Saturday, December 19, 2009

My Christmas Bonus

I just had to share my Christmas bonus this year because I just couldn't believe it!

I mean, this year I went from having $900 to spend on my classroom, to only having $200. And in Utah, we believe in FREE education - which means students do not have to provide their own supplies. Therefore teachers use their classroom budgets to buy pencils, erasers, crayons, paper...yep, everything. Which means I have had to use my own, personal money to make due in my classroom.

And I have 10 more students in my homeroom classroom than last year, due to budget cuts. Which makes it difficult to meet the needs of all the students. And makes classroom expenses even more.

And we had five days taken away from us, which is a loss of five days of income.

And we have to work all the way through the 23rd of December.

And we are being told to expect a 3% pay cut next year.

So I was very excited when I found out we were getting a Christmas bonus. Because things aren't the greatest (but thank goodness they aren't worse!) and so teachers could all use a little a little bonus to help out. I happily walked into the staff lunch room and found....

wait for it.............

wait for it......................

Yep...that's it! A caramel apple. Aren't you all jealous??

Saturday, December 12, 2009

What We've Been Up To Lately

I went back to work this week after having three weeks off track. I wrote a TON during that time and have almost finished my first novel!! Phanta loved having me home and snuggles with me every moment that I am sitting down. She's a great heating pad is this utter coldness.

I did a ton of baking and cooking while off track too. Mokie loves to try and be in the middle of all things cooking and it drives me crazy. One day I randomly left an empty box on the counter, she climbed in and never bugged me while cooking. And the trend continues. Happy me!

We headed up to Idaho, for a second weekend in a row, to attend Abbie's baptism. She was so excited. The weekend before she kept asking questions about "her baptismal"! So cute!! When I asked if I could take her picture, she got this huge smile and jumped right up. We are so proud of you Abbie and for your decision to be baptized!!

Here is Abbie celebrating in style at the "after party". The kids were playing with Mr. Potato head...only they were decorating themselves.

We stayed with our friends, Brandon and Emily, and stayed up too late, ate good food and were entertained by their adorable children Kaython...

and Kelton, who had gotten hold of a side of Ranch!

I made a million Christmas cookies...these pictures only show two days worth of baking. My house smelled sososososo good for days. Yummy! Now to put the goodie plates together.

Brian cracked his head open at work. You can't see it very well in this picture but it was really gross so I picked the least disgusting picture. I could actually see skull! NASTY! He actually had two spots that cracked open. One was tiny and healed up, the other was HUGE. That had to hurt!

And my sister Amy's baby Abby is doing so well, she got to come home this week!! It was a total shock for them because they showed up one morning to visit her and were told she was ready to go home. Congrats again, Amy and Barry!! Miracles are marvelous!

Monday, December 7, 2009


For Thanksgiving we headed up to Idaho. We weren't able to leave until Thanksgiving morning and got there just in time for turkey dinner. Brian's entire family was able to be there so there was much visiting and playing.

As usual, the cousins were playing games (Ethan and Justin) and checking out games on the computer (Whitney, Chris and Aaron - who hid for the picture).

It's always feets-up in this living room. But isn't that what turkey day is for - family, yummy food and lots of relaxation??

There were craft projects...

Apples to Apples game playing...(can you tell Amy is winning in this picture?? Dance Amy, dance!!)

Lots and lots of coloring... (and it was here I learned that Katie is VERY picky about how her pencils have to be sharpened...SO funny!)

There were birthdays... HAPPY BIRTHDAY Abbie and Kim!

Joel was so excited to play his Cash Flow game. Most joined apprehensively but then they played for hours and hours and hours. Even when the game was technically over, they kept playing.

And I tried to teach Amelia and McKenzie how to crochet. Poor Amelia, she is left handed and I crochet right handed. But she didn't give up. Whoo-who, Amelia!

The weekend was also filled with a one store visit on Black Friday so I could finally get some shoes, but we didn't go until the afternoon. Visiting and late night burritos with Emily and Brandon. Brian's front false tooth falling out in the middle of the night and spending the next day searching for something to adhere it back in place with. Guitar Hero and tacos at the Spencer's. Yummy lunch at Craigo's and a fun visit back to my good old Ricks College days with Mom and Dad Morris. And I FINALLY went to the movie, Paranormal Activity. I was so excited because I LOVE scary movies and this was suppose to be extremely scary, but Brian doesn't like them. However, my niece, Kim, really wanted to go. So we went and were totally disappointed because it was LAME! It was alright but the ending totally made it stupid. We both wanted to laugh at the end because it was funny, not scary. Oh, and a wedding reception for some people Brian knew, but I didn't, who called him Blue Lightening...hilarious!

Well, that's the goods on Thanksgiving 2009! Hope your turkey day was amazing!