Monday, July 30, 2012

First Teeth!

In one weeks time Gideon had to adjust to a helmet, adjust to sleeping in a cabin and being totally off schedule, plus being drug all over the place and he got his first two teeth!! I knew they were coming, they were just taking their sweet time. The night we came home from the cabin I was giving him a bath and noticed the first one had broken through. After a few more sleepless nights, the second one broke through. Can you see them both in this picture? So stinkin' cute!!

And once again, I'm going to say it. This kid is growing too fast!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

New Carseat

This kid is growing WAY TOO FAST!! For his eight month birthday, we had to buy him a new carseat. He was too tall for his infant one. And here I thought I was being all smart, when I was pregnant. I bought the new infant carseat that goes to 30 pounds, thinking he could stay in it for a long time. I didn't think this kid would get some hidden family height gene. Not that I'm complaining about his tallness.

I'm frustrated about carseats though. Everywhere I went shopping, there were cute girl carseats. All pink and purple with fun flower and polkadot fabrics that screamed GIRL. Then there were neutral carseats, brown, black and gray. Not a single carseat manufacturer makes boy carseats. Totally prejudice in my mind. Why can't little boys have carseats with fun boyish fabrics?? For rude! But don't worry. I wrote to every manufacturer of carseats and complained. So if the world comes out with fun boy carseats, you can thank me.

Anyways, I think he likes it!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Reunion Time!

Every two years my Dad's entire side of the family gets together. Well, those that can come, that is. This year the reunion was in Utah! Yeah for not having to travel. Stacey and Amy decided they were going to come and then head up to Canada together. My parents were also coming. Greg joined the list. Then Wendy and Kenny decided to come, and rent a fun place for all of my immediate family to stay together!! So, of course, Jeremy and Janie decided to come too. So that meant we all got to be together this summer. Happy, happy me!

We headed up to an amazing log cabin in Heber, Utah. This cabin is huge. Gigantic. Enormous. And oh so fun. It took a half an hour just to walk around and tour the entire house. You could seriously get lost in it. It's full of fun living spaces, tons of couches, 13 bedrooms, the biggest indoor pool I've ever seen (which was under construction while we were there), and a fun restaurant style space to eat in - just to mention a few things. There are fun balconies that over look the LDS girls camp and a fun tower way up high. One room, that can fit over 100 people for a banquet, had a massive jump house in it. The kids lived in the jump house.

Gideon LOVED Rebekah and Sara. They were so cute with him. No wonder he loved them. Plus, who doesn't love when someone gets right on your level to play?

A serious game of Sardines was underway in this photo. This house was perfect for Sardines. There was a basement, main level and then two split offs that went way up.

Gideon enjoying some lunch.

Kale enjoying a game with dice. He wanted me to take a picture of them.

Sara and Rebekan learning some "songs" with cups. Very cool to watch.

Gideon eating his whale and hanging out with Uncle Greg.

Ella, Grandma and Maddie peeling eggs for macaroni salad.

More people joined the peeling fest. There are a lot of us. And therefore a lot of eggs.

Kale was so stinking cute with Gideon. Every time he saw Gideon, he would tell him hello. And he would always play on the floor with him. He especially loved when Gideon would take the toy he offered him.

Stacey snuggling with Abby.

Grandpa, Grandma, Stacey, Abby and Amy hanging out in the family room. Outside this room was a balcony, that led to another balcony you could only access with a ladder. Fun!

Wendy, Kenny and Sara joining the party in the family room.

Gideon is teething so he loves to suck on his lower gum. Funny face!

All the kids LOVED to hold Gideon. Here Mallory is taking a turn.

Gideon was born on Abby's 2nd birthday!! So here are the birthday mates playing together.

Kenny picked up some ice cream from BYU and brought it up to the cabin. In order for it to not melt, he packed it in dry ice. Here, he is turning regular apple juice into a slushy with the dry ice. The kids loved it. Especially all the "fog" it created.

Left to right - Mallory, Olivia, Xander, Maddie, Jennie and Ella enjoying breakfast. They loved these tables where they could all eat together.

We moved into the house on Wednesday. On Friday morning, the Sandberg Family reunion started at a park in Lehi, Utah. We learned about our family since the reunion two years ago, played games, played at the playground and had a picnic lunch. Then we headed to the rec center and went swimming. Although, I hung out in my parents mini van while Gideon took a nap. Then we went to a community center for dinner, dancing and treats.

On Saturday, we went to Lagoon. It was like a million degrees outside and Gideon had only had his helmet for five days. We were both still adjusting. He was sweating like crazy. Even when I took it off he was so hot. I was so scared he was going to get heat stroke, we left after only a couple of hours. With no roller coaster rides. I told Brian to blast the AC in the car until I was shivering. Thankfully, Gideon did not get sick. Everyone else had tons of fun. Some people even stayed from opening to closing of the park. Go party animals!

On Sunday, we headed to Temple Square to watch the Spoken Word. Then we went to Sacrament meeting on Temple Square. Afterwards, we took family pictures with the Salt Lake Temple in the background. We were suppose to have sack lunches picnic style but it was SO HOT! So we ate at the hotel lounge instead. Later that night, we gathered in Lehi for dinner and family history. About 100 of the 160 people attended. Then it was goodbye for another two years. Fun times!
David Sandbergs.

Aunt Charlotte's family.

Aunt Wanda's family.

My family! We are only missing Brett, Stacey's husband.

The original six - Charlotte, Kathleen, David, Gilbert, Phil (my dad) and Wanda.

With their spouses.

Most everyone who attended.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Helmet Head

Gideon has a new look. And his face says it all! I think this face is hilarious!!

This helmet is to fix his very crooked head. The poor little guy had torticollis - which means one side of his neck muscles were stronger than the other side. When he was an infant, he didn't turn his head to the left, due to those neck muscles, and our first pediatrician didn't believe me. After the whole milk protein allergy thing, I finally switched doctors and the new pediatrician sent us directly to physical therapy. On the very first visit. He also told me Gideon's growth plates had overlapped, due to always laying on that one side of the head. With the help of an amazing physical therapist (thanks, Megan!), and always doing our "homework," you cannot tell, even one little bit, that he use to be a torticollis boy.

Back to the overlapped growth plates, my heart skipped a couple of beats at that. The pediatrician sent us to a specialist to see if the plates had FUSED together. Fused growth plates mean brain surgery. Brain surgery. I hugged Gideon a little tighter that day. Seriously, the word fused still scares me. The specialist touched Gideon's head for two seconds and declared the bones had not fused!! Yeah! Then I asked, how do you know so quickly? He said he could feel them move, did I want to feel it? Um, no. Thank you. I'll just take your word for it, doc. Yuck!

However, the specialist told me he would, for surely sure, need a helmet to fix the overlap. He took measurements, pictures and used fancy words which eventually lead to me seeing an official picture of Gideon's head shape. It was compared to how a typical head should look. My mouth dropped open at the sight. It was horrible. Horrible. I'm glad I never saw it before and I'm glad no one else had to see it. Because from that moment on, I could always see the problems. Glaring at me. The forehead that was pushed forward, the ears that are several inches off, the eye sockets uneven, the bulge at the back of his head and, of course, the flat right side of his head. I totally cried.

Gideon has the last one, plagiocephaly. The specialist said that since the "back to sleep" compaign (which he totally agrees with,) there has been a 40% increase in children with misshaped heads. He said Gideon's case is "typical" and he would have the helmet 90 days or less.

This is how the helmet fixes the problem. The helmet applies pressure (but not in an ouchy way or anything) to certain points on the head. As the head grows normally, it forces the non-pressure areas to grow outward and the bulges to go back in.

Gideon needed to have great head control and be rolling over before we could get the helmet. Which is a good thing because that piece of plastic was EXPENSIVE. Even with insurance. When the time was right, they plaster molded his head and two weeks later he started wearing his helmet, made just for him. The very first time I went to the place that made his helmet, there was this HUGE (and I mean HUGE) list of all the FDA warnings. The list was like four feet long and listed horrible things. I started to debate the whole helmet thing, but then the guy came in. He told me from number three down, that only happens when parents get the helmet, put it on their child and then NEVER come back. Insane!! The second time I went, and the whole helmet thing had settled on me more and I was feeling better. When I went into the same room, I totally laughed because the list was not four feet long. Not even close. Oh the worries of this whole thing literally made me crazy. Gideon had a VERY, VERY BAD night the first night. Waking up every 40 - 60 minutes, all night long. The next day he was super, crazy grumpy. But I honestly think it was more from the night's sleep deprivation than the helmet. He never seemed in pain, just kept pulling at the helmet to get it off. After that, he went back to his cute self and didn't skip a beat.

He stills rolls all over the place, plays, snuggles, naps and is back to sleeping through the night. He gets the helmet off for one hour a day. We have to watch to make sure any red marks go away or that rashes are not starting. We also give him a bath and wash the helmet, since it gets STINKY! The first night, I totally cried right along with Gideon. It really sucks to feel like you are torturing your child. But I know it will be totally worth it. He will never remember it. And his brain will thank me later. Plus, he's already totally use to it, so he's not being tortured. The only part that bugs me, is the stares that people give when we are out and about. Seriously, I love when people ask what the helmet is for. I will happily answer, in a much shorter version than this post. But don't stare. Especially the couple at the pediatrician the other day, who did the full body turn as we walked by. Annoying. When this is all over, I get the before and after pictures. Don't you worry. I'll share them right here on this blog. Just so Gideon can thank me later!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hansen's Visit!

My sister, Stacey, and her family came into town for a vacation today. They are spending the first part with her hubby's family but they stopped by to meet Gideon and have Sunday dinner with us.

Everyone wanted to hold Gideon and play with him. Olivia is taking her turn here while Mallory tries to wait patiently for her turn. So cute!

The Magnetics were a huge hit. Everyone got involved building with them.

And Kale gets a turn to hold Gideon.

It was a fun visit! Especially since we haven't seen each other for a year and they have never met Gideon. Pretty soon my entire family will be here for a reunion!

Friday, July 6, 2012

A Little Fit

Remember how I have an escape artist on my hands? I forgot to buckle him in today and he got ALL the way out. He then happily played on the floor for several minutes. However, he can only go backwards so he got stuck under the bouncer. Once he realized that, he screamed. So I took a picture (I thought it was a video) and then saved him. Poor baby!

Baby in the Mirror

Gideon has discovered there is a baby in the mirror. I had to take a video because it's so unbelievably adorable!! He talks to the baby, plays game with the baby and giggles a ton. Man, this kid is so cute!