Saturday, September 29, 2012

Sister Time

My sister, Wendy, came into town for a few short days. We were still an hour apart from each other because, like the best mom she is, she was staying by her two college kiddos. Traffic is awful and time was limited, so we met at a park in the middle. It's a new park with tiny trees. So the shade was also tiny. We thought that was pretty funny! But it totally worked. We visited and picked leaves out of Gideon's mouth. We visited and laughed at Gideon crawling around making all his cute noises. We visited until our time, sadly, came to an end.
It was awesome! I wish I could have more sister days like that.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

One mobile man

As I'm blogging all these things tonight, I'm realizing Gideon always has his helmet off. I really only take it off the one allowed hour a day. It's just that this kid, seriously, gets a ton more active with it off. I think that's why I take all the pictures during that time. Or maybe it's because he gets so much cuter and I can't help myself. Either way, here he is cruising along today and walking while holding on. Oh boy, once he really starts walking, life is going to drastically change. This weekend, we are going to do some more serious baby proofing around the house. His ability to move, along with his dead set determination makes him one unstoppable little guy. He's into everything and can reach so many things. Christmas is going to be interesting...

Monday, September 24, 2012


Gideon is getting faster at faster at cruising along the furniture. He still trips over his little feet quite often, and then falls - but he, seriously, jumps right back up and tries again. If anything, he groans in frustration but never stops. He picked this up so fast. One day he couldn't do it. The very next day he was cruising, cruising, cruising.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Getting Brave

Gideon has gotten brave enough to take teeny, tiny steps etween furniture. He is holding onto something the entire time but it is so fun to see how brave he is becoming. It won't be long and he's going to be toddling around. Boo-hoo!!

Standing...all day long

This is Gideon's most favorite activity - standing. And pulling to stand. Then plopping himself down on his bum to do it all over again. The coffee table, the couches, the stairs, the laundry baskets, the crib, people's legs. It doesn't matter. He loves it all. Standing, plunking, standing, plunking. So cute!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


The mobile I made Gideon keeps "breaking." The ribbons keep coming untied and it hangs all weird. I have to keep retying them and retying. I just figured it was, yet again, another project I made that didn't turn out so great. Then, the other morning I walked in to get Gideon out of bed and found this...

Now I understand why it keeps breaking. I have a little helper!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Missing my brain

A week ago I cleaned all the 6 to 9 month clothes out of Gideon's drawers and filled them with the next bin of clothing. So, anyone who has done something similar to this before knows that, at first, the new clothes are a little bit too big for your child. But this time, the clothes were gigantic on Gideon. I had to roll the pants up like four times, they were falling off him and the long sleeves were seriously twice the length of his arms. I was left wondering if he shrunk or something.

Then, today I was getting him ready for church. I remembered buying this outfit and thinking he would probably walking by the time he fit into it.

Then I thought I must have been crazy because he's only 9 months old. Why in the world would I think he would be walking??? So I looked at the tags on the clothes. They said 12 to 18 months! So I looked at all the rest of his clothing. Everything, except a couple of outfits, were ALL 12 to 18 months!! I feel truly crazy now. How in the world did I forget to buy clothes for an entire stage of development?? Seriously!!
Don't worry, we've remedied the situation now. And my cute little man is no longer wearing clothes twice his size. Maybe someday I'll get my fully functioning brain back.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Mommy's Little Helper

I was putting away the groceries the other day and found myself with a cute little helper. He kept pulling everything out I had just put in. So helpful! :)  Both drawers are open but he was only interested in the veggies. That's how he is when it comes to eating too. No fruit for this kid, unless it's apples. Veggies only please. I let him try cake once, he instantly spit it out like it was poison. I made cookies the other day and he got one. Took a bite and spit it right out. Interesting considering he loves to eat carpet fibers and whatever fuzzy things he can find on the floor. I guess those aren't sweet though!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bottom's Up

This is one of my most favorite developmental stages. Gideon will get up like this for several minutes and just jabber away. He'll wiggle back and forth, do some push ups and giggle. Watching every single thing a baby does to grow up is just so fun!

Just the other day I was going through old family photos and found this. It's me, doing the same thing! It was too funny not to share.

Monday, September 10, 2012

One Month

When I wrote the title for this post, it made me wonder if people might jump to some thoughts. Such as, is she one month pregnant? No. Thankfully, I am not.

Has she already been at school for one month? Nope, only a few weeks under my belt.

Maybe something exciting is going to be happening in one month? Well, if that's the case, I don't know about it currently.

Or maybe you thought none of these thoughts and wish I'd just get onto business.

It's been one month since I had my nose surgery! My "before" shot looks strangely like a mug shot, but, whatever. Followed by the "after" shot, in all my lovely glory.
Now, to me, who looks at my nose daily because it's attached to my face, there are big differences. If there isn't to you, no worries. I wouldn't imagine you have spent much time staring at my nose. I will, however, point out the "smaller" twist at the bottom of my nose. My personal favorite part. And the side parts of my nose, right next to the nostrils are more pronounced, giving my nose a slimmer look, sort of. However, the big changes are inside my nose. I forgot that the insides of one's nose shouldn't touch. It's lovely to no longer suffer from that. And the amount of oxygen that now enters my nose. Amazing. Sometimes it even hurts.

I did, however, just get the bill for this surgery and am currently taking donations to help pay for it. Highway robbery, people. Birthing Gideon and two days in the hospital didn't even cost this much.

First Bike Ride

Remember I said, for Mother's Day, Brian bought me a bike?? Well, we also got a trailer, for an awesome deal, but we needed an infant insert in order to use it with Gideon, because he is still so little. The infant insert was more than we bought the trailer for. Yeah, no desire to get that! So, my bike was sitting in the garage, gathering dust. And going back to work has completely stopped our morning walks. So, I was pondering and thought maybe, just maybe a pillow would work.
I tried my idea out yesterday, and it totally worked!! He sits up high enough and doesn't wobble...too much.

We headed out for our first bike ride. Isn't Gideon so cute with his head poking up in the trailer? I decided to go the route I usually walk, with the big hill. After all, I walk it almost every day. Well, I'm just grateful I'm still alive to tell you that was not a good idea. Although, I am proud of myself because I never got off and pushed my bike. Though I was seriously tempted. I pedaled the entire way. Here's to losing another size (or more!)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fussy Pants

Sometimes being a parent is hard. I'm exhausted from this newest round of teething. I let Gideon cry himself back to sleep at night. But I can hear him the entire time he is screaming. So I can't fall asleep. My house is too little, there is no where to go to avoid the sound. He only takes 40 minutes now to scream himself to sleep. It used to be three or more hours. So I guess I should be happy I'm getting a little more sleep. Everyone says it should only take three days for him to fall asleep on his own without much fussing. But no one has ever had Gideon. This kid doesn't give up. For anything. After two weeks of trying, I gave up and tried to help him back to sleep. That didn't help either. Then he just wanted to be up, crying, for endless hours. And yes, I give him pain meds.

But the real problem is sometimes the day. He is fussy ALL DAY LONG. I can play on the floor with him, hold him, walk him with me everywhere I go, take him for a walk or to the store, feed him, give him treats and anything else I can think of. He just cries. All day. It's awesome. And I will finally get him to fall asleep for a nap and he wakes up 20 minutes later. And the crying begins all over again.

So this morning I caught I video of it. So I can have it later to prove that he is just trying to make sure he is an only child. So when he asks why he has no brothers or sisters, I can show him exactly why. So far, his plan is working.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Tackling the Stairs

Once this kid figured out how to pull himself up, he hasn't stopped. I now spend most of my day sitting at the bottom of the steps to catch this kid when he falls. He will not give up. I can move him away 1000 times and he will go back 1001 times. So I give up. As much as I'd like him to not ever be interested in the stairs, he has to learn eventually. The wall doesn't come down to the bottom of the stairs, so we can't put up a gate. We also cannot put it higher up because the railing is in the way. Trust me, we tried. So instead, we will help him figure it out.

 I love this picture. It's like he's telling me there is only one direction mom. Up!

Funny thing is, he's barely, and I mean barely, tall enough to stretch his legs to the next step. And he is too little to get back down. Oh well, I guess we can't do everything at once, can we?

Someone stop this kid! He's growing so fast.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Bath time cutie

Since Gideon has his helmet on all day and night, sometimes I'm blown away but his utter cuteness when he has it off. Like tonight when he took his bath. His little face just melts my heart. I love seeing his cute little head over the side of the bathtub.
He is nervous about sitting up in the tub, due to it's slippery-ness, but he loves to scoot around on his tummy, back and forth, back and forth. The bath was how Gideon learned he was in charge of his movements and he started to crawl the next day. Now that he is pulling to stand, he tries that too. Much to my horror. He also tries to drink water from the tub with his toy cups. When he gets some, he says, "nom, nom, nom." Adorable!

Stroller Boy

This kid LOVES to go for walks. I LOVE that he LOVES to go for walks. It's been hard going back to work because there isn't time in the morning to go anymore. But the weather is turning to fall weather, so now we can go in the afternoons and not die of heat exhaustion and thirst. Did I mention I love going for walks because I am two sizes (almost three sizes) smaller than when I first got pregnant?! Yeah me!

Anyways, this is how this kid rolls while we go for walks. Feet up, often twirling. Soaking up some sun.

Seriously, the cutest kid ever.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Brian's Birthday

Brian's birthday fell the day after labor day this year. It was also our anniversary that weekend. So, he left work early on Friday and spent Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday with Gideon and I. We haven't seen him that much for a very, very long time. It was wonderful! He also took his birthday off work. He had two options for his birthday: (1) take Gideon while I went to work, or (2) be out of the house when I left for work in the morning because I didn't think it was nice for him to be there while the nanny was there too. He chose option 2 and went for a long motorcycle ride.

This little man loved all his daddy attention. He is teething and LOVES pretzels. I think the salt makes his gums feel better. He chews the pretzel right where the tooth is coming in.

Brian wanted to go out for dinner but wanted me to pick the place. So I did some research and found a fun hole in the wall kind of place that claimed to serve authentic Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches. Which Brian absolutely loved when we took a trip to Philly a few years back.

It's called Moochie's Meatballs. It's in Salt Lake on 800 South and the corner of 300 East. It's two old houses converted into a kitchen and overflow seating. Plus, lots of outdoor seating. There are all kinds of sandwiches to choose from. We both chose the Philly. It was yummy-licious and I would totally go back again. Brian also loved it and was way excited when we got there and I told him why I picked the place. The only thing we thought it was missing was the peppers, which our sandwiches had when we went to Philly. However, maybe that isn't part of the original sandwich.

Brian says we don't do enough fun stuff, so for his birthday I got him a gift card to FastKart, where he can race go karts and drive fast. And for anyone who knows Brian, knows he likes to drive fast. He was a happy man. And of course we ended the day watching a movie. One of Brian's most favorite things to do.

Happy Birthday, Brian!! We love you!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Memory Lane

I randomly came across this video when I was looking in another file. It somehow got put in the wrong spot. I don't even remember taking it. He is so teeny, tiny, little. This was taken January 19th. Oh the days when Gideon would stay and be entertained in his bouncer. Those days are no more. And look at him be so smart. Batting at the elephant. What a smart little guy!