Monday, March 26, 2012

Cousin Day

Every single time there is a cousin day (well, for my cousin's, it's sister day but) I always bring my camera. Always. But I never take pictures. Grrrr.

This time, Heather took some great shots of Gideon.

Flipping off the world, but in a sweet innocent way.

 Yeah, that's right ladies.

Not more pictures, he says. The funny thing is, the lighting is perfect in this picture because you can't really see how crooked his head is.

 Alright, I'll give you one more shot.

I just LOVE those cheeks!

We always have fun when we get together. There is always great food, amazing conversations and much laughter. This was the first time we had gotten together since discovering Gideon's intolerance for milk protein. It was nice to have validation from my cousins that he was, in fact, a very different boy.

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Here is some of Gideon's first laughs. And conversations. He was laughing a lot harder before Brian came in with the camera, Murphys' law. But this is still totally cute. Don't worry - the full view of me only lasts for a few seconds.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Ehlert's Come Again!

The Ehlert's came up for there annual ski trip. We love that they have kiddos here for school, because we get the see them lots! While they were here, we had enormous fun visiting and playing with family. Although we didn't take enough people pictures. I think it's because we were so busy and in so many different places. I don't even have shots of all the family that was there. But I still love you, even if I missed taking a shot of your mug. And I won't include the names of non-family members. Though I do hope their family don't mind their cute faces on my blog.
Jennie with her friend and cousin watching the golfing game.

Xander, big man in charge of the remote. He was better at figuring it out than me. Okay, a little honesty here. I couldn't figure it out at all. I think the remote is smarter than me. Seriously.

Rebekah, headed out to ski. They could join the Deer Valley trails right from their house. So cool!

From the ski room, they walked across a bridge, then overcame some deep snow and flew off down the ski hill.

 Melanie and Wendy hanging out in the kitchen.

Jennie and cousin peeking over one of the many balconies.

Wendy and I visiting. Baby Gideon fast asleep.

Gideon has fully found his thumb. Thank goodness he only sucks it when sleepy. But still, I think the binky would be much easier to break him of. Which, by the way, he is preferring to not have at all now. Oh well. He sure looks adorable.

Kids hanging out in the bunk room. Did I mention every single room had its own bathroom? Plus, every floor had a bathroom. One even had a heated toilet seat. Personally, not a fan.

Jennie with some cousins in the breakfast nook. Well, we ate all meals there but you know what I mean.

Xander and cousin saying hello from a lower floor.

G-man hanging out in his jammies. We got in a car accident while there (story to follow in another post) and he peed through all his clothes. I only brought enough diapers for a few hour trip. I had to wash diapers several times, three diapers at at time to make it through. If I had disposables, I have no idea what I would have done because they would have been gone and we would have been stuck. LOVE cloth diapers.

Jennie made Gideon this scarf. It matches his eyes perfectly. AND - Gideon LOVED, loved, loved Jennie. He would light up, talk up a storm and squeal with delight whenever she was near.

A couple of my favorite parts of the house:

There were several of these bookshelves through the house. With ladders to reach the top books. A must for my dream home. Oh, I seriously would LOVE bookshelves with ladders. Skip the nook and kindle people. I want a library in my house.

Outside of one of the upstairs bedrooms was this cute reading balcony.  Me love.

Drool - drool - drool. I wanted to pack this room up and take it home with me. It's a pantry. Tons and tons of storage space. Lots of counter space. Fridge, stoves, dishwashers, sink, ice chest. I was totally in love.

Brian's artistic view of the stairs.

Thanks, Ehlert's for inviting us!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

A storm, a guard rail and ice don't mix

Yep. Again. Another car accident. Once again, not my fault. We were up in Deer Valley, visiting the Ehlerts and headed home later than we expected. It was snowing like crazy, completely dark outside, and the road was super twisty. Brian is driving, I'm in the back trying to get Gideon to sleep. Next thing I know the car is sliding (although I must admit it felt like it was flying) to the side of the road. The front passenger side of the car slammed into the guard rail, the car bounced off, then slammed into the guard rail again. We tried to drive away but the car was making a crazy noise. We called the Ehlert's and headed back up to their house.

Smashed in front.

Scraped up back, tire and smashed in panel above the wheel.

Since it was pitch black and so sudden, I didn't have much time to process the accident. The next day, when we drove by the accident spot, I totally bawled. If it wasn't for that guard rail (and I'm sure a few guardian angels) we would have all died. Seriously died.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

The way it works with Dad...

Yep, it's true. This is the way it works with Dad. When people tell me I give in too easily or respond too quickly, I just smile. Because I know. The one Gideon really has his finger wrapped around is his dad. I left to run a couple of errands and told Brian he needed to put Gideon to sleep. And this is what I came home to. Gideon asleep in Brian's arm (while he, of course, was playing video games.) Every time Brian puts him to sleep, Gideon will always wake up when Brian lays him down. So Brian just holds him. Can't say I blame him.

On a side note, please notice the awful mess in the background of the picture. I really need a housekeeper that isn't me.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

A vest for a cat

So I found this vest, for Gideon, on clearance the other day. After doing the laundry, I dumped the clean clothes onto the couch to fold them. The vest, which is puffy and large, got pushed to the side. The next thing I know, Phanta has crawled into the vest and gotten stuck. I seriously thought Brian and I were going to die laughing. She was walking around like there was a huge weight on her. And trying forever to get the vest off. You have to watch the video. Hopefully, you will get a good laugh too.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Out for a walk

With the super mild winter we had this year, Gideon and I have been out enjoying walks since January. I realized I never took pictures of us out on our adventures. Gideon loves going for walks. Usually, he just sits there and looks around at everything, enjoying the view. Today, he fell asleep. And now you get to soak up his cuteness in these pictures.

He is only a binky boy when he wants to fall asleep. Other than that, no thank you, he says. Good thing I remembered it on this walk.