Friday, November 30, 2012


Gideon loves to be lifted up and do pull-ups on Daddy's bar. I've never tried it with him, but Brian says he only has to hold him. He pulls himself up.

He will stand under the bar, reach his hands up and grunt until Daddy lifts him up. From the first time Brian tried this, Gideon knew exactly what to do.

One handed!!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Gideon's First Birthday

We have a birthday party planned for this Saturday for Gideon, but I was sad we weren't giving him any gifts to open or doing anything special on his birthday. Not that he would even care, but I did. Brian thought I was silly.

Then, Grandma and Grandpa Gwynn came over to wish him a happy birthday.

He knew just what to do with his gift. No one even had to tell him. He just dove in and pulled out all the paper.

He found something inside and it took him a minute to figure out how to get it out.

He got a phone and key fob that light up and make noises and play songs. He LOVES them.

 Then he ended his birthday with Daddy being home early enough to give him a bath.

Happy First Birthday, Gideon!!!!

Allergy Tests

Poor Gideon had to spend his first birthday getting allergy shots. Before I could start introducing milk products into his (and my) diet, he had to get tested for a milk allergy. He had also had a weird rash twice when eating strawberries and bananas and both those allergies run in Brian's family. And the doctor said they always run tests for cats and dogs when children have had any issues with food. Of course, he fell sound asleep in the car on the way there.

There are all his pricks. He didn't cry even once. And not a single one came back positive, except the one that's suppose to react. The nurse put a little cream on it and it went right away. I was tempted to stop and buy ice cream on the way home to celebrate but that's not how milk products need to be introduce so I didn't give in.
And here is my adorable one year old!!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Tricky Trick

Gideon has figured out how to open anything with a lid - and his TEETH! I'm guessing he got the idea from all the crib chewing he has been doing.

Nothing with a lid is safe anymore. If he can get his hands on it, give him a few seconds and it's open. Including his snack cup. Which means Mommy gets to pick lots of food items up all day long. So fun! I've got to give him props for problem solving though.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Need a laugh?

Oh, this video makes me laugh. This is a little cart we got for Gideon that came with sand toys. He loves to get in it and just jabber away. Today, Daddy is giving him a little ride.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Turkey Shirt

I saw this idea on pinterest and just HAD to make one for Gideon. Seriously, so adorable. I just wish I would have known the t-shirts at Hobby Lobby run small and therefore gotten a larger size. He won't be wearing this shirt more than a couple of times.

Which is too bad, because I just love it! He wore it on Thanksgiving day when we enjoyed turkey and all the fixings with friends. And of course, he was super cute. Maybe I loved the idea of this shirt so much because I really wanted him to be born on Thanksgiving day.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

First Hair Cut

I haven't been motivated to cut Gideon's hair because he spends 23 hours a day in his helmet. And although it was clear, you couldn't really see his hair. And then it grew long enough that it curled out underneath the helmet and I love that. So, I didn't want to cut it.

However, tomorrow he should be getting his helmet off - FOREVER!! And that means, goodbye to the long locks.

He sat perfectly still, didn't mind the buzzing right next to his head at all and seemed to enjoy the experience. I couldn't believe how much hair was on the floor when it was over. And how different the color looked when the hair was on the floor.

He grew up so much with one little hair cut. No more long hair on his forehead. No more tucking his hair behind his ears. No more hair poking out of the helmet air holes. Just a little man with a big boy haircut.

Didn't it turn out great! Now here's to hoping that stinky helmet (which can be seen in the background) will be coming off forever tomorrow.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Basket Tricks

Here is Gideon inside his basket of toys. His current favorite place to play.I mean, it not like we have a floor or anything to play on. It's actually quite cute, he wants a snack, I give it to him in his cup and he heads right for the basket. Then he climbs in and enjoys his crackers. What more could a kid want?
Well, perhaps the skills to climb onto the next bigger basket??

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Chewed Crib

Teething is obviously in full bloom around here at our house. And for some reason, Gideon's favorite place to chew is his crib rail. Me, not such a fan. Seriously, doesn't he know how expensive cribs are??

At first I didn't realize that this is something lots of children do and there are cool products out there to help. So we tried putting a blanket over the rail. Gideon pulled it off and chewed away. We tied the blanket on. Gideon found ways to untie it.

By this point I was getting really worried about all the varnish and wood chips this kid was ingesting. No way that's good for him. I could even hear him chewing on it over the monitor when he would wake up. At least he was content when he would wake up. He didn't mind being alone. He was free to nibble away.

So I bought a gummie rail cover at Babies R Us. Best invention ever. He can chew all he wants on the gummy rail but it doesn't hurt the crib anymore. Only problem was, he just moved on to the side rails. No joke. Back to the store we went for another gummie rail. No more bite marks. Too bad I didn't know about it before there was so much damage.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Kitchen Helper

I seriously need a babysitter for Gideon just so I can make dinner every night without having to then clean up a huge mess. At least he has fun and lets me cook, right? And yes, I bought cabinet locks to put on. However, Brian doesn't want them on because he thinks it will "devalue" our home. Ugh - maybe I should make him clean up these messes everyday. Gideon's favorite drawer is the one with all the straws and baggies. Who blames him. You pull on one baggie and they just keep coming and coming and coming. He also loves to pull all the cookie sheets and pans out of the side cupboard and all the tupperware out. This was just the beginning of one of his messes.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Yep, that's a tomato.

Gideon flies ninja style the instant he hears the fridge open. You would think we never feed this kid. He LOVES to pull out food from the fruit and veggie drawers and munch away. Today, it was a tomato. He almost ate the entire thing. I think he is a natural born vegetarian. I'm trying to get it away from him in this picture so I can wash it. Lesson learned. I now wash all fruits and veggies before putting them in the drawer.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Playing in the snow

There are several pictures of exactly the same cute boy in this post, but I couldn't help it. They are all so cute I just couldn't decide.
I bought this jacket for $8.00 at T.J. Maxx. That alone makes the jacket adorable.

Then, I got the monster hat (with matching mittens) on clearance before Gideon was born for $3.00.

And I have several Kindergarten parents who work at The Children's Place and give me AMAZING coupons. So I got the snow pants, some waterproof gloves and the boots for about $20.00.

Seriously, are these not the cutest boots you have ever laid eyes on??? Maybe it's just because they are so tiny.

We weren't going to buy him winter gear this year, but we decided to go to Canada for Christmas and wanted to get him gear for playing outside there. And, it was such a great price.

Gideon isn't walking yet and wasn't sure what to do in all the snow. Especially trying to tromp around in those boots. He enjoyed looking at the snow, well eating the snow really. Who knew the desire to eat snow started so early in life?? Not me. He was amazed that everything around him was white. And he did NOT want to walk in the snow. Not one bit.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

School Pictures

It's that time of year again.  Oh goodie. For your pleasure I changed my hair AND my earrings. Pretty spectacular, I know.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I wish I had caught a video when this first started. However, I was laughing so hard I couldn't hold the camera straight. Gideon has learned how to go up the stairs. Me, I just go with him. Brian, he calls him back. On this particular day, when Brian would tell Gideon to come back down, Gideon would turn and motion for his dad to follow him. This video shows a small wave. It was hilarious! Brian said it looked like Gideon was giving him the same sign as the movie Matrix.


This boy sure LOVES spaghetti!

Who knew it could be so difficult to get it in your mouth though?

Maybe his eye was hungry? :)


I have been waiting and waiting and waiting to discover what Gideon was going to become attached to. He went through a week where he liked a binky, that didn't last. Then he would suck his thumb. That lasted for a couple of weeks. Other than that, he had yet to attach to something he loves-loves-loves. It finally happened. This boy LOVES his blankies!!! Thank goodness he has attached to more than one so we have no issues when some washing needs to be done. This car blanket is his most favorite of all. Oh, he is just SO cute!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Those dang teeth!

They even torture this poor boy in the bathtub. Good thing for all those chewy bath toys that work great everywhere. These toys have been Gideon's favorite teething toy since his first teeth started breaking through. I totally recommend them to anyone who has a teething baby.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hello, Dragon!

We went to Toys R Us one day to take a little look around for Gideon's upcoming birthday. He loved this dragon. Though it did not make a home with us, it did entertain Gideon while we walked around and got some ideas. Gideon was fascinated with his teeth and talked a lot of gibberish with him.

I can't believe he is almost ONE!

Towel Boy

Gideon LOVES taking baths. He goes crazy afterwards, jumping and running around. Probably because he's trying to keep himself awake. It is bedtime, after all. It is almost impossible to dress him afterwards. He bounces up and down on his changing table, giggling and waving his arms. Just another moment I always want to remember.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Back in Time... part two

Here is a look back at my favorite cell phone pictures from 2012 - well, just until October, because then I'm caught up with where I am in blogging. The rest will be their own posts. Enjoy the picture overload down memory lane. It was fun to watch almost a year of Gideon's life go by!

January 13th - I LOVE those cheekies! Look how cleared up his acne is. This was only four days with no milk products for me. The only reason I could give up all forms of milk for so long - it worked!

 February 10th - wrapped up after a bath.

February 11th - When the cats used to like him. Now, they run as fast as they can. I don't remember him being that little anymore.

 March 15th - LOVE him!

March 24th - you would think this shirt was too big looking at the collar, but it was too little for him! Brian kept this picture on his phone as a screen saver until he got a new phone.

April 3rd - bath time!!

April 7th - one of my most favorite stages of development - toe eating!!!

 April 9th - playing with a toy he got for Easter from Grandma Gwynn.

 April 28th - bath time and toe eating

 May 1st - his talent is amazing - bath time, chewing on a book and eyeing his toes

May 18th - I took Gideon to work with me this day. It was testing week and I was done testing all my students. He was SO grumpy so I put his monster hat on him. He cheered right up.

May 28th - cool dude out for a walk. He would cry a lot during walks when the sun would hit his face. I got these glasses (for $5.00!!!) and he loved going for walks again.

 June 9th - all dressed up for church.

June 12th - he was tipping over while sitting and getting frustrated. So I stuck him in this basket. He played in there forever.

June 20th - playing with his giraffe.

 June 23rd - playing with his tongue.

July 13th - can you tell we love bathtime at our house?

 July 16th - just got his helmet put on. Sad, sad day for me. Good. Just sad.

 July 16th - hanging out with Daddy.

 July 17th - so serious.

 July 19th - what is a blog post without a picture of my cats?? :)

 July 26th - one happy boy.

 July 28th - being silly with puffs.

 August 7th - just being cute.

 August 8th - loving on Phanta.

 August 16th - new hiding spot.

 August 20th - all wrapped up.

 September 4th - peeking through the seat in the car. On Daddy's birthday!

 September 14th - eating his first chocolate chip cookie. He did NOT like it!

 September 15th - cruising along the couch.

October 31st - my little penguin at work with me. He walked with me in the costume parade.

Now back to regularly scheduled events. Yeah!!!