new doctor spent over an hour sitting and talking with Brian. MIRACLE! No one else has even seemed to care (except our awesome nurse, Jeanine). Brian does in fact need his pacemaker. The doctor diagnosed him with Neurocardiogenic Syncope. There are three kinds. One called vasodepression where the blood pressure falls first and the heart rate increases. Number two called cardiodepression where the heart rate falls first and then the blood pressure falls. And the third kind is mixed where the blood pressure falls first and the heart rate either doesn't change or drops. The third kind is pretty rare and of course that is the kind that Brian has.

There is a medication to help level out his blood pressure. Before we were told the only option is for him to take medication that would raise his blood pressure. However, the new doctor (and the one who actually seems to care) said that would do much more harm than good. Thank goodness we switched doctors!! I really didn't like that other one from the very first day.

The doctor doesn't know exactly what the future holds for Brian. He is going to do some research and ask some other doctors for their opinions. Then they will remeet at the beginning of March. We still have a lot of questions but there are no answers at the moment.

In the meantime, Brian is enjoying being home. He is wonderful at helping me around the house. It's nice to come home to a bed that's made (cause he's still sleeping in it when I leave) and the dishes are done, garbages out, errands run, etc. Thanks Honey!! Plus, he has been working a little on his bike and relaxing a lot to make sure everything heals right. We are starting to feel like things are settling down but honestly, I'm not sure things will ever feel "normal" again. Really, who has 31 year old husband with a pacemaker?

Both Brian and I would really like to thank everyone for their prayers, thoughts, phone calls, well wishes and visits. It's been a crazy road and we appreciate everything anyone did for us. We couldn't have made it without you.