Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sandberg Family Reunion

It's been forever! I really need to get my blog on. Here is the first of several long overdue blogs. So keep the next several weeks! :)

July 2nd and 3rd was the Sandberg Family Reunion. Every other year my Dad's entire side of the family (well, those that can come) get together.
This year the reunion was held at the Heber Valley Camp, in Utah. It was really pretty up there, after the forever long drive up the mountain, and the cooler weather was wonderful! The entire camp is run by Couple Missionaries who cruise around on four wheelers all day (and wave at everyone to slow down!) There were cabins for people to sleep in and this huge bowery, with an enormous kitchen, where all the group activities happened.

When I was in Young Women's, I made this sign. It's been passed from family to family since then and shows up at every reunion. I helped plan the entire reunion and had all these handouts telling what we were doing the next day, etc for a Young Women's project. So fun to see it live on.

Here are the original brothers and sisters. From left to right: Charlotte, Kathleen, David, Gilbert, Philip (my dad!) and Wanda.

During the reunion we ate good food (of course). Here is Ellie loving her watermelon. I had to include this picture because she is so cute!

We played a really fun game to help remember people's names. It may sound corney but there are so many of us, more babies coming all the time, people growing up a lot between reunions, etc. that we really do need help. This game starts out with two teams, one team on each side of the blanket. One person from each team sits facing the blanket. The blanket holders pull the blanket up and whoever correctly calls out the others person's name first, wins. The winner gets to take the other person over to their team.

There was a lot of visiting and catching up. Laughter, giggling and sounds of playing filled the air. There were lots of activities to do but most people took the chance to find out what was going on with their cousins.

There was a ban on fires but what is camping without smores?? So, the genius family we are, we made smores in the oven. Yummy. Emma was a fan of the gooey marshmellow the most!

We had a family hike but some people stayed behind with the little kids. Here is Wanda with two of her granddaughters. Both of them crawled in her lap and fell soundly asleep! Adorable!

There was a family dance with a great variety of music. Everyone got their boogie on!

We also got to do the water sports, which included canoeing or paddle boats. And the amazing Aunt that I am, I stole my nieces and headed out with our motor, also known as Brian. I spent most of the time enjoying the scenery and sun, lounging on the front of the boat while Olivia rowed.

And when Olivia got tired, Mallory rowed. It was perfect. Really though, they were both dying to row and I prayed that they wouldn't drop the oar.

There was a little family of ducks swimming along the edge of the lake. We quietly cruised along and watched them. We also saw a family of deer run through the nearby trees. And I'm also happy to report their were no crashes or overboards, though sometimes I was worried when the girls got the wiggles.

It was another great reunion! There wasn't enough time to catch up with everyone, which is perfect, it makes me excited for the next one! Also, there is a lot of Sandberg cousins living in the Salt Lake area so we are going to start getting together a few times a year. Yeah for family! Until we meet again in 2012 - Remember Who You Are and Act Accordingly!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thank goodness for Miracles!!

Isn't Abby adorable?? This is a picture on her seventh month birthday that Barry, her daddy, sent me. This shows how great she is doing! Here is an update from Amy, her momma.

Abby got another MRI last week, after getting the adrenaline injections for just over a week. Last time she got an MRI, they turned on the strobe light and she had horrible seizures, was admitted to the hospital and the major sadness began. So Amy and Barry were very nervous for this new MRI. The tech got Abby all hooked up and when the light first came on, Abby did a big flailing reaction and the nurse that was sitting there said - oh I think that was a seizure. But then Abby just laid there while the light flashed in her eyes. The tech stopped the light, started it again, Abby reacted the same and then laid still. The tech stopped and started the light TEN TIMES at 10 different frequencies and she just laid there wiggling around. Last week she didn't even make it through the first light flashing. She only jerked around this time because the light frightened her. That is right, this week - NO SEIZURES!!! Amy almost fell to her knees bawling.

Amy talked to a nurse who knew a little more the day after the MRI. She said Abby's infantile spasms really have stopped!! She said with only a week on treatment - that is unheard of. THANK YOU - faith and prayers and fasting and Heavenly Father! Usually once the seizures stop, they are gone forever and we really hope this is Abby's case! (However, with this disease she will get another form of epilepsy when she is like 4 or 5.)

The nurse also said there is one little area in her brain that is showing up as abnormal. She said it shows slowing and spikes. Meaning it is sending out little disturbances - not seizures. Could it turn into seizures - yes - but who knows when or if at all. She said the area is in the back on the lower left hand side.

However, the prognosis for her future is a still uncertain. So we are currently praying that the spasms stay GONE GONE GONE, that this abnormal area will fix itself and that she will not get sick so we can continue her daily shots. So keep your prayers coming.

YEAH for MIRACLES!! And way to go, Abby!! We are so proud of you!