Saturday, June 25, 2011

Holly and Matt's Wedding

Yesterday, Holly and Matt got hitched!! It was so fun to gather with so much family up at the Draper Temple for the big event. Catching up with those you love is the best part of family events. The ceremony was perfect. Holly and Matt were sealed for time and all eternity by Matt's grandpa! How cool is that?

Here is the super cute couple coming out of the Temple.

And here is a great shot that Brian got! So cute! So in love!

Then we headed to a church in Sugar House to get ready for the reception. This is all the pictures I took because I jumped right in and kept the food table flowing. Thank goodness Heather took lots of pictures so I could steal them from her blog!

Here is the yummy drink table. I sampled each and every one of them. Delicious and such a fun idea!

The wedding colors were bright orange, bright yellow and lime green. Here are the cute decorations and some adorable kids. Each table had a little bucket filled with candy and topped off with balloons.

Brian and Jason barbequed hundreds of hot dogs for the event.

The couple arrived in style! There were bubble machines going and a huge line of people to greet the guests of honor.

The reception was both inside and outside the church! The outside part was decorated amazingly too. Here is the couple's first dance.

And the cute decorations in the tree.

And cutting the cake.

And the couple leaving to a pom pom salute. If weddings weren't so much work, it almost makes you want to get married again.

Congratulations Holly and Matt!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Home Improvement - my favorite one so far perhaps!

We finally have central air conditioning!! It's amazing and incredible and freezing - all at the same time. We have been saving up for this wonderful moment for several years. We knew we had to because our furnace wasn't going to last through this next winter. Seriously, every time it turned on or off, a loud (and I mean loud enough to wake you up) bang would occur. And we knew that most places around here had great deals if we got the new furnace and the air conditioning at one time. So my wonderful husband met with several businesses, talked with smart people who knew things about furnaces and air conditioning and WAH-LA! We have central air, in all it's gloriousness.

And I'm sure I'll be singing the praises of this lovely furnace come winter. We went from a 53% efficient furnace to this 95% efficient and 2 stage beauty. No more exotic gas bills for us (we hope!)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Husband of the Year Award goes to...


Seriously, I am one lucky girl. Brian has really taken over some responsibilities for me that I still can't do. Like clean the house. I'm still so sick. All that up and down, chemical smells, sheer exhaustion, etc, etc, etc just kill me. So quite often lately I come home to a spotless house. All because my hubbie is the best, EVER!

Just like this week. I had been seriously ill all weekend. Like crawling out of bed to the bathroom was all the movement that took place, kind of sick weekend. I had lots of other plans, like make dinner for my husband for once, but I couldn't do anything. Nothing. Nada. My husband went and bought me some Dr. Pepper because, crazily enough, that stuff seems to settle my stomach. (No other kind of pop - must be Dr. Pepper, which I find so strange considering before pregnancy I rarely, rarely drank soda.) He also bought me this:

A HUGE sack of sour watermelons. I currently love them. And he remembered that and bought me the BIG sack. Sadly, I couldn't eat any at the time, the Dr. Pepper didn't work and neither did the Dr. prescribed nausea pills.

He also rented and watched a movie he didn't really want to but that he knew I wanted to. He made food for me and made sure I was drinking and eating. He even rubbed my feet, which he really doesn't like to do.

Then came Monday. I spent the morning throwing up, again, but still headed out to work. Afterall, I'm not contagious and trust me - sub plans take longer than just teaching the day for yourself. When I came home from work my husband had cleaned the entire house, finished all the laundry, washed and put away all the dishes, emptied the clean dishwasher, mowed the lawn, went to the store and got the cat stuff we needed, cleaned the litter box, took out the garbages and bought these two super adorable outfits for our little guy.

I LOVE this one!!!! And it's totally true and completely hilarious!

I tell you what - I can wait to see my husband with our little guy! Just the thought brings tears to my eyes.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

It's a...


We are super excited, especially Brian. I didn't have a preference for a boy or girl but it is SO FUN to know! Brian, on the other hand, was all about having a boy. He was hilarious during the ultrasound. The technician told us to look for three dots in the shape of a triangle for a boy, or three stripes for a girl. Brian would lean forward, his body tense, every time he thought he saw something. It would make me laugh, causing the doppler thing on the belly to move. At first, the baby was in a funny curled up position. His head was on the bottom, his legs curled around on top. When he finally moved so we could get a look, he moved the umbilical cord between his legs. That didn't help. The technician had me roll to my side for a few minutes and left the room. Brian promptly told the baby that this would be the only time in his life where his Dad wanted him to expose himself! Too funny. When the technician came back, the baby had moved the umbilical cord and it was VERY easy to spot the three dots in the shape of a triangle. He was officially a boy!

I was really nervous going in. How can they REALLY know when I'm only 16 weeks along, and the baby is so tiny? I was worried they would tell us the wrong gender. But, I can now testify that it's really easy to spot a boy or girl. The above picture does NO justice. On the ultrasound screen, it was bright and obviously a boy.

I was fascinated by the baby's spine the entire ultrasound. At the 11 week ultrasound I had, I didn't see the spine. But this time, there it was, all perfectly formed and seriously amazing. I am one of those super obsessed first time pregnant woman who read books and articles all about what the baby looks like each week. I LOVE it! Mock me all you want. Anyways, I knew the little guy was approximately the size of an avacodo, but that spine. I couldn't get over it. I could see every little bone, how it curled when the baby would move - I could just stare at it all day. So the cute technician made sure to give me a picture of his spine. Can I just say again - AMAZING!

Brian wanted a couple of face shots. The little guy wasn't very cooperative, or shall we say he was camera shy. Every time the technician would get close, he would turn his face away or move. It was quite funny to watch. However, we did get these two shots. Brian is already positive the baby looks like me. Just from the picture below. I'm still not sure the baby looks human quite yet! :)

As we left the ultrasound and walked outside, Brian held my hand, smiled and said - "My wish came true." I think that sums things up perfectly!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Gavin's Birthday

Yesterday, we partied it up for Gavin's birthday at the Living Planet Aquarium. When Brian heard you could feed the stingrays, he was like a little kid on Christmas morning. How could a wife say no to that?? :) He was in heaven, to put it lightly. He even chose to feed the stingrays with his bare hand, not the little stick other people used.

I love this first picture because of the lady next to Brian. Check out the look on her face!

And here is another picture of my very happy husband feeding the stingrays. He never stopped smiling the entire time!

Meanwhile, there was a happening party going on. Here are all the kids lined up to go on a treasure hunt.

The birthday boy blowing out his candles.

And Gavin opening presents. The best part of all birthdays! :) 

Happy birthday, Gavin!!

Cousin Holly's Bridal Shower

Yesterday, I also partied it up at Cousin Holly's bridal shower. As usual, when getting together with the cousins, it was amazing!! And who can't be happy for Holly, who found the most amazing man of her dreams? No better reason to party!

These gloves were from cousin Maren. Aren't they awesome?? They are regular gloves for cleaning with lace sewed on the bottom and a ring glued on the hand. They were a hit! Along with all the other incredible gifts people gave.

Of course, we had to have the famous crepe and goodie bar. Here there are Orange Creme cupcakesLemon Cupcakes (which recipes you can find on my cooking blog - just click on the name), pumpkin chocolate chip muffins and so much more.

Here is the entire spread... fresh fruit and crepes with all the fixings. Nothing but the best!

Here is only some of the party people. There were lots of wonderful people there to celebrate with Holly. We ate yummy food, visited, got to know each other, opened gifts and played a super fun Holly-opardy game where we learned all about Holly and Matt.

Congratulations, Holly!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

We have been up to a lot...

We just don't have picture proof, not a single photo. Zip, zero, zilcho. Except this cute mug:

And since I view my blog as a sort of journal, I would like to record that I did more than just lay around my house sick, sick, sick during the first 4 1/2 months of pregnancy. So here is a list (so exciting, I know) of all the things we have done, but don't have any picture proof of. 

The Ehlerts have been here several times and we have had TONS of fun with them. Most recently they came to drop Ben off at BYU.

Sara and I went to Cousin Heather's baby shower. There was some really interesting conversations while there causing much blushing, but it was a fun party!

My friend Kirsten had her baby shower. In fact, she is due with her baby girl any day now. We made scrapbook pages and onesies and laughed a lot.

Robin and her two oldest girls came to visit and go to the Young Women's broadcast. Robin and I headed up to Park City so she could take the Ehlert family pictures (which turned out AMAZING) while Brian took the girls to a movie. It was a fun, fun time.

Brian's sister Amy visited (I have to say it's Brian's Amy, because we both have a sister named Amy). I was still sick from pregnancy and still in need of 20 hours of sleep, so I basically slept while Brian and Amy visited. But I did say hello and felt sad I couldn't visit more.

We have spent some late nights with friends Kriss and Sarah playing Mexican Train. Brian has this "killer" strategy at Mexican Train - which basically means he got the highest score EVER known in history. However, it also leads to much laughter and some unforgettable moments.

Brian enrolled in both terms of summer school this summer so he could graduate sooner. That's my man!! He has been hard at work studying and trying to understand college text books. And keeping up an amazing GPA!

I think that's all that we don't have picture proof for. Lots of fun. Lots of wonderful memories.