Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The down low of the labor and delivery

My entire pregnancy I REALLY wanted Gideon to be born on Thanksgiving Day. When people would ask when my due date was, I always told them Thanksgiving Day - even though it was really the 29th. But instead of a baby on Thanksgiving, I made Thanksgiving dinner. It was yummy! It was just Brian and I and we LOVED it!! It was so relaxing. It was fun to enjoy the last few days of it being just the two of us.

I think this is the last meal I have really cooked since the baby was born. Good thing it was an amazing one! Both Brian and I had a four day weekend for Thanksgiving. I had absolutely no signs of labor. At all. The entire weekend. Every day Brian and I would pick a store, such as IKEA, and go walking and walking and walking. It was WAY too cold to walk outside. On Sunday, I did not feel well at all. Really nauseated. We headed to church and by the time Sacrament was over, I needed to go home because it was worse. Being lazy helped and I went to be early that night sad that I had to go to work in the morning.

Okay, so here come the details. I want to remember them so I'm going to share them. Read on at your own choosing. On Monday, November 28th at 3:00am I had a strange dream. In my dream I was about to wet my pants. I instantly woke up and realized it was for real. I went running to the bathroom and barely made it. But it felt different and then the funky smell hit. I realized my water had broken!!

But I wasn't in labor. Since this process is rare, I never asked questions or looked into what you are suppose to do when your water breaks first. So, I sat around in the bathroom for awhile trying to decide what I should do. I was really tired and wanted to go back to bed. I needed to tell Brian what happened but then I had to have a plan of what to do. And I didn't know what to do. So, after much more water leakage, I let Brian know my water had broken. He instantly jumped out of bed, on high alert, and I told him I wasn't in labor and we didn't need to hurry. So he laid back down in bed. I decided to call the doctor and was told to go to the hospital. Now, in my mind once your water had broken and all the water came out, the leaking and gushing would stop. I'll just let you all know right now - that isn't the truth!! I waited around, while Brian finished the last few items to pack, thinking I could eventually leave for the hospital without "wetting my pants." Yeah, well did you know your body continues to make more and more water?? And it doesn't stop til the baby is born? Super fun.

We left our house shortly after 4:00am and arrived at the hospital about 4:30. The nurses there were kind enough to notice the continual dripping and not make me go through triage. Instead, I was signed right in and given a room. By this time labor had started and my contractions were 5 minutes apart. Within 1/2 hour, my contractions were 3 minutes apart. The doctor originally told the nurses to put me on pitocin but I was doing great on my own, so I didn't have to have it. At this point, labor was pretty much what I expected and I was just excited the day had finally arrived! I honestly was enjoying laboring through what I had read, studied, and asked a million questions about. Other than the fact that every contraction brought on more leakage, I really was relishing the experience.

Here I am laboring. Brian took the picture when I was not contracting so it was easy to smile. The strange bulge on the belly is one of the monitors I had to wear.

Seriously, we were so excited! Then it all changed. My contractions stopped. Another phone call to the doctor and I was hooked up to pitocin. Not my dream but the doctor said it was very rare that the contractions would start again and so pitocin it was. At first, all that happened was the contractions returned. They weren't much worse and I kept right on progressing. Then, the pitocin really kicked in. From one tolerable contraction to the next, I felt like my pelvic bones were shattering and the shatters were shattering and even those were shattering. And horrible nausea took over, especially as each contraction peaked. I was trying so hard to concentrate on other things and breathe through the contractions, but I couldn't because I was trying not to throw up and I was trying to convince myself that my bones were indeed, not shattering and the poor nurse kept having to change the towels underneath me with every contraction from that dang water. It had become too much. So I asked for an epidural.

It really was the best choice I could make because in the current condition it was impossible to relax. By this time it was around 9:00am. I was still dilated to only a 2, just like the last several weeks of my life. I was totally effaced now but making no progress on dilation. Within an hour and a half of the epidural, I was completed dilated and almost ready to push. At this time, Brian was loving to watch the monitors. He could see every contraction I was having. He was telling me that before pictocin, the blue line didn't go very high. But since the epidural (and the pitocin) the blue line was peaking at 100 every time. And he was really glad I had stopped asking him to take me home. Once the shattering pain came, I begged him to take me home. In my mind, at that time, everything would go away if I could just go home.

Half and hour later, my pelvic bones started to hurt, no where near as bad as before, but the epidural guy told me to tell the nurse when that happened so I could get my booster shot. I called and she asked me what it felt like. When I told her, she said that sounded like the baby was ready and it was time to push. So she checked, and sure enough, I was a +3 and totally ready to go. She was surprised at how fast labor was going for me since epidurals often slow labor down. Woot! Woot! for me!! :)

They called the doctor to come, I took a nap and woke up when he got there about an hour later. The doctor told me he had a small problem. He had me, a first time mom who had never pushed a baby out and he had another mom up the road (at another hospital) who was also ready to deliver her third baby. He told me I got one try and if I moved the baby at all, he would stay and deliver me first. If not, he would go to the other mom and come back to me. One try was considered pushing for the count of ten 3 times, with a breath in between the counts of 10. After my first try the baby was almost crowned and my doctor was amazed at me. He told me I need to teach a class on how to push. I told him he needs to threaten all his patients he is going to leave them!

When the baby crowned the doctor commented on how much hair he had. Brian took his first look in that direction and it was so amazing to see his face light up and see how excited he was. After that, he would tell me how much further the baby's head was out after each push. He really cheered me on and let me know I was doing it right and I could do it. And after less than 10 minutes of pushing, Gideon was born!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

He's here! He's here! He's really, really here!!

On Monday, November 28th, Gideon Gregory Ray was born at 2:15pm. He weighed 8 pounds, 3 ounces and was 20 inches long. Oh, and he is also the cutest baby EVER!!!

He came out crying the cutest cry ever and WOW - did he ever feel good in my arms!!

Time to get poked and weighed and checked out.

Check out those curls!! That was my dream for this baby - curly hair!

Oh - that face. I just LOVE that face!

Snuggling with his daddy.

I am soooooo in love.

Brian giving Gideon his first bath.

And getting his cute curly hair washed. Please let it stay curly!!

More to come - stay tuned!!!! Oh, and Brian has been posting a million pictures on facebook, so you can check out more there.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

8 new posts

I have been getting all the last minute organization done around my house. I had a bunch of pictures, etc to post but I needed to scan them. Today was finally the day of scanning and posting. I decided to post all eight posts today, rather than over the next eight days, so I can just be done and all caught up. Camera cleaned off, papers scanned, everything organized and put away. So make sure you take a gander through all eight of them. Cause my life is just that exciting. Eventually, I 'll change all their dates and put them where they belong.

Yeah for being organized!!

Oh, my! Has this baby grown.

Here I am 38 weeks pregnant. I know, that was almost a week ago but posting today is better than never, right? All I have to say is, when I compared this picture to the ones from just three weeks ago (in my Halloween shirt), I couldn't believe how much bigger my belly is. This little guy has definitely put on some weight. No wonder all my shirts were fitting different.

I can't wait til he gets here. Come on little guy!!

The nursery

We finally did it. We finally set up the nursery!! Now our sweet baby boy will have somewhere to sleep when he gets here. I bought the crib way back during Father's Day weekend. I remember because I was so sick and didn't go to church that day, Brian went by himself. I was randomly looking at cribs while he was gone, so we would know how much to put aside for one, when I came across a deal I couldn't pass up. It has sat, in it's box, since then just waiting to be put together. Here are a few pictures of the moment.

The crib was really easy to put together. Brian tried to trick me when he first opened the box by asking why I bought a black crib. It didn't work. And here is the completed nursery...

I left the bookshelves in there because I LOVE them. I made the curtains and the mobile. The chair is amazing! We were going to get a regular glider but I have been having a lot of back problems and can no longer sleep laying down. So, we spent a little extra and got a rocker recliner chair that I now sleep in. It's very comfy and I'm amazed every night how quickly I fall asleep sitting up.

The crib - LOVE the color!

Changing area

Cute decorations friends gave me

A closer view of the mobile. I made it with cars, motorcycles, fire trucks, airplanes and trains. It didn't turn out the way I visualized it but I still love it. Now Brian and I stand in there and just wonder what life is going to be like when our baby gets here. I can't wait!

School Pictures 2011

It's that time of year again! I actually hate having school pictures taken. But whatever. This year, our principal actually declared it was a REQUIREMENT to have your picture taken. He even came on the school news to remind the teachers. And he sent out emails. I'm not that bad. I happily take them every year, while inwardly wishing I didn't have to. It's not like my mom is going to put my picture up on the wall or that I'm cute like all my students. It's just one of those things.
But this year, this year was different. In this picture, I'm SEVEN MONTHS PREGNANT - and I have a skinny face!!! In fact, this picture made me look back at my other pictures, and over the last four years I have progressively gotten thinner. At least in the face. So, see, teaching has it's benefits. It drains the life (and fat) right out of you. I would especially like to point out the lack of a double chin in this year's picture. I think that had to do with the 5 1/2 months of morning sickness (okay, let's be real - all day sickness) more than anything. But hey, I'll take it!

Thank you Pinterest!

Want to see what an amazing teacher Pinterest made me this Halloween? Oh yeah, I felt so fancy. I mean, how could my little Halloween gift get any cuter?? Just check it out...

Yep, a little smore. Complete with graham crackers, a chocolate candy bar and a ghost marshmellow. And don't forget the note on the back that said, "Wishing you smore fun this Halloween."

Seriously, I felt like the coolest teacher ever. Especially when all the students and parents were dying over them. Thank you, Pinterest!

Lucky us...

So far this year we had to get a new furnace. As in, we had no choice if we wanted heat this winter. So we looked around for a great deal and got air conditioning with it! Yeah!

Then, we are also having to pay for a baby. All the stuff they need, the upcoming hospital bills, etc. Oh so fun!

And now, the water heater broke. Leaking all over the place but thankfully ruining nothing. While replacing it, we also discovered the pressure regulator was broken and that was what had ruined our water heater. And why we suddenly were getting amazing water pressure in our house. For example, the laundry was getting done so fast. It was lovely. But four times the amount of water pressure coming in the house than the pipes can handle, not such a good thing. We were blessed once again, because our neighbor came to our rescue and helped Brian install the new water heater. Brian replaced the pressure regulator and things are back to normal around here. Minus a few dollars.
But I'm just going to be happy, happy, happy that we have heat (and had AC this summer), a cute baby who is almost here and nothing was ruined by the leaking water heater!

November 3

Check out this adorable note!

I got this note just this last week from one of my students. I think she is now my favorite!! :) I hang up every note and picture my students give me. When this one wasn't on the wall the next day, the little girl wanted to know why. I told her it was so adorable I had to show it to my husband! She responded with an oh, well don't forget to bring it back. Love these little people!

Baby belly woes

At about six months pregnant, I was having some serious baby belly woes. I didn't look pregnant at all, but I didn't fit into regular clothes. I just felt fat, fat, fat. I really had some mental health issues about the whole thing. Well, my sweet husband kept telling me all kinds of nice and wonderful things about myself. But my internal woes continued. So one morning I woke up and found notes ALL over the house. On my water bottles in the fridge, in my lunch box, on the lap top, and several more places. I wish I had saved them all. I'm not sure what happened to the rest of them, but here are the three I managed to hold on to. And I must say, they kept me smiling all day! :)

What a great husband I have!! It really did make me feel better.

Notes from last year

While taking down and getting rid of my craft/exercise room (it is now the guest bedroom and the guest bedroom is the nursery) I found these super cute notes from my Kindergarten students last year. People wonder all the time how I could ever teach Kindergarten. This is why people. There isn't a single day I don't get tons of hugs, lots of giggles, being told "I love you" or "you are the best teacher ever," and the cutest notes EVER!! Seriously, this job can be tough but then the kids are so cute and wonderful, it's all worth it. It's far more rewarding than challenging - most days. So enjoy all the cute notes.