Friday, March 26, 2010

A request

My cousin Liz is having surgery today to remove a benign tumor from her brain. She is an amazing person and a momma of five. The surgery will last 12 or more hours! So if you could please send a few prayers her way today, that would be awesome. Prayer works!

Friday, March 19, 2010

So Much Going On...

Time has gone by so unbelievably fast lately, I am behind in every single part of my life. But here is a brief update on our lives.

My off track time flew by like no other three weeks off has flown by. I'm still mourning it's loss. I worked my second job at that time so some nights and all my weekends were gone. I think that made a big difference. The fun stuff was spending the day (and sadly, only one day) with cousins Heather and Ann. Jeremy and Janie had baby Robert, and while he was in the NICU, they stayed with us. They were great guinea pigs for all the breakfast foods I made! I really missed them when they left. It was fun to watch the Olympics and laugh a ton every night. Then my Mom came. She stayed with me only one day but I went to Provo several times to visit and play. Brian's parents came and stayed for a little while and Robin came to play too. Then our friends, Sara and Colton, came up from Idaho for one of the weekend too. Busy, busy, busy! Other than that, I just feel like I ran around like crazy trying to get a ton of stuff done.

Best news of all...Brian got a NEW job! One where he actually works 40 hours a week (in his former job, he rarely worked a 40 hour week) and it offers benefits!! He is currently building the new City Creek area in Salt Lake City. He LOVES it! He just finished his first week there.

I survived yet another round of Parent Teacher Conferences. Every time I am amazed at how much work it takes teachers to get ready.

And if we weren't already busy enough, we started to fix up our house. We spent last weekend and got our entire living room painted, both ceilings and walls, fit -painted - and hung new doors upstairs, built a new entertainment center and replaced all the kitchen cupboard hardware. Here is a little sneaky, peaky...

I HATED our old kitchen cupboard handles. When you looked at the beautiful cherrywood cabinets, all you saw was the awful white and gold handles. But not anymore! Here is the ugly old...

And the beautiful new!! I love it! They blend in so well so now you see the beautiful cabinets!

The guy we bought the house from loved this dark green color. The toilet seat was this color. The shower head was dark green, with a gold cord. Every door, inside and out, is painted this color and he even painted the stairs (that is not a typo, he painted the stairs) the same horrible color. All the trim on the outside of the house is also this color. UGH!! So here is the upstairs landing. There are four doors in the landing.

And here is the new doors. AMAZING!!! I am so in LOVE with them. It's like a whole new world every time I go upstairs. The hardwood floors totally POP now, marvelous.

And here is a sneaky peaky of the living room when it was all ready to paint. Guess which color we chose?? I would show you a picture of it all done, but it's not all done. Granted, the ceiling is now a beautiful white and the walls a wonderful yellow, everything is put back together and we have a new entertainment center. However, when my parents come in a few months, my dad is going to help us switch all the light switches and plugs, because some are off white, some are black, some are white and I like MATCHY-MATCHY. And we have to get a new front door because the current one guessed it...dark green! So wish us luck and stop by if you get the desire to paint! :)Yeah for Renovate 2010!!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Kudos to my hubbie!

My amazing husband made me dinner the other night! Here is a picture of the delicious nachos grande he made for me. He even diced the olives, tomatoes and chicken! He knows I love refried beans, so I got a side of them. I LOVE little things like that!

And if that wasn't enough to shock your socks off - he cleaned the ENTIRE house for me last weekend while I was at work!

I don't know who kidnapped and replaced the Brian I use to be married to, but I REALLY like this one! I hope he stays around for a LOOOOONG time!

Love you honey!