Monday, April 30, 2012


Grandma and Grandpa can't visit without the tradition stair picture. I seriously am excited to watch Gideon grow as we take these pictures!
Sandwich picture!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Gideon's Blessing and Brian's Graduation Party!

Thanks to my cousin, Heather, I have all these AMAZING pictures. I meant to call her, in advance, and ask her to take pictures. But I forgot. However, she is incredible and showed up with her camera anyways. Thanks, Heather!!

Here is the cute invite my friend, Crystal, made for me:

Let's talk decorations first. We blessed Gideon the same weekend Brian graduated from school. That way all our family was already in town. We also did it on a Saturday, so people didn't have to stay an extra day and those with Monday commitments could come. And thanks to Pinterest, I have this new level of what a party must be. I mean, it's all in my own head, but it's still there people. So I struggled to find a baby and graduation combo theme. Finally, I found the perfect one: You Are My Sunshine!!

The table centerpieces. Half were plain sunshines, half had graduation hats.

The dessert - a cookie bar.

The wall leaves one wanting - but there are the banners.

The food table - we had Enchilada and Taco soup, with all kinds of mix ins. Bread and cookies for dessert.

The mix ins - cheese, guacamole, fritos, sour cream, oyster crackers, and cilantro.

The bread baskets - rolls, french bread and cheesy bread.

One of the cute cookie jars. I found the cutest Sunshine labels online.

I just LOVED the yellow and silver color combo. No wonder it's so popular right now!

A view of the tables looking towards the food table. It turned out so super cute! Yeah!

 Now for the blessing:

Brian, Me and our little man. I just love his blessing outfit.

With my Dad and Mom.

With Brian's Mom and Dad.

Gideon Gregory with his Uncle Gregory. Fun namesake picture. Uncle Greg came from Minnesota to celebrate with us.

Gideon and Grandpa Sandberg. All of Brian's family say this is who Gideon looks like - his Grandpa.

Most people in the blessing circle. From left to right: Christopher, Brandon, Grandpa Morris, Dad with Gideon, Grandpa Sandberg, Ben, Bishop Sayer with James in front. Missing are Kriss and Johnny. They ducked out of the photo op.

On to the party:

Kriss, James, Darlene, Christopher, Amelia, Brandon and Emily.

Aunt Marie, Uncle David, Bob and Marsha Sorenson - my mission president and his wife!

Tim holding Quinn, Wyatt, Cayson and Riley.

Emily snuggling Kaython, Brian and Brandon.

Cousin Holly, Grandma and Sara.

Gavin, Tim, Andrew, Laraine, Quinn, Crystal with Cayson and Riley in front.

Left side: Riley and Donna, Landon, Steve and Tammie. Right side: Richard and Lillian, Johnny and Ketty, Emily.

Ben and Grandpa.

Gideon, Grandpa and Ethan.

Sleepy baby - it was a big day for him!

Getting food and enjoying company. There are too many people for me to keep labeling everyone.

The day was amazing!! Thank you, everyone, for coming to support us! We are so, so blessed!

New Mall

While my family was in town, we headed over to the new mall in Salt Lake to check it out. The entire thing is one brand name after the other. Some shoppers dream.( Hmm...maybe if I could fit in the clothes or afford them - it would be my dream too.) Really cool though that the roof of the mall opens and closes. It was a really nice day so the mall was open and appeared to be an outside mall. But on a bad weather day, it would be an indoor mall. Swanky!! Truthfully, it's really beautiful and a nice place to just walk around.
We, of course, went to Nordstrom so Dad could get his favorite socks. While there, I was perplexed by the manikins. Do people really stand like this? I made my nephew, Ben, pose like this, which only strengthened my belief that this is not a natural pose. There was another guy laying in a strange position. If I saw something like him in real life, I'd turn and walk the other way. Quickly.

Then we saw these shoes. We were originally drawn to them because they are pink, Mom's favorite. Then we were amazed at their ugliness. What's up with big gold band? Someone would actually wear these? Then we flipped them over...
No further discussion needed. That's like what I live on in a month. For a pair of shoes?

Who knows, maybe I'll be sued for expressing my opinion on here. Maybe I'll make myself look like a very fashion backwards person. Either way, it's my blog and some things just need to be shared.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Brian's Graduation

That's right, my man is now a college graduate!! Brian graduated from Utah Valley University with an Associates in Collision Repair with a Street Rod emphasis. That means, he knows all about how to fix cars that have been in wrecks and how to customize and make cars look really cool. We are super excited he now can work full time at his job and we no longer have to pay for gas to Orem and back every day. Did I also mention he had school on Saturday this semester? Now Gideon and I will be able to see him a lot more!

Our little family. Gideon is saying, "It's way past my bedtime people."

Here is Brian walking in. Very blurry. Have no idea where he is in the picture but I do know when I took it, he was in it! This was from the first day, when everyone who is walking, walks together. There was the most amazing speaker that night. Have any of you seen the movie, Freedom Writers? Well, the teacher that inspired the movie, Erin Gruwell, spoke. I totally bawled. So motivational. I left there with a new feeling of believing in people.
Brian is the one right by the chair. Bad picture, but he's in there. He was in the very front row. One of the very first people to come in. We totally weren't expecting it or prepared for it. This starts day two. With a smaller group of graduates.

Brian walking across the stage to get his diploma. I felt so bad because I was so intent on getting some pictures, my parents were dealing with Gideon who really wanted to go to bed but wouldn't fall asleep, so no one cheered for him. Sorry, babe!

Blurry again, but shaking hands - it's official!

My graduate!!! WAY TO GO, BRIAN!!!!

Just the three of us.

With Brian's parents.

With my mom and dad.

Brian really wanted a picture of Gideon wearing his cap.

I'm so proud of you, Brian. Thanks for working so hard at school so we could have a better future! Love you!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

First Barbeque of the Year!

I love me some Spring! Yeah for warmer weather.  We partied it up this weekend with our first barbeque of the year. We have the bestest friends we do this with often. We all bring our own meat and side dish (or dishes). Then we all share. Lots of times we just drive to the store together, buy some yummy food and head home to cook it. Love it!

Gavin loves trying out Brian's skateboard. He gets better and better every year. And more daring.

Brotherly love or is it - give me your Pepsi you thief!

Gideon hanging out in his stroller. He loves outside, as all good babies do.

I love how Quinn and Gavin are all crazy in this picture and Crystal is her super cute self. I was still trying to get our dinner made, so Crystal was very sadly holding Gideon. :)

The cats joined us outside. Phanta went back in when she saw children but Mokie found a hiding spot. The bottom of the stroller.

Wyatt cleaning the grill. Thanks, Wyatt!

Our driveway is being taken over by ants. They keep coming up, by the 1000's, through all the cracks. It's disgusting. So the boys got out the torch and well, torched them.

Welcome, Spring!!