Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Fray Concert

Here we are, so cute, rockin' at The Fray concert! It was at the Usana Ampitheatre, a cool outdoor venue. Our seats weren't bad at all, especially for being free. Now that I know what the seating is like there, if I ever buy tickets, I'll know exactly what I want.A newer band, Meese was the first opening act. I LOVED them. I even went and bought their CD. You should totally check them out.

Next was Jack's Mannequin. Here is a picture of them on stage. The lead guy, Andrew, is absolutely incredible on the piano. Below the picture you can watch a video clip of how he rocks on the piano and sings at the same time.
Isn't he AMAZING!! I really wished we were closer so we could hear the piano better.
Here is The Fray. The concert was really fun. Except for the 90 degree weather. It made me laugh because as we walked around, there were really long lines for slurpees but no one in line for the alcohol!
Here is a little snippet of the concert. There was this totally crazy guy going around grabbing camera's out of people's hands and yelling at them, so I had to be very sneaky.

Then I came home and happily fell into bed. Yeah for winning free tickets on the radio. Oh yeah - on Saturday I called the radio and won a Kate Voegel CD!!! Whoo-who!! :)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Emma's Second Birthday

We headed out to Provo to celebrate Emma's second birthday! Here she is trying to blow out the candles. Check out her cake! Isn't it adorable! Homemade by her amazing Mom, Heather. Emma was born on Heather's birthday, so there were two cakes so we could celebrate in style.And Heather is the most amazing and creative person EVER! The crowning centerpiece was watermelon pops. Everyone loved them. I'm so happy she had kids first so I can copy all her ideas.

Happy Birthday Emma and Heather!!

I am one LUCKY dialer...

I LOVE to win free things. Lots and lots of free things and I seem to be really lucky when it comes to winning prizes on one of the local radio stations here. Seriously, I've won laser hair removal, Wii games, I've been to probably 6 or 7 concerts (all with really good bands), I've won backstage passes or meet and greet tickets and actually met several bands/singers, Lagoon tickets, CD's (lots and lots of those, I owe almost my entire collection to the radio station), and the list keeps going. It's so fun, and FREE, why not??

I use to win a lot more stuff when I had an office job and I listened to the radio all day. But now I teach school and would get in trouble for having the radio on while children are there. So my winnings days have been numbered.

But I'm off track.

And I have the radio on all day.

And today, the prize was worth my magic dialing finger getting back to work...and I WON!! Just like that. First try.

I've still got it!!

So, don't be too jealous (cause I know you are) that my hubbie and I will be rockin' out to the awesome band, The Fray, this weekend for FREE!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Visiting with the Ehlerts!!

We have had a fun time with family this week. Brian's parents, sister Amy and nephew Ethan were here for a night. Brian cut hair, we went out to dinner and had a fun time visiting. Sorry, no pictures.

Then my sister Wendy and her family came into town. We met for a little while the night they drove into town. And I was amazed as they got of out the RV at how TALL all of them are! Then we spent the next two nights playing games, laughing and having a great time in their RV.

The first night they took us out to dinner at Red Robin, after a crazy scavenger hunt to find each other. So funny! Then we taught them how to play the boardgame, Scotland Yard. The first night Wendy was the infamous Mr. X., the bad guy all the detectives are chasing. She totally put up a good fight, but we caught her! Kenny didn't play. But he totally got into it. Studying the board, asking questions, reading over the rules manual, studying the board some more. So the second night he took on the job of being Mr. X. And he totally beat us! But we did come close several times.

Can you see the intensity in Rebekah and Wendy's faces??

Here is Kenny, taking on all the detectives.
Rebekah and Joey, planning their next moves.

Ben had a sense for the game. He seemed to always just know what direction Mr. X headed in.

Sara got teased a lot because she seemed to be more dedicated to texting than playing the game. But that was only because we accidently sent her far away from where Mr. X was.

Brian and Jennie. Jennie was on my team and she was a great snuggler and strategizer.

And Xander. One hilarious kid. He fell the first day of vacation and got a rock in his forehead. But the bandaid may have been there anyways because he currently LOVES bandaids.

It was awesome!! Thanks, Ehlerts for all the fun, food and fudge. We loved hanging out with you!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hair Cut

Okay, there really isn't much you can do when you have curly hair as far as hair cuts go. Really people. If I go short, I will have a big poof ball on my head. I've tried it. For evidence, I refer you to my Jr. High years. However, my previous blog called School pictures has brought so many comments from people (including my husband) about how maybe it's time for a new hairdo, I have really been contemplating what I can do. So I headed off to my stylist. She said I had two choices, get extensions or go short (which she didn't recommend - even she sees the poof ball of that future). So I am now looking into possible extensions...maybe a little color...hmmm, the possibilities. Meanwhile, I went shorter this time. What do you think?

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Cat Places

For as long as we have had cats, we have been shooing them off the kitchen cupboards. In an act of retaliation, they have taken up a new place to stock me while I cook and bake in the kitchen. I cannot shoo them away and yet they can watch every move I make. I think it's a great win/win!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July

This year for the fourth, we were lazy. Brian had been gone the entire week for work and so we went and saw "The Proposal" (very good movie, laughed hilariously) and went out to dinner. On Sunday we headed out to Cousin Heather and Jason's for fun, fun, fun!!

Here is super cute, Emma. She was pretending to sleep when we first got there. She was hiding under a blanket having woken up too early from her nap. She did fall back to sleep and woke up one happy girl.

Here Jason and Brian are checking out all the deals in the newspaper before a very delicious dinner!
After much fun talking and laughing and some pretty intense games of Pac-Man (where one person was Pac-Man, and the other three were ghosts. Waaaay fun!) we enjoyed homemade ice cream. We just couldn't decide on the toppings, so we brought a lot. YUMMY!

Heather, Jason and Brian all enjoying the ice cream.It was fun, as always, with Heather and Jason! Thanks for the fun guys!! We need to do this much more often!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Things I've Learned Lately

So lately I've been wanting to boycott Walmart because I feel there is absolutely NO customer service. Then I was forced to go there early one morning on the way to school and OMG!! There was a Walmart worker on EVERY aisle, the workers I talked to all spoke English and could actually help me find what I was looking for. Then an amazing thing happened. Being on crutches and all, a worker offered to take my stuff out to my car!! It was nothing short of a miracle!! So, I learned that in order to like and appreciate Walmart (because who doesn't like saving money) I need to start shopping there in the early mornings.

I introduced my 5th graders to Capture the Flag (only a few knew the game) and I overheard a few kids say, "This is the best game, EVER." After we played, I gave them all popsicles. I even told them they got whatever flavor came out of the box, no choosing. They all declared me their most favorite teacher ever! Who knew it was so easy?? :)

I thought people stared before when I would stumble around with two crutches and but now that I have one crutch - oh boy, do they ever stare! And the looks on their faces! Really people, I thought one crutch was silly too. Until I used just one and let me tell you, there is a HUGE difference between one crutch and none.

Home Depot has amazing customer service! I did not want to crutch around looking for the little holders for the shelves on a bookshelf so I went right to customer service and asked. The guy told me not to worry and got them for me! Then he didn't make me go to a cashier to buy them, he brought a cashier to me!! WOW!! I made sure to send a nice thank you note to Owen at the Home Depot!!

It is amazing to take a shower without having to use a shower chair, I really miss Brian when he is out of town for work but oh my, having the bed all to myself is WONDERFUL and I discovered and LOVE cornbread crackers.

So much to learn, so little time! :)