Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ever met someone with a Wii injury??

Well, now you have...ME! Of course it's me, would it be anyone but me? I seriously have the strangest things happen to me.

I had to share this because I think it is HILARIOUS!! It was really hard to get a picture but can you see the dark spot on my thumb? I was scratching my head, with my left hand, while playing Wii tennis, with my right hand. As I swung to hit the tennis ball, I lowered my left hand and BANG!! I hit the Wii remote into my thumb, really hard. I was actually surprised at how bad it hurt considering that usually pain doesn't bother me.

Anyways, it broke a blood vessel and the entire bottom of my thumb went black and all up along the sides of my nail. My thumb was so swollen I couldn't bend it for awhile.

I had to share this funny story because if you know me, and my past "incidents", you will get a GREAT laugh out of this! :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

One year ago...

at almost this exact moment, I was fitted with a neck brace, hauled out of my totalled car, strapped to a board and taken by ambulance to the hospital. What a day! And the lady who hit me? She drove away, in her undamaged van. There have been so many days, many moments when I have wondered why did my life have to change so much? Or, if I had only left work early/later that day, none of this would have happened. Now, while I won't pretend that I don't still sometimes think that way, and I still long for answers to those questions, I'm grateful this year is behind me now.

I had to get a new to me car, and start paying car payments again. Okay, it's only $150 a month but still people, do you know what I could do with $150 a month?? But my new car has limo tinted windows (LOVE it) and is cute and fun to drive. Plus, I LOVE sitting higher up than in a small car.

I had to adjust to never sleeping more than a hour or two at a time. And still to this day I wake up an average of three times a night. (Is that normal when one doesn't have any children and is not pregnant?? Yeah, I didn't think so either.) Sleep...I remember those days and I really miss them. Come back to me sleep.

Pain, sometimes I notice it, sometimes I don't. I like the not noticing days, nights, moments. They are rare but I sure enjoy them. I am happy to say though, I rarely take pain medicine. It has to be REALLY (as in I can't walk anymore) for me to take pain meds. That's just me. Usually I just need to do my exercises or lay down for a while and things are better.

Funny story about pain. I had to go get an MRI on my hip and at this time, sleep didn't exist due to the pain. So I get this HUGE needle inserted into my hip that numbs it so they can then insert another HUGE needle of contrast dye. Well, my hip was all numb and pain free and it was wonderful. So they get me to the MRI room, strap me in so I can't move, cover me with a super warm blanket and insert me into the MRI machine. Well, at this point some people might freak out or need calming drugs - NOT ME!! Oh no! What does a pain free, warm girl like me do? Promptly fall asleep. It was the best nap ever. The technicians actually had to wake me up. And I slept through the entire night that night. I think that was the last time that ever happened. Hmmmm...maybe huge needles aren't so bad after all.

Physical therapy - who knew you could get to know the staff so well? But after eight months of physical therapy, ranging from three days down to one day a week, it's pretty likely. We still keep in touch even though I finally graduated to a home therapy program in July.

Surgery - oh the joy. The surgery went really well. The doctor planned out like three hours for the surgery and it only took half the time. (My question is - why is the bill not 1/2 the price then?) I LOVED lounging around the house for three weeks. Okay, the first couple I couldn't really do much more than lounge but I read lots and had lots of fun visitors. I hope I NEVER have to have crutches again. 12 weeks was 13 weeks too many!

Money - oh the money that has left our pockets. We had double health insurance through most of this year and we still have had to pay THOUSANDS of our own money. And the bills haven't stopped. Thank goodness we haven't settled yet.

So now I'm still recovering. I cannot pivot on my hip unless I want to endure breath stealing pain but at least I can walk crutch free and my hip bone doesn't catch on the broken cartilidge. I am able to run but that's when you can really notice my limp. Well, really, there is a lot of stuff I want back from before the crash. But I've had a lot of time to think about it.

I'm just glad my sweet car, Jadie (the first car I ever bought) took the brundt of the crash for me. I'm glad things weren't worse. And I'm glad I'm still here.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Best Note I've Ever Gotten

This is the best note I've ever gotten as a teacher! Here are the words in case you can't read them in this little picture:

Dear Mrs. Morris,
I want to tell you how much I appreciate you. You are the reason I love reading everyday. When I get home I sit on the couch and read for hours everyday. I look forward to going to your class everyday. Whenever I have a bad time in other classes I always know when I get to your class things will just turn perfect. totally made me cry when she gave it to me.

Sometimes, I love being a teacher!

To Hang or Not to Hang...?

I have a wall in my classroom where I hang all the pictures/cards/etc that my students give me. Here are two pictures I recently got that I'm deciding if I'm going to hang. Here's why...

These pictures come from two very snotty girls in my class. I have often heard them call other students "blooming idiots." So her picture calls me a "blooming flower." Hmmm...should I hang it up because it's nice or do you think she was being rude?
And this girl calls me a "beast" crosses it out and says "best". Now, as a 10 year old, would you hand your teacher a picture with the word "beast" still visable? I sure wouldn't, I would redo the picture. How about you?

Friday, September 11, 2009

Megan's Baptism

Brian's good friend, Lewis, asked Brian to baptize and confirm his youngest daughter, Megan. It was a wonderful night and a wonderful way to spend some time with friends. Megan was so excited! I love going to baptisms. The spirit is so strong there and it always builds my testimony. Yeah for the gospel!! :)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Brian!!

Yesterday was Brian's Happy Day!! At his work, they encourage you to take the day off and since it was a Friday, and a long weekend...Brian was VERY excited for his long birthday weekend. We started the day off by going out to breakfast at a new restaurant. It's called Red Rooster Waffle Company and YUMMY! We are totally game to go another time so if you come our way, let's go out!!

Okay, back to the birthday boy. Then he got his presents. Different than I originally planned but he TOTALLY LOVED them!! Yeah! As I type this post, he is already in the garage, playing with his new toys...I mean tools.

My way of wrapping them was to have Brian unload them from the back of my car! He said that taking them out of the boxes was going to be fun enough and he didn't need any wrapping paper. Here is Brian's new drill press and...
a band saw!! There is going to be much creativity going on in our garage now!
Then we were going to go to the Star Trek movie (in the dollar theatre) but Brian was too excited for his new toys and so we didn't go. So FUNNY!!! (that we didn't go to the movie, that is) Then Jeremy and Janie came over for tacos (one of Bri's favorites) plus cake and ice cream. I put all 32 candles on his cake! Here he is getting ready for the big blowing out of the candles.
He got them all in one blow.
Brian requested a white cake with raspberry filling and ice cream. I found an incredible recipe for a buttermilk cake and also made the raspberry filling. YUMMY!
And to further enjoy the raspberries, I made raspberry chocolate ice cream. Also very yummy! Look for the recipes on sallys-smorsels!
It was a great day and a very fun birthday. Thanks for coming to celebrate with us Jeremy and Janie!


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happy Three Years to Us!

Happy three years of marital bliss to us!! It's crazy to think that just three years ago we were getting hitched. Time flies when you are having fun! Here are a few of my favorite wedding pictures. Thanks to our sister, Robin, we have AMAZING photos!

This is my all time favorite. We went out to some farmers field so we could get pictures with Chief Mountain but it was too far away. However, this one turned out incredible!

My handsome groom!
Me and my flowers.

Just the two of us.
Ohh-la-la!! Now THAT'S a kiss!

A nice view of the Cardston, Alberta Temple - where we got married

Life has been a crazy roller coaster the last three years and I'm so glad I have Brian to sit next to me during the ride. Here's to lots and lots more wonderful years! Happy Anniversary to us!!