Sunday, September 25, 2011

Idaho Baby Shower

Brian and I headed out to Idaho on September 24th because his family put together a baby shower for me! And, seriously, they went all out and spoiled me rotten. It is wonderful to be part of such an amazing family.

Check out these cute table decorations! All the cute shoes were handmade.

Mini cheesecakes with fruit topping

Cake pops - and there were five or six different flavors

Cute carriage for a fruit bowl

I had to include the cute napkins

In Brian's family they used to tease their dad by putting rubber ducks in the pond. Now it's kind of a family tradition and they are included in most every event. So, here is the rubber duck tribute to the baby shower. So cute!

We played fun games. For this game you decorated a ping pong ball to be your "baby." Then you had to toss it so it landed in the kleenex box covered by the towel at the end. Only one person got it but I came SO close.

This game is similar to a game from the Price is Right. Tyra held up a baby item and each team had to come up with the price for the item. Then the baby moved the amount you were off from the price. My team totally won because we are awesome!

Then it was time for opening presents. Cute Whitney helped hand me gifts. The little tiger I'm holding comes from a super cute diaper cake that Tyra made for me.

Isn't it adorable?? Tyra said she looked at all kinds of diaper cakes but knew this was the perfect one when she saw it. I'm not sure Brian is ever going to let me take it apart and use the diapers!

The baby shower was perfect and tons of fun. It was great to see and spend time with family. And I seriously cannot believe how spoiled  I was!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Brian's Birthday

Happy Birthday to Brian!! He wanted to spend the weekend at the X-Games for his birthday so we just invited a few friends over on the actual day. He always requests cheesecake for his birthday. So this year, I made him raspberry blackberry cheesecake. Brian was a happy man!

So here he is attempting to eat the cake and then blowing out the candles. He got five candles on his cake for some funny reason that I currently cannot remember for the life of me. So much for that idea! So, it was a pretty laid back day. Nothing too exciting. But a birthday just the same.

Happy Birthday, honey!!