Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's at the Hansen's

My sister asked me what we were doing for New Years. I said putting Gideon to bed at his regular time and going to bed early. I fully believe the best way to celebrate the new year is by sleeping! She totally agreed and then invited us over for dinner! Yeah for not having to cook!!

Friends had invited us to celebrate with them, but I seriously just like to go to bed. So, I ate a delicious dinner with my awesome family, enjoyed watching Gideon and Kale hanging out, and went to bed right on schedule. Brian joined us for dinner and then headed to our friends house. Our usual, both doing our own thing.

Happy New Year!!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas in Idaho

And we're off!! Brian worked half a day, Gideon and I packed up the car and were ready to go when he came home. It's a lot harder to pack for a trip with a child. I mean, clothes and bathroom items, I'm good at that. But it's remembering the diapers, and wipes, and eating utensils, and sippy cups, and the items you may not need but if you do, you'll be sorry you don't have them and all necessary survival items that get me every time. Even though I start days in advance, I still wonder around lost. I'm sure all sorts of people are good at this and think I'm crazy for struggling. But I ALWAYS forget something. Always. Among the items I forgot this time...the camera. THE CAMERA. Who forgets the camera? Oh wait, I do. Boo!

Gideon woke up when we got there. He was shy at first and didn't even want to look at anyone. Until people started pulling out their electronic devices. Then he decided they were his best friends. I am regularly blown away by this kid's love of electronics. Not so much love as obsession.

We didn't leave for Idaho until the afternoon of the 24th. We got there with the party just waiting for arrival. Brian's family carols to widows in the neighborhood, and while they are gone, Santa drops off a gift for everyone to open. They open youngest to oldest. Gideon appreciated that. Then he got to help everyone else open their gifts too!

Here is the only thing we have for Christmas morning. Santa left a tunnel and circus tent all set up in the living room for Gideon to find. I look amazing as usual in this video. And sorry it's so loooooong. Santa also left Gideon a barn with animals, books, playdough with tools, and a LeapPad2. Santa was hoping that Gideon owning his own electronic device would curb his need to take from others. 

In the Christmas afternoon aftermath, Gideon continues to steal other people's electronic devices.

Or just shimmy his way right into the game. His wonderful nieces even downloaded games that he could play.

 Here he is showing his grandpa how to do it!

We got a new xbox 360. Not the million dollar xbox 1, the "old" kind that is now affordable thanks to the new version coming out! Here are Abby and Joel playing dodge ball.

 Cute picture of my little monkey eating his banana by the Christmas tree.

This bike is at Grandma's house. The wheels don't turn well and Gideon would have to push hard and even then barely moved. He still loved it.

My version of this picture is Gideon taking a break from all the hard pushing. Brian's version is Gideon already knows how to take the correct position on a bullet bike.

And another round of stealing someone's electronic device. He does love his LeapPad, but the obsession of all electronic devices continues. It was a wonderful Christmas filled with great memories.

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Superhero blankies

Introducing Superhero Gideon!! We couldn't find Gideon's cape today, so this brilliant mommy did the next best thing. Since this kid carries his blankies everywhere, I made the task easier by turning them into capes. I put one on at first, but he had to have both. He LOVES his blankies.

He even flies around with his hands out while he makes flying noises. This is such a fun stage!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas gifts with Grandma and Grandpa Gwynn

Grandma and Grandpa Gwynn came over tonight to exchange Christmas gifts. They got Gideon this huge dragon. Gideon instantly tackled the creature.

We are so lucky to have such great people in our lives. They love and take care of us just like family.

The roof is leaking!!

Hello, Sunday morning. Sundays are nice because I don't have to wake up in the middle of the night to get ready for work. I can sleep until Gideon wakes up. Even though that's still early, it's better than my usual time. So this morning I go sleepily into the bathroom to find this.

Water in the wall. The paint was holding it in. I could sit there and watch it grow.

Earlier this year, in a big wind storm, lots of our shingles blew off. We filed an insurance claim because the entire garage needed to be redone, as well as some of the house. The garage got done but the house didn't before the snow came. I thought the missing shingles was the cause. So I called the roofing company we were already working with.

They came right out (on a Sunday) and discovered it was not the missing shingles. Instead, it was a huge ice block that had made a gap between the lower roof and the house. By Monday it was all taken care of, more problems were added to our insurance claim, and the bill was not as high as I worried.

Meanwhile, Gideon hung out in his jammies, eating his favorite thing. Tortillas, or "t" as he calls it. We get those amazing kind that you cook yourself. I can never go back to the regular kind. Ever.

Now we just need to hope no more water decides to visit the inside of our house.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Helping Daddy shovel

Wow, has it been winter around here. So much beautiful snow! Gideon loves to help his daddy shovel. He won't go near the snow blower, but a shovel is just perfect.

We got Gideon a shovel that is his size. He won't have anything to do with it. He MUST use one of our big shovels. And he loves for Daddy or Mommy to help him push it.

Friday, December 20, 2013


I knew it was coming, but I totally blame my mom. She told me the other day that it was amazing Gideon hadn't starting crawling out of his crib yet. I told her not to speak such evil things!! And then it happened. Okay, I don't really blame her. I think she had some Grandma intuition and was warning me it was about to take place.

So this is how it happened. Gideon fights nap time (because I'm such an awesome mom to hang out with, obviously!) so I have to put him to sleep or he will never go. It takes less than 5 minutes, so I don't really care. Well, today, I got Gideon to sleep, put him in his bed, and then warmed up my lunch. By the time I sat down to eat it, Gideon was already awake. Boo! Obviously he wasn't really asleep yet. So I decided to ignore him and hope he would fall asleep for real. I then headed to the kitchen to do last night's dishes when suddenly I hear Gideon say, "Momma!" I turn around and there he is. In the kitchen. Not only had he crawled out of his crib, he also opened his door by himself. So, I totally took him upstairs so he could show me how he did it.

This is my favorite video though. It's totally worth watching for the laugh!!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Playing in the snow

Today Gideon was dying to play in the snow. So after his nap, we headed outside. All he seriously wanted to do was crawl in the snow. Thank goodness for snow pants!

He doesn't look happy in this picture, but he was giggling and laughing and loving every second of it. He kept saying, "Momma! Snow!" He would crawl over the snow pile, and then back again, over and over.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Gardner Village

I feel like if I were a full time stay at home momma, I would do more things with my sister. Instead, its rush to work, work, rush home to give Gideon a nap, do all the work I brought home, make dinner, get ready for the next day, go to bed, repeat. Blah! But sometimes I decide to not make dinner and have some fun!! Yeah for having a sister who called to invite us to see the elves at Gardner Village!

Gideon had so much fun with his cousins, running around in the freezing cold. We found elves everywhere. And took some adorable pictures!!


I used to LOVE cooking and baking. Now I just want to cook in peace. Sometimes I'm desperate to not have a whining, leg-hugging, tantrum throwing child cook with me. So I do crazy things. Like let him play in the flour. And don't worry, he didn't actually play in the big bucket. I gave him a smaller container. He was just helping scoop it.

A year or so ago, my sister in law, Janie, posted a hilarious video of her son eating flour. Yes, eating flour. Now here is proof our children are related! I couldn't get him to stop.

And this is what he thought of me telling him to stop. And putting the lid on the bucket of flour. Silly boy!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Temple Square Lights

We decided to head 'er on out to see the lights on Temple Square tonight. We thought Gideon would love all the lights, and the people, and just being outside.

But he didn't. He just wanted to play IN the water. He was mad, mad, MAD that we wouldn't let him get in. And for anyone that has been there, Temple Square is not lacking in the water department.

We tried pointing out the lights, we took him to the Nativity, and we even attempted going inside to see the statue of Christ. He just wanted the water.

This is the only picture we took where he is facing the camera. I pointed to a fountain and he turned his head to look. Then he almost dove out of my arms to get back to the water. What a funny kid!

He even walked along this path, over and over again, trying to find a way into the water. I'm still trying to figure out why. Maybe next year he'll actually look at the lights! :)  I'm still glad we went though.

Then, when we were walking back to our car, we saw a CRAZY car accident. We were walking by the Trax lines where there is one lane for cars, one for the train. There are screeching tires so I turn to look and I see a big van flying down the street on the train tracks, speeding past the line of cars that are actually driving on the road. However, there is a train up ahead and a big curb, so the van has to get over or hit the train. He can't make it past the last car in time and at the last minute, literally flies over the curb, taking some major air and slams into the car. It almost looked like the van landed on the car. The impact forces the car into the curb and a huge marble pole. The van just keeps driving on!!! Just when I wonder if he has no breaks, I see the break lights come on as he flies through the red light down the street. Turns out the van was stolen from a hotel nearby!! Meanwhile, the people in the car aren't getting out, and they aren't getting out, and they still aren't getting out. I run across the street the same time two other people do. Just then the family gets out and they are all okay. The car, not so much.

So between a water obsessed two year old and a crazy stolen vehicle, this is one night I'm not going to forget for quite a while!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Ward Christmas Party

Today was our Ward Christmas party. We sat with our favorite people and had a great breakfast. Gideon is tall enough now that he could walk around the entire gym and we could always see at least the top of his head. Therefore no following him around. He LOVED the freedom.

When it was time for Santa, it was a free for all. Whoever got there first, saw Santa first. I was fine with that, but Gideon was not. Santa was there and he did not, for the life of him, understand why he couldn't just go see him NOW! Most two-year-olds are terrified of Santa. Not my little guy. He waited and waited and waited and finally got to see him. He walked right across the stage, held up his hands to be picked up, and said "hello!" Everyone oohed and ahhed. He even went back a second time just so he could sit on his lap again. Adorable!!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Monkey Feet

When Gideon was younger, he wasn't a huge fan of being in the bouncer. I always waited and wished for him to enjoy it and bounce around like crazy. But it never happened. However, as a two-year-old, he asks frequently to get in it. He doesn't do much jumping. More twisting in circles. But today he figured out how to pick objects up with his feet. Hilarious!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Figuring out Mommy's phone

This video is nothing special, just funny to me. Gideon loves to take pictures on my phone and recently figured out how to take videos. This is just a short clip of him realizing he had figured it out.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Birthday presents from Grandma and Grandpa Sandberg

Gideon's birthday presents from Grandma and Grandpa Sandberg (who live in Canada) arrived today!! Gideon was SO excited. He HAD to help me carry the box inside and ran around excitedly until we got it open. He almost jumped in the box to get the first gift out!

I love the face I caught here. He was screaming with excitement!

Cars and a special car track? This might just be the stuff this kid's dreams are made of. Thank you, Grandma and Grandpa!!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Watching Daddy

Brian had to bring out the snowblower today. I think this was the first time, this winter, that Gideon has seen it. He was glued to the kitchen table, and only moved to the couch when Daddy moved to the front of the driveway. He was, however, TERRIFIED, when Daddy sent the snow flying at the kitchen window. He refused to leave the table but I had to hold him for quite awhile after that.

Sunday, December 1, 2013


Brian, as the Scoutmaster assistant, loves to tease the Scouts that wear pink. Well, when one of the Scouts was oh-so-very-close to getting his Eagle project, Brian made a deal with him. Brian promised to wear a pink tie to church, if the kid got his project finished. The smart kid made Brian up the promise to three weeks! Well, the project was finished so we headed to the tie store because Brian most definitely does not own a pink tie.

Now I must mention how hilarious it was the first Sunday Brian wore this tie to church. He was so embarrassed and kept covering it up with his jacket. He seriously thought everyone was looking at him! I told him to relax, it was his imagination and no would would even notice his tie was pink. Oh my!

While at the store, I couldn't help but drool over some for Gideon. So we splurged and got two of them! I couldn't help but take this little dude's picture too.

He LOVED wearing one and showed it off proudly to everyone. I tried to convince Brian to buy him a matching pink one, but no go!

1:00am legos

It was girl's night for me! Which meant daddy was home playing video games with the baby monitor on.
I put Gideon to bed before I left. He was even all the way asleep.

I came home to a VERY awake child. Like he was up for the night, kind of awake. He woke up while I was gone and, for some reason, Brian decided that must mean he was in pain. Ummm, okay. So he gave him a dose of ibuprofen.

Bad idea, very bad idea. That stuff wires this kid. Which is a conversation we have had before. So I made Brian stay up with him and I went to bed. This is what the boys did instead of sleep. Gideon did eventually go to sleep. And I hid the ibuprofen.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

A little road trip

We took a little roadtrip up to Midway yesterday. It was beautiful!!! And yes, I did take this picture while driving. Don't mind how awesome I look. However, look how adorable Gideon is!! :)

We went up there on a secret mission. Look how beautiful and peaceful and lovely it is up here. I wanted to grab a blanket, a book, and a chair and sit outside all day reading.

I had to include this picture. What an awesome chess set!! The pieces are the same size as Gideon almost!

We had lots of fun walking in the beautiful weather, checking out the fun places, and just being together as a family. It was a nice little get away. Secret mission accomplished!