Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cookie Monster Birthday

Last weekend I baked my little heart out for a dessert buffet for a 1st birthday party. There were 100 planned guests and the super fun Cookie Monster theme. It was SO fun!! This is the end result. (Click on the name of the food to be directed to the recipe.)

Here is the Cookie Monster Birthday Cake! Didn't it turn out so cute?
The entire cake was a team effort. I created Cookie Monster's head and Brian did the hands and all the cookie decorations. I think we are pretty amazing!!

This is the amazing spread on the dessert buffet. You know you want to dive in!
The middle had Homemade Oreo cookies with Cookie Monster blue frosting, Mini Cheesecakes and Mini Cookie Monster cupcakes.
These cupcakes were not only adorable...they were delicious too! And so easy to make. I actually just used the leftover batter from the Cookie Monster head for the cake.
Any good dessert spread must have something chocolate. And who can turn down Sheet Cake Brownies?
This tray was filled to the brim with Peanut Butter Snicker cookies and Jubilee Jumbles.
We needed a little more Cookie Monster in the spread, so I made Cookie Monster Sour Cream Sugar Cookies. Well, I made the cookies and my hubbie decorated every single one of them! I just tinted frosting blue, and black and used marshmallows for the eyes.
And topped everything off with Mini Cream Puffs.Everything turned out great and I loved baking my heart out! Give me an excuse, and I'm in heaven. I LOVE this kind of stuff!! And I'm totally available for your next event.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

My Dad, in the newspaper

Isn't my Dad so cute! He partly retired at the beginning of the year by selling his soil science business. He isn't all the way retired because he is staying on as a consultant for one year. Then he will be officially retired. So the local newspaper where I grew up, did an article on him. I know it's really hard to read but it talks about his life, growing up, getting married, previous employers and how he ended up owning a business in Canada. And of course it talks about what a great asset to community he is and has been.

I'm so proud of you, Dad and I sure do love you!! Happy retirement! (Now come visit me!)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Smiley Faces

When I was moving out of my 5th Grade classroom I found this paper. Somehow I forgot about it, which makes me sad because it's so cute! 5th grade requires a lot of grading papers and when kids got 100%, I always put a smiley face. So as 5th grade was coming to a close, my homeroom students passed around this paper. At the top it says, "Draw a smiley face and pass it on". Then every student signed their name and wrote their own smiley face. Aren't they so cute!! It really meant a lot.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hammond Family Reunion

Now that I got my camera back from Idaho (because I forgot it there), we figured out our internet issues came from a broken modem AND after we had to have our computer completely wiped - I'm excited to finally get caught up on blogging. So here it goes...

On September 4th we headed to Menan, Idaho for a family reunion with all of Brian's Mom's family. We guessed on how much candy was in a jar (I really wanted to win but, I wasn't even close), we made apples for our family tree and got our ducks ready for the big launch. Then we ate a huge potluck lunch.

After lunch we learned some fun facts about Grandma and Grandpa Hammond.

Then we played the necklace game - we all have necklaces we have been building on for several reunions. We earn more beads by having things in common. It's a fun way to get to know each other better.

This is Cassidy on one of the horses that Grandpa and Grandma Hammond made. They always said they made things to be used, not looked at.

Then we had a talent show. Here Whitney is showing some of her amazing drawings.

And Ericka sang for us.

And Taylor sang too. Lots of other people were in the talent show too, but I only took pictures of my immediate family.

Then we had the annual duck launch. Well, it's been a race in the past but there was no access to water and the launch was awesome!! We had a giant three man sling shot, we put the duck in the middle and let 'er loose!

The point was to get a duck in one of the five hoops you can see down the grass. Pretty soon the grass was filled with ducks, but the hoops were not.

Ethan showing us his skills.

And family watching and enjoying the launch. I ended up getting second place with my Canadian Duck!! He soared right into a hoop and then bounced out. I won a big Snicker bar for my launching skills. Yep, I've got launching skills. And I would show you a picture of my awesome Canadian Duck but he got lost in the drive home somehow.

After the launching we dug into some ice cream. Okay, a lot of ice cream. I've only ever seen that many flavors at the store. It was a great afternoon spent with family.