Monday, March 23, 2009

In Loving Memory

My sweet Grandma, Lylus Pearl Reading Wahlen, passed away this morning. She is happily back in the embrace of her husband, Ralph, and many family and friends in heaven. I have been working on my Grandma's photos and wanted to share one of my favorites. Perhaps I'm bias because the little girl is my mom! The other photo is several years old but a great shot of my Grandparent's the way I remember them. Happy and loving being with their family. We were in Oregon, celebrating the 4th of July. I have lots of pictures I could share, I just chose a couple favorites.

One of my earliest memories of my Grandma was when my family use to live in Hermistion, Oregon. My Grandma came and picked me up for the weekend. She only lived a hour or so away. I remember being in a little blue car and we drove with the windows down the entire way. Grandma let me sit in the front seat the whole way there. It was only her and me. I remember laughing a lot and counting all the spots on her arms! Most of all, I remember how much she loved me. I love you Grandma!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I'm really sick of medical stuff...

It never ends, the trips to the doctors, the specialists, the life altering things that keep happening in our lives. However I caused this bad luck to linger in my life, I wish I could figure it out and get rid of it. 

So Brian is still not back at work. We got all the paperwork filled out and returned to Skywest so he could go back. The doctor approved him to do everything except lift repetitively over his left shoulder and the paperwork asked if he could lift 50 pounds to which the doctor said yes. So when Skywest got the paperwork, they said the new minimum was now 65 pounds - but Brian's doctor said that is too much. It could cause the leads to come out of his heart. But Brian could do both items in four weeks. So Skywest told Brian they would see him in four weeks. Then, the very next week, they announced they are laying off 300 people. Oh boy! So, it's a good thing Brian has graduated and is looking for a welding job. But, we had to say goodbye to our flight benefits much earlier than we thought. 

As for me, I just found out that hip surgery I've really been trying to avoid - well, I cannot avoid it any longer. The hip surgeon will repair the labral tear in my hip, from the car accident, on May 1st. Lucky me, I scheduled it for that day on purpose. Then I only have to take one day off of work and I am off track for three weeks. The definitely not so fun part - I'll be on crutches for eight weeks. The recovery is usually pretty easy, just long. I don't think I'm going to be very good at driving, so come play at my house!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Brian has graduated!!

On Thursday, March 12th, Brian had his last day of welding school. Now his welding program doesn't actually have any type of graduation or ceremony or anything but Brian is a graduate!! We'll keep you posted when we have his graduation party!

Way to go honey!! You is the bestest!

He is already out in the world filling out applications and looking for a welding job. So if you know anyone, who knows anyone - or any suggestions - send them our way. My welding man needs a welding job!! :)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New Bedskirts

Waaaaay long time ago, last time I was off track, I headed out to Provo to be crafty with cousin Heather and baby Emma. I really wanted to make bedskirts for the two beds at my house because I couldn't find the right colors and bedskirts are just so expensive. And anyone who is anyone, knows that cousin Heather is AMAZING at home improvement projects! Thanks Heather, you are the bestest!! I would have posted this earlier but I haven't had the time to hem the second bedskirt so this post had to wait until the project was completely finished.

I totally didn't even think of washing the material before sewing, so the project ended up taking the entire day (sorry Heather and Emma) but it was very fun to hang out, play with Emma and catch up. So here are the happy crafters.

Here is the guest bed and I forgot to put the other pillow back before I took the picture so please imagine it there. We got a bedskirt for this bed but that was when it was a full-size bed. We upgraded (much to the happiness of our guests) to a queen and the bedskirt didn't fit anymore.

Well Heather unpicked, measured, sewed and wah-la...a bedskirt that fits!

Here is our bed. My mom made the gorgeous quilt and pillow shams! (Thanks Mom!) This bed skirt I bought a long time ago and it matched the quilt at that time. Now, it's just better than the mattresses showing...maybe.

So Heather whipped up a beautiful new one and wah-la...a much better bedskirt! I LOVE home improvement projects!!!