Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I've always had this dream. No one ever imposed it on me or expected it of me. Except me. I've always dreamed of making my kids their Halloween costumes. I've had ideas floating in my head forever.
Thanks to Pinterest, I found this penguin costume. I knew in my bones, this was the costume for Gideon.

I'm really NOT good at sewing though. In high school, I did everything wrong. I don't even think the stuffed animal I made came out right. I tried to make my sister, Wendy, a diaper bag. It was horrible. They even made a video mocking the pathetic thing.

But I had to try. What's life about if you can't get out of your comfort zone and make a dream come true? Right?

I'm so sewing illiterate, I've never done a zipper and I have no idea how to set my machine to do a zig-zag stitch. I have made all the curtains in my house and pillow covers, but those are just straight lines, people. This adorable-ness required lots of new skills for me.

I had to actually make my own pattern. From scratch. But I had to make it. I couldn't settle for anything else I loved this costume so much. So, I got some confidence from my super sewing sister and mom and plunged in.

Making my own pattern took the longest. But it was easy. Cutting out - way easy. The sewing - so easy. The zipper - not hard at all. And I almost died when I realized how unbelievably easy it is to make my machine sew zig-zag. I'm so glad I did it! I really, really did it!

We went trick or treating with our friends. I got lots and lots of compliments on the costume. Lots of people asked where I got it. When I said I made it, they oohed and ahhed even more. I'll be honest - I totally relished in it.

Gideon loved being outside trick or treating. It got annoying to take him in and out of the stroller (everyone's houses had stairs) so we eventually just carried him. He was just happy all night loving all the attention. His mom and dad loved the free candy he scored.

Seriously, isn't he the cutest penguin, EVER!!

P.S. You can find the tutorial for the costume HERE. This lady is AMAZING!! And has the best sewing tutorials.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Monster Hat

Before Gideon was even born, we bought this monster hat with matching gloves. It's perfect because it's not too big, it covers all the spots that need to stay warm and he keeps it on his head. Plus, his level of cuteness totally increases when he wears it.

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Thus far in Gideon's life, he hasn't really liked potatoes. Not mashed, not hashbrowns, not in soup, not cut up to eat, etc. He will eat a french fry, though he's only tried those once. But remember how this kid loves to open the fruit and veggie drawers in the fridge and help himself? Well, he grabbed a baked potato today and ate about 1/4 of it. Skin and all. Then tonight for dinner he ate some in the form of hashbrowns. Maybe this is how I expand his food list??

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Walking with Help

I forgot to post these adorable videos when I posted everything for October. Gideon had been crawling around on his knees pushing this toy for a few days. So I showed him how to stand up and push it while walking. He was SO SO SO proud of himself walking around. He was giggling and screaming in delight. I only wish we had somewhere longer for him to cruise around in. And I had to include a couple of tumbles, because even those are cute!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pumpkin Jammies

This is my first baby. One I waited a long time for. Every milestone is so precious to me. Even the tradition of holiday jammies. Laugh if you like. Tease if you must. There are so many moments I don't want to forget.

I had looked for Halloween jammies for awhile but never found any I liked. Then, I rounded the corner at Kohl's one day, and there they were. The perfect ones.

Gideon is sitting in the rocking chair that was mine as a child. Right after a bath. All squeaky clean with slicked up hair. So cute!

My little jack-o-lantern. Complete with his own set of jagged teeth!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pumpkin Patch...again!

We have a ton of tomatoes from our garden, and our neighbors garden, I wanted to make salsa from. But I wanted Brian, who is a HUGE salsa eater, to pick out the peppers. I told him about all the yummy ones at Peterson Family Farm, aka the pumpkin patch. Brian's parents were coming into town for the weekend so we thought we'd take them out there with us. We saw the animals, walked around the pumpkins and bought us some peppers and onions to make salsa with. Oh, and we took some adorable pictures of Gideon and our little family.

Friday, October 19, 2012

I want the WHOLE thing!

The other day I was cutting up some pear for Gideon's lunch. He kept growling and reaching for the pear. He even refused to eat the pieces I cut for him.

Instead, he continued reaching for the other pear on the counter top. So I gave it to him and he dug his little teeth right in. He ate half the pear before even setting it down.

I think this smile was a big, huge "thank you Mom!"

P.S. Check out all those teeth.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

Gideon and I headed over to the pumpkin patch with some friends during UEA weekend. We went to Peterson's Family Farm. I love it there! There are all kinds of farm animals to see. A free corn maze, a huge pile of straw to crawl, fresh grown produce to pick (and buy), plus hundreds and hundreds of pumpkins. The regular kind, white ones, green ones, bumpy ones, tiny ones, huge ones.

Gideon actually stuck his hand out to these goats. Until one licked his hand. Then he kept his hands very, very close to his body.

I think this little horse wanted to eat him for lunch
Gideon loved patting and slapping the pumpkins and would "sing" while doing so.

He loved being on the ground, crawling around the pumpkins. Tasting a few, trying to take a bite out of a couple.

I just let him go. True childhood is about getting dirty, right?

He even got his first taste of dirt. He didn't seem to mind it. I was silently freaking out while cleaning out his mouth.

We got three pumpkins while there. A huge one for daddy, a medium one for mommy and a little one for Gideon. Instead of carving them, we are going to make them into pumpkin butter and other yummy things since Gideon LOVES veggies so much.

Monday, October 15, 2012

See Food

I'm not sure if Gideon just picked this lovely new habit up or if someone showed him, but he loves to chew his food and then spit it out. Awesome! But look how happy is he doing it! Silly boy.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Bathtime Fun

Dad was playing with Gideon in the bathtub tonight. Gideon loves to build towers and knock them over. I loved listening to all the giggling coming from the tub!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Learning to use a spoon

Gideon is learning to use a spoon when he is eating. I love when kids pick the food up in their fingers and place it on the spoon. Then they eat it. Or when they pick it up with the spoon and then take it off with their fingers and eat it.

He isn't doing either of those things yet. But he sure does like to chew on the spoon!

Friday, October 12, 2012


Gideon used to scream bloody murder when I vacuumed. My house was hardly ever vacuumed due to that.
Now he has no fear. He will charge right after it, reaching his little fingers for it with all his might.

I have yet to run him over. But at least I can finally vacuum like I used to!

The lure of the corner

Gideon continues to prove his persistence, shall we say, at getting exactly what he wants.

There is this one corner of our living room we don't want him in. It's full of cords and a hot heating vent. A garbage can and all sorts of thing we are trying to keep away from him.

That just makes it all the more enticing for this kiddo.

Today he figured out how to climb into the basket and get over it.

Mission accomplished!! Little rascal!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

"Real" food worries

This transition to "real" food is proving to be rather tricky for me. It was a small adjustment moving from only nursing to baby food. It was tricky only because I had to remember to feed him baby food and not just nurse. This next one seems to be a HUGE one for me. I have no idea what to feed this kid. He is allergic to all milk products so that cuts out yogurt, cheese, etc. And seriously, milk is in everything. Everything.
And no matter how hard I try to convince him, he doesn't like bread in any form, plain, with something on it, toasted. He even dislikes cake, zucchini bread, etc. Not to mention rice and noodles of all forms. I keep trying. Maybe someday. And he instantly spits out meat like it's poison. All kinds of meat.

But he LOVES, LOVES, LOVES vegetables in any and all forms. And he will eat real fruit, not the baby food kind. In fact, he often wiggles his way into the fridge, and opens the fruit and veggie drawers. Then he helps himself to whatever he finds. It's rather cute. Perhaps he is a natural born vegetarian??

So for now, we are sticking to baby cereals, veggies in all forms, real fruit, pretzels, beans and those veggie snack sticks in the baby aisle. And in the meantime, we'll keep trying all his dislikes.

The only reason I have some worry in the back of my mind is because he hasn't gained any weight since he was seven months old. My pediatrician is worried. But he looks perfectly healthy to me. He has a little belly and cute chubby cheeks. Oh the joys of parenting.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

On the helmet front...

Today is one of those days when I suck as a mom. I'm totally failing. I cannot get Gideon to sleep. Not at night, not for naps. And I don't just mean the occasional waking. I mean multiple every night. Staying awake for hours. Going all day long with only a 20 minute nap. I've read several books, tried 974,000 suggestions over and over again. Nothing is working. I've never, ever been so tired in my life. I'm grumpy. I have limited patience. I feel like every day I am just trying to get the two of us to survive through our grouchiness. I never visualized being a mom would be like this. I didn't expect it to be easy. Or to never be tired. I just expected to not always feel like I'm failing.

I went to visit a friend the other day who just had a baby. He was about a week old and was hungry and fussy. She settled him on her chest, bounced him and he went right to sleep. In seconds. I wasn't able to do that with Gideon. I remember he would stay up all night long. All night. I would finally wake my mom up about 6:00am to help, and he would go right to sleep for her. It took me weeks and weeks and weeks to get Gideon to even take one nap during the day. And he was an infant. I totally suck. Gideon takes a 2 hour nap every day for his nanny. He won't sleep for me.

And the sleep issues continue. Today was the topper for me. Gideon used to sleep through the night. Then he got his helmet. No more sleeping through the night. Lots of waking up. Lots. Some nights he is up for hours. I refer you back to me trying 974,000 suggestions. None of them work. More feeling like a failing mom. Both of us are miserable. Then my sisters points out the helmet connection. (Give me a break, I'm horribly sleep deprived.) So now I'm convinced it's the helmet. I can do this, I tell myself. I start the mental count down to the next helmet doctor visit. He told me Gideon would wear the helmet for 90 days max. So the next visit would be the last day of the helmet.

Today was that day!! My mental countdown day finally arrived. Maybe, just maybe, I'm going to get some sleep now. So we meet with the doctor today.

We were VERY excited for no helmet anymore, as Gideon is showing in this picture!

But it's not to be. The verdict is 6 to 8 more WEEKS. Weeks, people. I cried the whole way home.