Friday, October 16, 2009

Saving $ $ $

Okay, what you see is...14 boxes of cereal, 6 big canisters of oatmeal, 2 boxes of granola bars, 6 sacks of cat treats, 3 bags of chocolate chips, 2 bags of Reese's peanut butter chips AND 2 toothbrushes. Now why am I showing you this? Well, the grand total of these groceries came to about $140.00 and I only paid...$40.00!!!

It's this new system I learned about, GrocerySmarts. Basically you just match weekly coupons up with sales and save big time. LOVE IT!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Canadian Thanksgiving

Are you jealous?? That's right, around here, we celebrate Thanksgiving TWICE a year. It's wonderful to be Canadian and American. But the best part of all, for almost as long as I've lived in Utah, it's been tradition for my Mom and Dad to come for the weekend. And we celebrated in style with all the fixings. YUMMY! Here is Janie, Mom and Brian enjoying our spoils. Janie made homemade pies for dessert too! And cute Dad allowing me to interupt his eating.
This is what Jeremy was doing while the rest of us ate. Guitar Hero addict.
Phanta checking out one of the pumpkins Mom and Dad grew and brought to us.
We got Mom and Dad to play Guitar Hero!! They were pretty good, I must say. They went head to head and when Mom won the first time, Dad challenged her to the best out of three. This pictures captures just how much fun they had. :)
We also played Cranium, watched the BYU football game, tried out the waffle restaurant near our house, went to Cousin Maren's baby shower, shopped an amazing sale at Old Navy, went to the Distribution Center and had lots of fun together! It was a great weekend that went by much too fast.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

Too busy to blog

We've been up to a lot lately. Just no pictures and so that makes me think I have nothing to blog about.

First of all, I broke our super nice, swanky camera that my awesome brother, Greg, gave to us. It dropped like 2 inches, no exaggeration, and broke the screen. Sony wanted the price of a first born child to fix it, and even then there was no guarantee that the price would fix the camera. So, I was sad, sad, sad. But blessings are a marvelous thing and have a way of showing up in our lives when we least expect them. I randomly was introduce to a guy who is a Jack of all Trades and he offered to fix the camera. He ordered a new screen for the whopping price of $12.00 and it will be fixed this weekend.

I got new tires for my car. Let's just say there were some Heavenly band-aids holding them together until I got a surprise bonus just big enough to pay for them!

I am now the Primary chorister in my ward. I was put in FOUR weeks before the primary program. YIKES! But I am happy to say I survived and the kids did great!

Brian went to Las Vegas for the annual bike fest. I will try to have him do a post and tell you all about it.

Brian was sent to Burley, Idaho for work. He was suppose to be gone for two days, that turned into three. After the two days, he was going to come home and head off to Denver for up to two weeks. Well, that didn't happen. It was a whirlwind of a time with everything changing so quickly. I LOVED having the bed to myself but missed my hubbie.

I went out to Tooele, with my super fun cousins, for General Conference weekend. Oh man, my stomach muscles hurt from all the laughing that took place. It's always amazing fun to spend time with my cousins! And Conference was incredible. I love how there always seems to be a couple of talks that were given just for me.

I have been studying my brains out for my two teaching license tests. I passed the first and am waiting to hear back on the second. I passed the multiple choice part and have to wait to hear back on the essay part. I sure hope I passed! Then I'll have my teaching license!! Yippee!

We went to Idaho for the weekend a few weeks ago. We played and hung out with Brian's family and then went the baby blessing of Sarah and Colton's baby. It was a quick, fun trip.

And several friends, Teri and Cody and Trish and Carl, came up from Idaho to visit for the weekend. We saw this guy in downtown Salt Lake dressed exactly like Johnny Depp from Pirates of the Caribbean. He wasn't missing anything in his costume and even had the funny swagger. When I told him he looked awesome, he talked just like Johnny Depp's character too. It was a fun weekend.

See, we have been up to a lot. Now if only there were pictures...