Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Day of School

My cute hubbie headed off to his first day of college today. He thinks I'm such a dork for being so excited, but I'm posting this picture as way of celebrating anyways! After being laid off from welding several times this year, we decided it would best for him to get a Degree. So he will be spending the next two years at UVU, in Orem, getting an degree in Auto Body Repair with an Emphasis in Customing. (I'm sure the offical name is something different but oh well!)

So now I'm just wondering if the next two years will go by quickly or slowly??

Sunday, August 22, 2010

August Visitors!

During August, we had tons of visitors! That made for lots of fun times, new memories and lack of sleep!

It all started with Mom and Dad Morris and nephew Ethan coming for a few days. I slacked on my picture taking duties so you will just have to believe me that they were here. The boys played games and we spent lots of fun time visiting.

Then the Ehlerts came. They were here for a bitter sweet moment - dropping their oldest, Sara, off at BYU! OH the memories that brings back for me.
Here is Sara with her stack of textbooks (and her leg tucked under her, she really does have two legs) already studying for school.

We walked around campus and found Sara's classes, walked down and then up the killer stairs, found her dorm room and ate BYU ice cream. This deer was hanging out in the trees on campus.

We spent lots of time hanging out in their RV. Xander got some new toys and showed us how he could build them.

We played games, for example a really long game of Risk where alliances kept switching...

The RV is so long it required safety cones in both the front and back so no one would hit it! But that was great for those of us in it! When it got dark, it was funny to see all the people who would try to take a peek inside.

We went to the RV park's swimming pool...

Xander is use to swimming with a life jacket, which we didn't have, and so he spent most of his time wandering around with his towel over his shoulder. So cute!

Jennie, Ben, Joey and Brian had a blast in the pool!

We laughed, played and hung out in the RV.

And were in slight denial that Sara was headed to college. On Sunday, they came to our house for dinner and we LOVED having them over!

Then Brandon, Emily and their boys came the following weekend. Brandon's Dad is in the hospital up here and they came to visit him. Again, I took no pictures. Robin and Mom Morris came again for a few days at the same time and we went out for a fun breakfast together.

It was a great month!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Week with the Hansens

My brave and adventurous sister, Stacey, left her house in Indiana for a month long trip with her kiddos. The first week she spent in Utah with her husband, Brett, and his family. We got to see them the first day they got here. Oh, I've missed them!

Then they headed to Canada for two weeks with Nana and Poppa. But finally, they came back to Utah and spent a week at my house. I LOVED every minute of it!

We snuggled.

We did dishes.

We played with sidewalk chalk and sat on the doorstep in the summer heat.

We played playdough with our cousins, Ashley, Emma and Ellie.

We went swimming in the backyard pool and got out kicking and screaming when lightening started to strike nearby.

Kale would sing and read books while we drove from one fun place to another.

Mallory slept on the trips...

So did Olivia.

We celebrated Auntie Gail's birthday.

And ate amazingly delicious cupcakes from the Sweet Tooth Fairy bakery! And cookies from Great Harvest. Along with healthy food, don't worry!

We helped make dinner. On a side note, Stacey made these dresses. They are the girls favorite colors and adorable!!

And we enjoyed popsicles.

It was an amazing week, with memories I'll never forget. I really miss the little feet that filled these shoes. I miss cute little faces looking up at me and saying, "I love you, Sha-sha." Or the feel of a little hand in mine.

Thanks for coming Stacey, Olivia, Mallory and Kale. I sure love you guys!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

It was inevitable...

I bought my Bosch, which I love sososososo much, shortly after I graduated from college. So that would be - sevenish years ago. I use my lovely Bosch all the time, sometimes numerous times a day. And it helps me make the bestest bread in the entire world! We are great friends, me and my Bosch.

So the other day, I hooked up the whips, loaded up the ingredients and turned the dial. Soon after a strange sound started. I turned off the machine and found this...
The whips had broken!! I actually had to use a hand mixer to finish my recipe. It was strange.

But no worries - I looked up a local Bosch store, jumped on the freeway and happily bought new whips. And beaters. And cookie paddles. Hehehehehe! I love new toys! :)

4th of July Weekend

We left directly from the Sandberg Family Reunion and headed to cousin Erin and Jeff's house. They hosted an amazing 4th of July party complete with their kiddos, Aunt Gail, Uncle Pete, cousin Micheal and a yummy barbeque. And some pretty amazing fireworks.

There was much visiting going on. Here is my Dad (we really missed you when you left, Dad), Uncle Pete, Aunt Gail and my Mom.

Olivia LOVED this little play room under the stairs. Her and Paige cooked up all kinds of things and played down there forever. Olivia would have been perfectly happy playing there the entire time we were there. In fact, she literally ate three bites of dinner so she could get back to playing.

Mallory wanted me to take pictures of her being goofy. This picture is my favorite. She jumped on the chair, stuck her tongue out, made silly faces and was absolutely adorable.

Kale loved being outside. He found every rock, piece of dirt and wood chip known to mankind. Such a boy. I love how, even from far away, you can see his brilliant blue eyes.

The pre-fireworks show. Good thing we started early because there were tons of fireworks to see.

Now we are down to serious business. We moved to the corner, set out chairs and blankets and took turns lighting fireworks with neighbors across the street. We started with lots of noisy ones. Although, these girlies kept their ears covered most of the night.

It was such a great set up to watch fireworks and even better to visit and catch up with each other. Although, I moved over to the grass because my hip just wanted something low to sit on. And it didn't even take two minutes before two cute girls curled up with me.

Cousins Micheal and Erin, with baby Brooks.

Three cousins having fun. Olivia and Paige joined me on the grass soon after this. My favorite moment was when the first fireworks went into the air and erupted into glitter. Both girls flew behind my back and peeked out. When they realized they were safe, they came out a little further but stayed there most of the night! Too cute!

And then my family left. Boo. I had to take this picture of Kale in his muscle shirt. It says, "I got my muscles from my Dad."

All loaded in and ready for the long drive to Canada. Good thing Nana and Poppa have a tv in their van!

Doesn't Stacey look super excited for more driving?? They had already spent three days in the car just to get to Utah. They did have a week long break, but really, who would want to get in the car again?

And Mom and Dad, excited to enjoy some grandkids at home. I was happy to know they would be back in two weeks, so I couldn't let myself be too sad.

It was a great 4th of July!!