Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Hogle Zoo

Tyra flew in from a little vacation on Wednesday night and stayed over at our house. The next day, Amy, Ana and Tyra's kids drove up from Idaho to get her. After a yummy lunch at Bangkok Classic, we headed to enjoy the zoo.
At the back is Ana, followed by me and Christopher, Tyra and Amy, then Tayor and Cassie. Brian was taking the picture.

Cassie the turtle.

The Taylor, Cassie and Chris squished into a dinosaur egg.

Tough guy Taylor took on the spider.

One happy girl on the slide.

Waiting in line for the train.

Tyra and Cassie. Happy to be together again.

Playing in the sand pit, right next to the part of the zoo being built for sea lions, polar bears, bald eagles and more! So fun!

Checking out the giraffes. I LOVE giraffes.

And here are several cool shots of animals that Brian took. Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Raspberry Jam

It's summertime! It's summertime! There is no better way to tell than raspberry bushes full of those sweet delicious berries. My friend Sonja's Grandparents gave her a bunch of raspberries. So it was time to make raspberry jam!
Here the pectin has dissolved in the raspberries and we are adding the sugar.

Good thing we got to taste test to make sure all the sugar was dissolved. Wow - did it turn out good!

Several of the finished jars. I love summertime! Thanks, Sonja, for letting me join you on the jam making fun!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekend Away in Idaho

We hadn't gone anywhere for a long time. I couldn't help it. I was too sick from pregnancy and had no desire to go anywhere or do anything other than sleep. Once I finally started feeling better, we headed to Idaho on July 8th, for a weekend with Brian's family. I drove my car, filled with our old inside doors, leaving no room for Brian. So he happily rode his motorcycle.

Not to long after we arrived, we loaded up all the kids and headed to Rigby lake. For a man made lake, this one is wonderful. It actually has a nice beach and lots of water to play in. Cassie was in heaven, wading into the shallow water to fill up her bucket with water. You can see some of the bigger kids playing in the background.

Here are almost all the kids, I think. Amy and I sat on the beach counting the children (and Brian) to make sure no one got lost, went missing, etc.

Cassie would fill up her bucket and then dump the water in the same spot over and over. She would jump in the puddle it made until the water was soaked up by the sand. Then she was off for another bucket full of water.

Brian had fun launching the kids off his shoulders. Most of the kids tried it and LOVED it!

Then Brian committed a horrible act. He introduced Cassie to the deep end. Previously, she no interested in venturing where the big kids went. She was very happy on her beach with her bucket. But once she participated in the fun out in the deep water, she was hooked. Time to buckle her into a life jacket!

The kids built a big hole and then filled it with water. The sun warmed up the water and they would sit in the "hot tub" to get warm. Which is even funnier considering the day was really warm anyways. Here are Emily and Abby enjoying the warm water.

We also had a girls lunch on Saturday while Brian, his brother James and some friends went for a motorcycle ride. We went shopping for material to make two flannel baby blankets for our little guy. We had a family barbeque and celebrated Ana's birthday. We toured the new additions to Brian's parent's house. And just enjoyed being together. It was a great weekend. Brian and I had plans to leave early Sunday morning so we could miss the rain storms that were coming (remember, Brian was riding his motorcycle.) But that didn't happen because Brian always has to visit with people on our way out of town. Hence the soaking water man in the next two photos. We actually made it all the way to Bountiful before the rain started. We waited under an overpass for awhile, hoping the rain would stop or slow down. But Brian wanted to get going. When we got to Taylorsville, the rain was coming down so hard I could barely see. My car was hydroplaning from all the water on the road. I just kept praying Brian would be safe. And of course, the rain stopped the instant we arrived home. But we were safe, so I have no complaints!

Even Brian's leathers were totally soaked through. His shoes squished water out when he walked. He was worse than drenched.

And about 15 minutes after we got home, cousin Shaun arrived from Idaho. He has come to visit us lots of times when he comes here to work. We have just never got picture proof of the events. So this time I did.

Friday, July 8, 2011

20 Week Ultrasound

I had my 20 week ultrasound yesterday. Look at my handsome guy! I just want to kiss that cute little face.
We had the best technician EVER for this ultrasound! She spent the whole time telling us all kinds of things, making us laugh, pointing stuff out and answering our questions. We loved it!

Here is an arm.

And another cute shot of his profile!

Here are his legs.

And another verification that he is, certainly, a boy. That was Brian's favorite part.

I can't get enough of that face! It makes me long to meet him and see that cute face. And in the background you can see a little hand.

And here is a foot. Brian is already convinced the baby has his feet.

The little guy is measuring correctly, all parts are in working order, feet are straight, lips have no clefts, all bones are present and accounted for, etc. That was the best news of the day. I can't believe this is really real!!! That guy is really inside of me! Okay, well I can, because he kicks and punches me quite constantly. Those bladder shots are pretty unreal. I love feeling him move. It lets me know things really are progressing. It's wonderful! :)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Ben Lewis's Baby Blessing

On July 3rd, Heather and Jason blessed their little guy, Ben. Here is their super cute family! We all gathered at their church in Provo and took up several extra benches in the Sacrament room. It was a packed house because there were two other baby blessings that day. After, we headed to their house for some fun times.

We ate yummy food, visited and played. Here I am with Ashley and Jennie.

The Ehlerts were randomly in town that weekend so they came to celebrate too. Along with lots of other family and friends. 

And Brian decided to get some practice in for when his own little guy arrives by sleeping with the sleeping baby, Ben. Too cute!