Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Little Licker

Gideon has turned into a little licker. He licks everything that comes in contact with his mouth. It's so funny. He doesn't just put objects in his mouth, or suck on them. He licks them. I wish the video were better, but look close. He is licking his shirt collar.

Little Man in Stripes

 This is one of my most favorite shirts, EVER.
I love stripes.

I love orange.

And I love this little guy. All wrapped up in one cute little package. Don't his jeans make him look all grown up?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Smiles and Bubbles

What a face! No wonder I'm so in love. These smiles just melt my heart. Melt it, I tell you.

Gideon has the new fascination of quietly blowing spit bubbles and ends up looking like he has a little goatee. He blows bubbles, I wipe them away, over and over it goes. Poor kid even got a little rash from the constant spit. And maybe the pictures look a little gross, but it's another little thing I don't want to forget about him.

Tyra and Taylor visit!

Tyra and Taylor came zipping through Salt Lake and stayed over with us. I felt so bad because they got here after Gideon went to bed, so they didn't get to see him. Then he got up really early and was back asleep when they got up to leave. Hence the picture of them and him, while he is sleeping. It sure was fun to visit with them! Just sad they didn't really get to meet the little G-man.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ehlert's visit

The Ehlerts came to visit! Kenny had a meeting in Salt Lake, the kids had a long weekend from school and it was Ben's birthday. Three great reasons to come to Salt Lake. We got to spend some time with them and they got to meet Gideon. Funny how life changes with a baby. I feel like I missed out on most everything. Either I was nursing him or putting him to sleep. And we left early every night so we could put him to bed. It was still fun, of course. One time, when Gideon was extra talkative, I showed Jennie how I make up stories about what he is saying. She then became a great story teller. The whole weekend, Gideon was very picky about who he smiled at. He loved Jennie and gave her lots of smiles. It was fun to catch up and see some of Kenny's family! I forgot how many of them live in Utah. Thanks for the fun and all the yummy dinners, Ehlerts!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Cooking with Mom

So I was making a birthday cake for my nephew, Ben, and of course I was half a cup shy of the amount of flour I needed. That meant I had to open the 25 pound bag of flour and dump it into the storage bucket. I stayed clear of Gideon but my efforts didn't go so well. When I squished the empty bag so it would fit  in the garbage can, I turned around and found this...
He didn't even make a noise. Being covered in flour didn't bother him one bit. Of course, I had to run and grab my camera before cleaning the cute kid up. Always an adventure in our kitchen!

Friday, February 17, 2012

This is the face I'm really going to miss...

As I write this post, I'm already back at work. When I took and uploaded these pictures, I was still a stay at home momma. This is the face I see all day long. Sweet little smiles. Such a happy baby. I miss him so much. I miss his face. His smiles. His cute little giggle. All his sounds. I'm posting every picture because I love them all. Everyday I pull up these pictures at look at him so I don't miss him so much. But I do miss him. Lots.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tummy Time

Gideon, like most babies, is not a fan of tummy time. He screams almost as soon as you put him down. He is getting much better though and doesn't cry if I use the boppy to prop him up. He looked so adorable this time, I just had to grab a picture or two. I can't get enough of those cheeks!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Finally, I got some real smiles. I wish I could capture one of his "gummy smiles." They seriously melt my heart. They happen when he smiles super huge. They make my day. I live for this kids gummy smiles.The third picture down is my favorite.

Okay, maybe I should have turned this one.

Cutest baby EVER. I just love this kid.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Keck's Visit

The Keck kiddos, Ethan, Erika, Amelia and her fiance, Christopher, (we missed you, Aaron) came into town. After much getting lost and driving all over the valley, they finally arrived at our house. I think there was way too much fun going on in the car that no one paid attention to where to turn off the freeway so they just kept missing the exit. I felt bad since they only got to hang out for an hour or so once they finally arrived. And of course, Gideon was asleep. But after staring at him for awhile, he finally woke up and they officially got to meet him.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Birth Announcement

I finally made my dreams come true and made a birth announcement for Gideon. I took the pictures in January, made the announcement in February and mailed them (in a small, limited amount) in March. Here they are for everyone to enjoy!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Fist

Gideon often has his fist on the side of his face. Then he will turn his head so that his mouth meets his fist. That way he can suck on it. Maybe one day he will learn to move his fist to his mouth! For now, it sure is cute to watch.

Monday, February 6, 2012


Gideon has started making bubbles all the time. He often soaks his shirts from the shear amount of bubbles he makes. This picture was too hilarious not to post. You can hardly see the bubbles but those bug eyes - funny, funny!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Morris' Visit

Brian's brother James and most of his family came to town for a baptism. Then they spent the night with us! Gideon was already in bed when they arrived so they had to peak at him in his crib. But the next day they got to enjoy him. There was much lazing about and I headed to church to teach Relief Society.

Emily with Gideon, Darlene, James and J.J.

Emmy LOVED Gideon. She could have stared at him all day. Too cute!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My 35th Birthday!

My birthday this year was interesting to say the least. Honestly, I'm not a fan of birthdays. It has nothing to do with getting older (although I totally look like I'm getting older in the picture below) but just that I kind of expect the day to feel different. And it never does. I try not to have expectations, yet, every year I'm left disappointed. Dumb birthdays. Anyways... happy birthday to me.
I think it's lame that I have to make my own birthday cake. So, I make Brian get me cupcakes from the Sweet Tooth Fairy for my birthday. However, I can't have them due to Gideon's allergies so I figured this year would be cake free. Then, pinterest gave me a great idea. I took a can of coconut milk and stuck it in the fridge. The next day the creamy part was all thick and delicious and just like whip cream. Add some angel food cake and strawberries and I had a birthday cake!

Brian brought me home a beautiful bouquet. And I enjoyed spending the day with my little guy while on maternity leave, phone calls from my family and take out for dinner.

Did you know...

Today is my 35th Birthday!! I can't believe I'm only 5 years away from 40. I remember when that seemed so old. Now, I can't believe that's almost me. I'm too young! I thought it would be fun to remember a little bit about me at this time of my life. So I wrote down 35 things you may not know about me.

1. I wish I was a nurse.
2. I have a crush on David Cook. If I had a woman-cave, I would hang up a big picture of him.
3. One item on my "bucket list" (that I doubt will ever come true) is that I could have Chef Gordon Ramsey cook with me.
4. I would LOVE to go to culinary school just for myself. Not to have a career in cooking but just to learn some really cool skills and become better.
5. Pride and Prejudice (the Keira Knightley version) is my all time favorite movie.
6. My feet are not ticklish. If you touch them, you must massage them. Ask Brian.
7. My eyes change from blue to green, depending on what I'm wearing.
8. There are three places I hope I get to see before I die: New York City, Boston and Paris, France.
9. If I had my single years to do over again, I would move to Europe and travel everywhere and see everything.
10. I really wish I dressed cute. But I don't. And I really don't know how with this body of mine.
11. My parents were going to name me Sally Sue but then the nurse mention I could have a lisp. So I was named Sally Ann. But I LOVE being called Sally Sue.
12. My future home will have a library. Seriously. An entire room with floor to ceiling bookshelves, comfy places to sit and a million books I can hold in my hands and smell while I read them.
13. Halloween is my favorite time of the year.
14. I really hope my next baby is a good sleeper.
15. Giraffes are my favorite animal.
16. I've always wanted red hair.
17. It's absolutely impossible for me to pick a favorite book. I just love to read, read, read.
18. The coolest date I've ever been on was when a guy took me up in a little cesna plane. He flew us to Bear Lake where we sat on the wing of the plane and ate sandwiches. Every other date I've been on has always been movies, dinner, stuff like that.
19. I LOVE to organize and be organized and reorganize. Oh! I just love it.
20. My dream home would be on an acreage (or more) with fruit trees, a huge garden, raspberry bushes, etc. - where I could garden and live off the land almost.
21. I love to play games and learn new ones.
22. I hate sharing a bed. I've hated it my entire life. It's so hard to sleep with someone else moving around, pulling the covers, making noises. I hated it before I was married. In fact, I had to take sleeping pills for the first few months of marriage so I could sleep.
23. I'm cloth diapering Gideon and really enjoying it. We haven't had to spend one single penny on disposable diapers.
24. I wish I had a best friend. I have tons of friends. But not a bestie.
25. My favorite drink is water. And ever since pregnancy, Dr. Pepper is, unfortunately, a second runner up.
26. My favorite food is breakfast - french toast, waffles, scrambled eggs, bacon....yummy!
27. I love flannel sheets. I'm always so happy when the weather turns colder and I can pull them out.
28. I love music that shares real emotions. Typically it's music that's slower and tells of heartbreak.
29. I love roller coasters. Someday, I'm going to fulfill one of my dreams and I'm going to ride a roller coaster where my feet hang free. And the one at Lagoon doesn't count.
30. I hope I become a published author.
31. I love blackberry flavored treats. Like at Zupas, I fill my cup with 7up, then pour in some blackberry syrup - Heaven! I wish there was blackberry pop I could buy at the store. Wait, no I don't. Cause then I would buy it and drink it all.
32. I think text messaging serves a purpose but I also think it takes away from real communicating. Sometimes I'd rather just TALK to people. Sometimes getting only a text for something is a disappointment, like I'm not worth a phone call.
33. I love being a student. LOVE it! The assignments, deadlines, writing papers - I know I'm crazy. But I really love it. I would be a professional student if I could. And I really want to go back for my Master's someday, but I just have no idea what in. Too many choices.
34. I love scary movies. Not the horror, blood filled kind. The sit-on-the-edge-of-your-seat kind. The kind that makes you think twice when you see a shadow, or something move, or hear a sound. Oh, yeah. I love that! I even watch them all by myself.
35. I love trying new recipes so much that we hardly ever eat the same meal around here. Some are so good (like lasagna soup) that Brian asks for a repeat. Some are not so good and we end up going out to eat. But it's really fun and I've gotten really good at spotting a good recipe.

So there is a little about me. I wonder if I'll laugh at some of these things in 30 years from now. Or if things will pretty much be the same.