Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sandberg Family Reunion Day 6

On the last day there was no time for the water. Just enough time to finish the packing and cleaning and travel away. It was an amazing, amazing week!

The traditional Grandma, Grandpa and Grandkids picture on the stairs. Good thing this house has a big stair case.

On the road again. Jennie reading to Maddie and Ella.

And after days of water and sun, the kids enjoyed some Wii time in the RV.

Before long, all the vehicles were loaded, trips to the airport were taken and everyone was back at their own homes. I wish I could rearrange the US and make it so we all lived closer.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sandberg Family Reunion Day 5

You may think we could get sick of the water by now, but we aren't! The playing continues...

Ben, now a college student. Seriously, where does the time go?

What is a family reunion without a new family picture?? LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!! So I will do my best to tell you who everyone is, left to right. Brian and me (6 months pregnant). Amy and Barry - Jacob and Madelyn (on the grass), Amy holding Abby, Barry holding Ella. Mom and Dad behind them. Wendy and Kenny. Sara (red shirt), Xander (in front of Wendy), Jennie, Joey, Rebekah (behind Joey), and Ben (behind Rebekah). Jeremy and Janie - Robert (asleep in Janie's arms). Stacey and Brett - Kale (being held by Brett), Mallory and Olivia (on the grass). Greg (who by the way, has the legal right to marry people now - just in case you are in need of such services!)

Brian taking funny pictures. He didn't even look, he just shot the picture.

Ella, Amy and Stacey playing on the trampoline.

Kale and Grandpa playing with trucks.

Dad diving into the water to head to the trampoline. Best Grandpa ever!

Mallory and Olivia burying Jennie in the sand.

So pretty. I now dream of owning a lake house...

Grandpa jumping with Xander on the trampoline.

Amy taking a scoot on the bike.

Janie, Jennie and Robert hanging out on the dock.

Mallory, Wendy and Rebekah suntanning.

Relaxing on the beach.

Grandpa helping Xander to the trampoline.

Amy and Stacey zooming around on the bikes.

More playing on the beach. We just never got enough.

So Stacey and Amy swam out to waters that were seaweed free, just for fun.

Then their kids started swimming out to them.

And soon most everyone joined them. Too funny!

Rebekah water skiing.

Jennie towing a whole bunch of stuff around. Another favorite past time of the week.

Abby-loo LOVING the water!

Xander trying out the knee board.

Joey's birthday!! The kids were trying to patiently wait for the cupcakes.

Happy birthday to Joey!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sandberg Family Reunion Day 4

Mom chillin' in the water!

Rebekah, Jennie and Xander taking the bike out for a spin.

Auntie Gail getting in.

Sara and Joey fishing. They actually caught a lot of fish. And then put them back in the lake.

Aunt Shelley out on the bike.

Liv about to head into the water.

Mom heading into the deep.

With Aunt Gail not far behind.

Another shot of the house.

Shelley giving Mom a lift back to shore.

And Gail a lift too!

Jennie and Grandma paddling in the water.

We tried to convince Rebekah she could fit into a smaller life jacket. She couldn't get it on and then she couldn't get out of it! Hahaha!

And the knee board comes out!

Having fun in the speed boat.

Coming into shore to switch people.

Getting ready to pull Rebekah off the dock.

Rebekah waiting to get pulled out for some skiing.

Robert and I were hanging out one evening. He LOVED taking pictures of himself. Here is his cute little foot.

And his cute face!

Amy and I were walking from the house to the beach when I saw this baby skunk. I yelled (well, not really, I talked quietly) for Amy to get out of the way. I guess baby skunks smell lots worse than when they are adults. Either way, we stayed far away from the little guy and used zoom lenses to get some pictures.

The little kids really wanted to go tubing but the speed boat was too fast for most of them. So we headed out on the pontoon boat to give them a chance.

They absolutely LOVED it!!! It gave Jacob the confidence to try it behind the speed boat later on. And wow, did he ever love it.

Brian popped right up and loved all his time behind the boat!

The kiddos LOVED the independence the trampoline gave them. They were out there as often as possible.

Wendy and Stacey got dropped off about a mile off shore. Then they swam the entire way back to the house. I was so impressed. Sara followed them on the bike, just in case. But they didn't even need it!

And the perfect end to the day is a campfire and smores!!