Friday, January 29, 2010

Remember this?...

One year ago, today, my man became...BIONIC! Can you believe it was a year ago Brian got his pacemaker?? It seems like we have been dealing with this for a lot longer than one year. Or maybe it's just that we have adjusted so well, it's like we've been dealing with it the whole time we've been together.

Here is Brian with his DOUBLE I.V.'s. That was his "favorite" part!

And here is the bionic man after surgery.

After a little scare of dropping blood pressure - the bionic man came home, with his personality still intact. I LOVE this picture. It makes me giggle!

If you are interested in the original story, click HERE.

And here is Brian's scar today. For months he could feel every time the pacer went off and it drove him crazy. Now, he rarely feels it. He has to be on medicine everyday because his blood pressure is so low but once his body adjusted to it, he is doing great on the medicine.

Looking back makes me even more grateful for all the blessings in our lives. And WOW, I'm so glad we have this year behind us!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Janie's Baby Shower

Cousins Heather and Holly and I hosted my sister-in-law, Janie's, baby shower this past Saturday. It was SO FUN! Here is the low down...

Here is the cute mom-to-be...

The stockpile of gifts. Janie got several amazing homemade blankets, tons of cute clothes, toys, bath stuff, diaper wipes, a diaper bag, a stroller and more!

We played a game that resulted in people winning chocolate!!!

There were lots of guests...25 to be exact! Lots of family and friends were there to spoil Janie, just as it should be.

The food was delicious! We had a crepe bar complete with savory and sweet fillings, fresh fruit and...
pumpkin chocolate chip bundt cakes and...

cupcakes!!! If you would like the recipes to the crepes, click HERE. For the chocolate cupcakes, click HERE, for the Shirley Temple cupcakes (the pink ones), click HERE. You will go to my recipe blog.

Cousins Heather and Holly on crepe duty.

The PaRtY girls!! Now we just have to wait for the little guy to get here.

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Ehlerts Come To Town

This past weekend Wendy, Kenny, Sara and Ben came into town. It was AWESOME! Sara and Ben were here getting smoozled by BYU (okay, recruited). Isn't that incredible?!?! So we got to play while they were here.
We went out to dinner on Saturday night after the smoozling BYU peoples gave the Ehlerts tickets to the BYU basketball game. We had a very interesting waiter...

great conversation and lots of laughs!

Back at the Ehlert's hotel, Sara tried to convince Brian that it always feels better to lay down after eating. Brian didn't last long. He was entertained by the sign on the ceiling...

Every single sprinkler had this sign - which meant there were a lot of signs. I guess a lot of brilliant people were using the sprinklers for hangers. Interesting...very interesting.

The weekend went by too quickly. It was fun to tease Sara about boys and Ben about girls, catch up on the Minnesota happenings and spend time with family. Thanks for coming Ehlerts and good luck with all your decisions, Sara!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Another year gone by...CRAZY!! I remember last New Year's I had such high hopes for 2009. I figured it couldn't get much worse than 2008 was. OH boy, was I WRONG. Let's just summarize it to say that we had a lot of insane down times (pacemaker, crutches for 4 months) but some great moments too (family reunion in Oregon, Brian getting a welding job). This year, I have no expectations. I'm just happy to be continually surviving.

I'm not even going to look at last year's resolutions. I probably kept some of them, such as being productive while off track, but really, let's be honest, that's probably the only one. So I am taking a new stand on resolutions this year.

Being that it's 2010 - I'm setting 10 goals for this year. 10 things I want to accomplish before the year is over. It's kind of like a "to-do" list. They are already things I want/have to do. But now, it's more official. I'm even going to make a cool paper and hang it up. Then it will always be there to remind me what to do. And I can check them off as I go.

Plus...I can BLOG about my successes! Yeah for goals!

So here are my 10 goals for no particular order:

*renovate the house (it's finally going to be cute!)
*finish writing my first novel (I'm on chapter 16)
*get pregnant (no this is NOT an announcement - but I'll let you know when I know)
*complete all my scrapbooking up to the time my pictures went digital (that right there should let you know I'm YEARS behind)
*get my official teaching license (even though having it won't make the kids behave any better)
*create 10 (or more) recipes that are my own (YUMMY!)
*have a 2 year food supply and 72 hour kits (I've got a great start already!)
*exercise 3 (or more) times a week (so many choices...just too lazy)
*read the Ensign every month (and hopefully all the other ones I've never read)
*finish all the CURRENT items on my "crafty to-do" list (time to start a second list for next year!)

I'm so excited!! I love being productive and all this stuff needs to get done anyways.

What are your goals for 2010?

Friday, January 8, 2010

Training - schmaining

This past week I had to go to training at work. They had just completely redone our computer lab and no one could use it until we all had training on it. As my cousin Heather would say, that is three and a half hours of my life I will never get back. It was so booooooring. But on the bright side, the District paid for a half day sub for me. You would think though with all the cuts and money issues, it would be spent differently...but I'm just a teacher.

On to the good stuff now. So during this training we learned about all the new fancy-schmancy programs the computers have. One is called Comic Life. We were allowed to take only three pictures and then we had to make a comic using the program. We only had a certain amount of time but, following the great example of my students who rarely comply with rules, I continued to work on mine. Come on, it was fun! Don't judge me.

Check out my comic. It's totally a keeper!

In the top left hand corner I am saying "You want what??" Middle picture, "Ahhhhhhh!Recess is over!" Bottom left, "School starts too early," and bottom right, "I already answered that question."

Oh, I make myself laugh! :)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Years Weekend

This year, for New Years Eve, we spent time with our friends, Kyle, Kristen and Allyson. We REALLY need to buy a camera because we are missing pictures from lots of great moments. We went out to eat, played games, non-stopped laughed and stayed up to the point of deliriousness! It was awesome!

Then Colton and Sarah came into town for the rest of the weekend.
Kenna is adorable! She was writing these teeny, tiny marks on a sticky note. She would cross her legs super cute and just write away.

American Idol watch out. Gavin and Kayla were jamming out with the tape player. Gavin would stop singing blow the train whistle and then jump right back into the song. There was also some amazing dancing going on.

Crystal, Tim and Quinn also joined us. I'm sure they are going to LOVE this shot I got of them.

Here is the rest of the crew - Brian, Colton, Sarah and sleeping in the blanket is Eli. Poor buddy, I never got a picture of him. He has the greatest smiles, dimples and cute curly black hair.

Wyatt came over too. He is amazing because he rescued our computer! Thank Wyatt! He freed lots of memory, fixed some programs that had problems and I'm sure some other things computer-minded people would know. Yeah for a better running lap top! :)

We ended the weekend off by having a royal barf fest. We are such great friends because we share everything - including our germs. Everyone was hit with the flu. Even Wyatt's kids, who weren't there, got sick. Happy new year to us!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I can't believe that Christmas has already come and gone. It was great Christmas this year! Super hectic, but wonderful. I barely got our house decorated a week before Christmas! The cats LOVED having the tree up. They slept under it, played under it and just laid underneath it all day long.

Here is a picture of the tree when it was barely put up, not even decorated. Can you see cute little Mokie just staring up at it? We headed up to my house in Canada for Christmas. I haven't been home in almost two years and it was sosososo nice to be there again. Here is a little view of what we did while in the Great White (freezing) North.

This is Dad, Jeremy, Janie and Greg! They got to be in our Stake's Annual Christmas pageant. Going to this pageant every year has be a long part of our family's tradition. Brian and I didn't actually make it up to Canada in time to see the pageant, but we got to watch a video of it. I couldn't even recognize Dad and Greg, who were both Wise Men! Janie and Jeremy were Mary and Joseph. Would you know it was them if I didn't tell you?

Here is the living room on Christmas morning. That's a whole lot of loot!! The entire underneath of the tree was filled and then spilled out. Santa sure was good to us!

In my family, we always line up, in the kitchen, in order of youngest to oldest. Dad stands in the living room and video tapes us as we walk in. I remember the huge video camera my parents had when I was a kid. The light on that camera was so bright, we were all blinded coming into the living room. Once we are there, Dad passes out the presents to everyone. So here is me, Brian and Dad with our piles.

And Mom, Jeremy and Janie with theirs. See how spoiled we are?

This is a 2010 Canada Olympic jacket. They, once again, have some awesome Olympic clothing for Canada. Doesn't Greg look handsome in his?

Even Mom was super spoiled. I had to include this picture, cause it's so cute!

Brian's last present he opened took him on a treasure hunt. He had to not only follow the clues, but measure his way from clue to clue with a pocket size measuring tape. At the end he found a leveler. Santa hid it under our bed!

Here is all of Brian's loot unwrapped. (tv not included)

And here is most of mine. I forgot to include all the amazing dish towels and rags I got. Can you see the adorable bag with the flowers on the chair? My Mom quilted that for me!! Janie opened up hers first and I was totally jealous. But I got one too! And I got two things I wanted terribly - the textbook you must have when you go to Culinary school and another book called the Flavor Bible. Oh the masterpieces that will be coming out of my kitchen!

Christmas Morning breakfast! We always have Sour Cream Twists as a tradition, among other things.

On Boxing day, the 26th, we headed into Lethbridge to shop and eat at the Red Dog Diner. Now don't deny it until you've tried it, but we all got some Poutine!! YUMMY! It's french fries with mozzarella cheese curds and gravy. Poutine is huge in Canada. In fact, I grew up eating my fries with malt vinegar, not ketchup. American's don't know what they are missing out on!

Dad got a snowblower this year. Greg and Brian took him into Lethbridge to pick it out on Boxing day. They got it all set up and Dad tried it out. He had a big smile on his face the entire time!

On Sunday we headed to church. It was fun to see all the people I grew up with and catch up with old friends. After eating a delicious dinner, Brian and I hit the road again for home. We went as far as Dillon, Montana. The next morning we stopped by to visit with Brian's family and then finished the trip home.

And that is our Christmas in a nutshell. Merry Christmas everyone!!