Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day

Late is better than never...right??

I don't know why, but I like to take a picture of all my gifts from my students. Am I weird?? Ah, who cares if I am. I had the Valentine's party for my class on February 4th. Super early! But, I left the next day for Indiana AND we went off track that same day.
This picture does not do the amount of candy justice. The pile of small candy in the front is at least 5 inches tall. We have hardly eaten anything, so come on over and get your share (minus all the chocolate)! Aren't my students (AKA their parents) so kind?? It's great to be spoiled.

And keeping in line with our Valentine's tradition (we aren't really into Valentine's day but don't want to be lame, so we buy a new game every year and play it on Valentine's day - FUN), we bought a new game this year - Killer Bunnies! We went to a cool game store, Epic, that is right by our house. We played some games to try them out and had the hardest time making a decision. We were there forever. In the end, we decided that the quest for the Magic Carrot was the winner. I love this tradition! Yeah for a new game.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Trip to Indiana!!!

I left on Friday, February 4th for eight fun-filled days with Stacey and her kiddos! We were suppose to leave the next morning and drive to Texas to be with Amy and her kiddos, but Amy's house was filled with sickness. So we decided to wait another day, so by the time we got there, the sickness would have left. However, Indiana had an ice storm and that storm headed South. Even Texas was snow filled, school canceled, etc. So we had to drop our Texas plans and party, without Amy, in Indiana. Here is a slew of pictures showing all the fun we had.

I haven't seen these cute kiddos (Mallory, Kale and Olivia) for almost a year! They really need to stop growing.

We played in the snow. Kale would fill the bucket, over and over, with snow. Then he would dump it out and start over.

Best friend sister's just got back from playing on the snow filled swing set.

Mallory dressed first on this day. Then she saw what Livy was wearing, and changed her clothes to match. Too cute!

For Valentine's Day we made Peanut Butter Chocolate Pretzels for Livy and Mallory's preschool teachers.

I dipped them and the girls decorated them. These two are my favorite pretzels! LOVE them!!

Cutest Mallory EVER!

We played dress-up. Livy and Mally wanted princess dresses. So I whipped up these blanket and scarf dresses. Mighty beautiful, I must say.

Kale wanting to get in on the dress up pictures.

The sun room at Stacey's house has a flat roof. After the ice storm, there was almost a foot of ice sitting on top. When it warmed up a bit, the roof bowed in and started leaking. Some guys came over (Brett had already gone to start his new job in Minneapolis) and we had a ton of fun watching the sheets of ice being shoveled off.

Here is less than half of the ice that was chipped off the roof.

The girls favorite part was this ice chunk that stuck up. Look how thick that stuff is!

We loved snuggling. Mally and Livvy liked pretending to be my "cats" and would snuggle up with me. I didn't mind for even one second!
We took silly pictures...Mallory's eyes....

and leg/foot...

Livvy's nose.

This was too cute not to take a picture. I love his adorable feet sticking out!

We made Pizza Factory Breadsticks. They were yummy!

And we made Homemade Oreos with a strawberry cake mix (instead of chocolate) to give to Mallory and Olivia's teachers for Valentine's Day.

Mallory went to her very first, ever Valentine's party at school. She even got a red heart clip to wear. Isn't she so cute?

Cutest picture ever taken!!! Oh, they are just so dang adorable! Stacey and I have a picture of us about this age. I should find it and scan it for a comparison.

Kale was not a happy man. He was getting over double ear infection. The girls thought this picture was funny so...

Olivia made her own grumpy face....

and so did Mallory!

Kale LOVED playing in the water. What kid doesn't?

Kale came walking into the living room dressed like this! He was so proud of himself for putting it all on.

Mallory liked giving "horse back rides." Kind of looks like a free seat to me!

We went to the Children's Museum (AMAZING) and dug for dinosaur bones.

Mallory is inside a train track set up giving me the I love you sign.

We learned about blowing glass.

Kale made a cool art display.

We brushed hair in the Barbie area.

And order some people around at the Barbie desk.

And posed in the Barbie box. This is how the original Barbie doll looked. I actually liked this area. I learned things I didn't know about Barbie and saw some crazy fancy ones.

We rode the carousel.

And learned about how water goes around obstacles.

We played in the water area.

And used our muscles to pull up buckets full of water.

And we started packing up the house since it was two weeks until the big move to Minnesota for Stacey and her family.

And then my trip was over. Boo! It was so fun. Thanks, Stacey for having me!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Birthday

The last couple of years I've really wanted to ignore my birthday. It's not that I was denying my upward climbing age, it just wasn't fun anymore. So why care, I figured. I'd rather ignore the day and then not feel sad for what a let down it was. Aren't I pathetic?? So this year, I told my husband, who has never gotten me a birthday cake, that he had better buy me cupcakes from my favorite cupcake shop. And he did!

Don't they look scrumptious?? These are from The Sweet Tooth Fairy. I LOVE this cupcake shop. Mom, will you please come visit soon so I have another excuse to eat cupcakes?? :) This picture was taken after one cupcake was devoured by yours truly. Okay, I shared with my husband. I figure if I get him addicted, maybe he will buy them for me more often. After all, he does drive by the cupcake shop four days a week. It's a good thing that's not me or I would have to start a new budget item for cupcakes! I also got a gift card from Barnes and Noble. LOVE it!

Jeremy, Janie and Robert were in town the weekend before my birthday! They even stayed with us but I was having too much fun to remember to take pictures. They took me out, to Wingers, for my birthday during the weekend. There were several other people there celebrating their birthdays. Those people had to flap their wings and do horribly embarrassing things for their birthday. I was relieved when my server quietly placed my FREE ice cream cake in front of me! (Insert huge sigh of relief here!)
Then on my birthday, my actual birthday, I got together with my super fun family at Red Robin!! Aside from the fact that I look humungous in the photo (which frustrates me because I have lost almost 20 pounds and swear my body is not that huge compared to my head!!!) I still had to include it because dinner was SO FUN!! Jeremy, Janie and Robert were still in town. My cute niece (a BYU student) Sara joined us. And cousins Heather, Jason and Emma came. It was awesome!! If all my birthdays could be this wonderful, I wouldn't mind celebrating them every year. Minus the giant body in the photo.