Tuesday, June 26, 2012

First Bruise

Gideon: 0
Water bottle: 1

I didn't freak out about this bruise. Just documenting the first one. Gideon grabbed my water bottle with some serious force and smacked it into his head. This was the end result. You can barely see it, right in the middle of his forehead.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Eating with Dad

Gideon is getting better at eating real food. He doesn't always instantly shove the food out with his tongue. Although, he still spreads the food ALL over his face. And I mean all over. On this particular day, his Daddy was feeding him and so Daddy took some pictures.

A cheesy smile!

What are these people doing to me??

Mater face! It's one of those easy dissolveable puffs but it stuck to his lips and made him look like Mater. Funny!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Escape Artist

Okay, seriously, this kid spends maybe 5 minutes in his bouncer while I get ready in the morning. My hair pretty much does it self and I hardly wear any makeup. I have never buckled him in because I never saw a need. Now I do. I have an escape artist on my hands. He rolls over and wiggles himself out. And I've course I did what all good mother's do, I took a picture and then saved him from his predicament!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Swimming Lessons

I enrolled Gideon, and myself, into a Parent and Tot swimming class. When I had to go back to work, I decided I could look forward to swimming lessons with him as our fun summer activity. The children had to be 6 months old to go and 6 months old he was, exactly. He was the youngest in the class for sure, but I didn't care. I was actually surprised at how timid he was. In the bathtub, he is CRAZY! But in the large pool, where he couldn't feel the bottom, he had to be close to me at all times. He still loved it though and he would be so tired afterwards that he finally got into the habit of taking good long naps. I was worried he would stop when swimming was over, but the new nap tradition has continued!!
Getting all suntan lotioned up. I never put it on either one of us again, because the temperature dropped and the weather was in the 60's most swimming days. FREEZING cold. But I had to do it in June, before he gets his helmet.

Don't you love this monster towel?? I don't think Gideon is a monster, by any means, but I sure thought the towel was adorable. And, it matched his swimming suit. Brian went to work late the last day of swimming, and came with us. Gideon loved it! And we made good friends with our swim group and now we get together every month to play.

Feet are Fun!

I put Gideon into his bouncer when I'm getting ready in the morning. He has just discovered he can also use his feet to play while in there. And I couldn't help snapping a few photos. He's just so dang cute. He also gave me the BEST smiles when I took these pictures. Love this happy guy!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Brian's First Father's Day!

For Brian's first Father's Day I took him, on Saturday, to the gun show. He was like a kid in the candy store. Brian has dreamed of having a hand gun for as long as I've know him. I knew this would be the perfect gift for him. He ended up buying a Ruger SR40 and made plans that very day to go shooting with a friend!

He are his Father's Day pictures. My two boys!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

First Pepsi

Gideon had his first Pepsi today! Just kidding. He did, however, steal this bottle from his dad and enjoyed munching on the lid during our drive home. Those teeth are going to pop out soon, I'm thinking. This boy has something in his mouth all the time.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Little Inchworm

This video is Gideon figuring out how to go backwards. It takes him several bum wiggles before he finally gets how to go backwards. LOVE it!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

This is what happens when...

Gideon refuses to nap. Just go to sleep, silly boy.
On a side note, Gideon sleeps in his crib for naps and at night. I don't let him fall asleep in front of the tv, etc. On this particular day, I tried for an hour to get him to fall asleep. I gave up and came downstairs to play. He used to go to sleep independently but that stopped when I went back to work.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Busy Day

We had a busy day today and I got pictures of some of Gideon's new favorite things. I would like to point out all the outfit changes. And yes, these pictures were all taken on the same day. It was one of those days.
Gideon now likes to refuse to sit back in his car seat. I have to hold him back and buckle him with one hand. So fun. Really though, it's fun to see him be so interested in sitting up!

Skip all the those. Throw this kid in the basket, put in a couple of toys and he's one happy little man. Oh, the joys of childhood!

I think this is my most favorite picture of Gideon right now. He LOVES going for walks - as his cute face shows in this picture. He can be screaming at the top of his lungs and the instant he realizes I'm going to put him in the stroller, he giggles and smiles. I'm glad he loves it. Makes it easy for me to go every day.

Monday, June 11, 2012

6 month photo shoot

So this post is TOTALLY out of order, but I don't care. I must share Gideon's extreme cuteness. We were in Idaho this past weekend, and while there, Gideon's Aunt Robin did a photo shoot with him. It was so hard to even limit the pictures I put on this post because there are so, so many adorable ones. Robin is amazing. You should check out her website HERE. Even though Robin lives in Idaho, she will come to Utah (or potentially other places), so you can also have fabulous pictures of your kids and/or family.

 Some cute faces...
 a smile (one of my most favorite)

 the cheezer

 Mr. Serious

 happy boy

Here he is in his blessing outfit.
 another favorite

And here is the progression of what I like to call "the cheezer." Gideon makes this funny face where he squishes up his nose and smiles showing all his gums. I just love it. He did it during the photo shoot and we all laughed. That made him do it over and over and over again. How could you not love this face??

Thank you, Robin. These are photos we will cherish forever and ever!

Trip to Idaho

We headed to Idaho on the 8th for Amelia's wedding. It was Gideon's first car trip over an hour. We left Friday night after Brian got off work. We thought it would be perfect for Gideon to just fall asleep for bedtime. He had a different idea. He screamed for a good hour before finally falling asleep. Then he slept through us unpacking the car, checking in to the hotel and setting up his bed. He quickly fell asleep after that and got up as usual in the morning. Can't complain about that.

Saturday was filled with wedding stuff. I was so excited, that in spite of my stress of packing everything for Gideon, I remembered the camera. Then I promptly forgot it on the desk in the hotel room. So, no wedding pictures. Boo! I am proud to announce I remembered everything for Gideon and me. Brian was in charge of himself and he forgot underwear! Hilarious! The wedding was awesome! Amelia and Christapher had a perfect day. They were married in the Rexburg Temple and had a Hawaiian themed reception.

On Sunday, we headed to Brian's parents for some family time. Gideon had quite the fan club. See evidence below.

And here he is with Grandma. At least I got a few pictures. Hopefully, I'll get some wedding pictures and add them later.

Monday Robin took Gideon's pictures and we headed home. 

On the ride home, Gideon fell right to sleep and woke up with about an hour left of the drive. By the time we pulled in the driveway, he was REALLY ready to get out of his car seat. It was bedtime and at first he fell right asleep. Then he woke up and screamed for four hours straight before falling asleep again at midnight. Awesome! The next day my sister told me it sounded like a typical "home from a trip" fit. I didn't know kids had those. Now I do.

Friday, June 8, 2012


Every once and a while, Gideon refuses to nap. Or he sleeps for 20 minutes and declares himself awake. I try and try and try but the kid will not go back to sleep. And this is what happens on those days.

On a side note, after trying rice cereal for five days, I switched to oatmeal. He loves it. Gobbles it right up.

And I didn't realize until right now, but this is a great shot of his crooked head. I'll have to remember this picture to use for his "before" shot.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Rolling Over

Gideon can roll over and over and over. But he has to have the right incentive to keep going. One such incentive is one of my waterbottles. I caught the action perfectly in a video the other day. I love watching his feet!

Little Sitter

Gideon is really close to sitting. The problem is, he would much rather lay on his tummy and move, than sit in one spot. But I think he needs more practice. Then I remembered, his babysitter used to sit him in a chair in her living room and he loved it. So we tried it out in our chair. And he was too cute to not take pictures.
A little smile.

Finding his toes, another favorite past time.

Crossing his feet over and smiling for momma.

This video is FILLED with smiles and giggles. A must watch. I seriously have the cutest baby ever!