Friday, August 21, 2009

Depoe Bay, Oregon - Day One

On Saturday, August 15th, Brian and I headed to Oregon for my family reunion. We flew to Portland and then drove about two hours out to the coast. Depoe Bay to be exact! We met up with Sara at the airport and had a great trip out to the ocean. The rest of our family was already there. Most people arrived the day before and were anxiously awaiting us!
Here is a view of Mt. Hood from the plane.

At the beach house, we jumped right into the fun of things. Here, Kenny had been attacking Sara and Rebekah and Jacob came to the rescue. Then he decided Kenny's back made a great surf board!

It was cold most of the time we were there. The wind was crazy. That didn't slow us down though, we headed to the beach almost as soon as we got there. We had direct beach access, which was awesome. Here is Brian itching to get in!

Playing in the sand. Brian and Sara dug themselves in with Jacob's help. The sand was nice and warm on our feet after chasing the cold waves.

Brian, a.k.a. the fish, ready to jump in the freezing water! See how excited he is?

Here is Maddie flying a kite. She would run all over the beach with it. We flew kites almost every day. The wind was always blowing and perfect for kites!

After jumping in the freezing ocean, the brave ones warm up in the hot tub.
Playdough was a huge hit. Maddie and Xander played with it almost every day. They were hilarious to watch and great at sharing!

And here we are enjoying a movie. Funny how much we got done in the first day and we didn't even get there until about 4:00 pm.

Depoe Bay, Oregon - Day Two

Here is Mallory, Jennie, Jacob, Madelyn and Olivia. They woke up very happy to find each other still there and ready to play. When this picture was taken, Xander was already at the beach! These cute cousins had so much fun playing together. I woke up several mornings to the sound of cute voices playing hide and seek.

We attended church together at the local ward. There were LOTS of visitors there. Afterwards, we got a great family picture. 25 of us now and growing!

Uncle Jeremy attacking Olivia and Jacob. They loved it! I think it's so funny how little kids love to be tickled and ask for it.

The little kids LOVED listening to music with headphones. Here Rebekah is letting Ella and Madelyn listen to her music. Ella would get all serious and hold really still. Then she would smile and laugh. Followed by getting serious again. So cute!

We had Family Home Evening on Sunday afternoon. Mom made all her girls beautiful aprons. Janie already got hers and it wasn't at the reunion. Don't you love them? Mom said she made random designs but we all think they fit us perfect!

Mom also made AMAZING American/Canadian quilts for each of her kids. Here are two of them. Each one was a little different than all the others.

There was much snuggling with Uncle Greg. Ella LOVES her Uncle Greg. She was a going, going on Sunday and then happily fell asleep on his shoulder. I'm not sure who enjoyed it more, Ella or Greg!Dad/Poppa taught us a really fun game. He brought tiny hammers for all the grandkids to practice hammering with. They LOVED it. At first they would hammer so lightly but as they understood it, they would hit harder and harder. Here are Olivia, Mallory and Madelyn hammering away.

And Xander showing off his skills. As soon as he would finish, he headed out for another nail.

The adults played the fun game though. There was much laughter and cheering on. Each person gets a nail with enough of a hit to make it stay in the wood. Another nail is placed in the center of the wood. Each person takes the very small end of a hammer and taps the center nail and then hits their own nail. You get two turns before passing the hammer on. If you miss at any point, your turn is over and you pass the hammer to the next person. The hammer goes round and round the circle until someone gets their nail all the way in. Wendy won this game! This game would be so fun at Young Women's camp or a Ward campout!

Of course we spent time on the beach. Here we are roasting hot dogs and making smores. YUMMY!Mallory and Olivia enjoying their smores and trying to survive the wind.

Poppa, Nanna and Jennie enjoying the fire and family.

Hotdogs, hotdogs everywhere. It was fun because not everyone wanted to roast one but wanted to eat one. And then there were others who loved to roast them. Everyone got full and had fun.

More Ella and Uncle Greg snuggling. Can you see why she loves her Uncle?

And we played in the sand until the sun went down. Poppa bought tons of beach toys and every one (including adults) were happy playing in the sand for hours.

Brian wrote me a message in the sand. He even had fun taking the "perfect" picture of it. What a guy!! Love you too, baby!

Here is Ben enjoying the beach. It's such a great picture, I had to share it. I can't believe how much everyone is growing up.

The Ehlerts taught us the game Ninja. Absolutely one of the best games I've ever played. You stand in a circle with your hands together. You then bow once and quickly move your arms into any position. One person starts by moving one arm and trying to hit another person's hand. You can go after any person in the circle but the turns go around the circle. Once your hand has been hit, you put it behind your back. When both your hands have been hit, you are out. Hilarious!! And it can be played by anyone! Here are Scott, Kenny, Rebekah, Brett, Ben and Brian playing.

And here is Joey, Jeremy, Aunt Gail, Aunt Shelly, Mom, Barry and Jacob playing. This circle had the most laughter of any circle! It was a great end to our second day at the beach!

Depoe Bay, Oregon - Day Three

Of course there was much more playing in the sand. The kids loved building huge castles with a big wall to see if just maybe the waves couldn't wash it out.

Nanna made cookies with her Grandkids. I LOVE this picture!! She let everyone eat dough even. When she first started only a few Grandkids were there to help. But word spread quickly and soon everyone was surrounding her and helping.

Brett organized a deep sea fishing trip for the guys. So he, Brian, Jeremy, Greg and Dad headed out early Monday morning to fish. Brian called me on their way back in to tell me they were cruising by. Here is the actual boat they were on. I took this picture from the house's balcony. They came back with 20 fish and 30 crabs. They would of had more but they fished to their limits and gave some away!! Way to go guys!
Brian enjoying some crab and then some more crab and some more...

Maddie enjoying the view and the music. Isn't she adorable?

Now Ella is snuggling with Uncle Jeremy. That girl has got this snuggling thing figured out! Good thing she has such wonderful Uncles who love to snuggle just as much!

When not on the beach, there was much game playing going on. Here are Jeremy and Ben playing chess. There was often a LONG line of people waiting to play next.

Jennie and Jacob took Poppa on in checkers. They got creative here and used poker chips and a homemade board. We love checkers in our house!

Olivia discovered the DS. She loved it and had many faces of concentration while playing.

Mallory loved it too and enjoyed the help of bigger cousins to help her out.

Depoe Bay, Oregon - Day Four

Happy Birthday, Joey!!! In honor of Joey's birthday, Nanna made cupcakes. Again, the Grandkids were right there to help!

Olivia getting ready to frost and decorate the cupcakes. Oh, and eat some yummy homemade icing! Us kids loved it because growing up, Mom always put leftover icing between graham crackers and put them in our lunch. And since we had graham crackers from smores, we happily ate up the leftover icing. Ahhhh, memories!

We headed off to Devil's punchbowl. The tide was low, low, low and there was no activity going on. We've been there before when the tide was high and the water crashes through there. Devil's punchbowl is right next to Mo's, the best place to get some clam chowder. So we all headed there for lunch.Super cute Kale enjoying Devil's punchbowl. He LOVED to smile and everyone loved making him smile.
Then we headed off to the Yaquina Head lighthouse. The tallest lighthouse in Oregon and right next to the ocean. The lighthouse no longer has to been manned but when it did, three families lived here. The weather (and wind) was so bad the waves would sometimes hit the houses (not pictured). They only lived 4 miles away from Newport but rarely got there due to the weather. Their supplies arrived by ship. Crazy!

We all climbed the 104 stairs up to the top. Here is a cool view. This lighthouse was built to replace the Yaquina Bay lighthouse which was built too short and too far back. We laugh because it seems like this lighthouse was built as the exact opposite - super tall and right next to the ocean.
More game playing. This is an intricate and complicated way to play Slap Jack. I don't remember what it's called. But this game and Slap Jack were played so often the little kids started "playing" it. They would put cards down and just randomly slap, then laugh and laugh. It was very entertaining!
Jeremy entertaining us all by juggling. He also juggled apples. The little kids would giggle and yell "more, more" when he would drop one or stop. He is amazing at juggling!
Madelyn playing dress up with Sara's clothes. I had to tuck the skirt into her pants so it wouldn't fall. The girl can even run in high heeled shoes that are too big for her. I can't even walk in them!

Xander LOVED to play in the huge closet in his parents bedroom. During this time, he figured out the box he is sitting on had wheels and would move. The look on his face was priceless. After that, we often had to move out of the way because he pushed it everywhere, all over the house and loved it.
There was also much boogie boarding going on. Or, in our house, often called booty boarding! Here is Ben, Joey, Rebekah, Jeremy and Wendy riding in on the waves.

And Ben, Rebekah, Joey and Wendy getting ready to head back into the waves.

I don't remember who is who in this shot but it includes Brian, Ben, Joey, Rebekah, Jeremy and Wendy coming in on a wave. Cool shot eh!

And my hottie husband, whom I had to MAKE stop and pose for this picture. He wanted to get right back into the water and not stop for a picture. He LOVED being in the water!

Xander and Ella just hanging out. So cute!

I should have taken a video here. Ella was listening to music and moving her little bum back and forth. It was adorable!