Monday, September 30, 2013

Crying for his blankies

For Gideon's entire life I have washed his blankies every week (or more often as needed.) I have always been able to sneak the blankets into the washer without him seeing. Until today.

This is him laying on the stairs completely devastated, huge tears rolling down his face. It took me a long time to distract him to do something else. And he kept going downstairs to see if the wash was done yet. It was a looooooong load of laundry today.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Waiting for cookies!

Gideon LOVES to cook/bake with me. In fact, he can even be playing with Daddy in another room and as soon as he hears that I'm cooking, he comes running into the kitchen. He sits on the counter and helps me measure and dump everything. He is learning what is yummy to eat and not to eat whenever I turn my back to grab another ingredient.

On this particular day we make cookies. He pushed the bucket of flour over to the oven and sat like this until the cookies were done. When we asked him what was in the oven, he pointed, said "cookies" and then cheered, "yeah Mommy!" So stinkin' cute!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Motorcycle Boy

We headed over to Stacey and Brett's house today for Olivia's birthday. Of course, I brought the camera but took no pictures. However, Brian took these on his phone.

Stacey's house has several bikes and toys for riding. Gideon loves this motorcycle because he can sit on it and still reach the ground to move himself around.

There were cousin's all over the place and even a bouncy house, but this kid stayed put. Cruising around on the motorcycle.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Gideon's new ride

My dreams have come true. I lie not. Every place we have ever gone that has a Cozy Coupe car Gideon is in LOVE. I died to get one for him. But they are so dang expensive. I spent hours, days, weeks, stalking ksl and craigslist for one, but they are gone as soon as they are posted.

Then my cousin Holly sent me a link for a great deal on Amazon. It was still on the pricey side for me, but it was a great deal. I tried to call Brian to see what he thought but he couldn't answer. So I just jumped in and bought one. After all, shipping was free!

Gideon randomly did not nap well the day the car arrived. We were in the living room making our way through another sleepy fit when I heard the delivery truck pull up. I took Gideon outside to see. The instant the man walked off the truck and Gideon saw the picture on the box, he totally FREAKED out! He ran to the man and hugged the box. I lie not people. I wish I had my camera at that moment. He was MAD when I pulled the car out of the box and it didn't have a steering wheel, or wheels, etc. But then I attached the steering wheel first and he sat in that red car the entire time I put it together. Well, except when he had to get out so I could keep building it.

And yes, I built this car all by myself. It took longer than I would have liked, but Gideon wasn't exactly the greatest helper. He liked to take things apart, and move the tools, and want to hold whatever I was holding. He helped a lot with the building, it just took a long time.

The instant I flipped the car over and it was built, Gideon jumped in squealing with delight. He was yelling go and headed right for the back door. The huge grin never left his face. Outside, he laughed and laughed and cruised around like a pro. Our driveway slopes and he figured out he could lift his feet up and zoom down the driveway, giggling with delight. We visited Grandma and Grandpa across the street. We went up and down the sidewalk. Just the first day alone was worth every penny that car cost!!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Pea Extraction

Yes, you read the title of this post correctly. Gideon had to have a pea extracted from his nose.

He, unfortunately, likes to shove peas up his nose. But I watch him closely and I can always get them out. But tonight. Tonight I lost my brain and did dishes while Gideon was eating. When I was done, Gideon pointed to his nose and said "nose." The message I know means, "Hey, Mom. I shoved a pea up my nose. Again." So I looked but I didn't see one. Gideon repeated the message a few more times. So I found a different angle and sure enough, waaaaaaay up there was a pea glistening green in his nose. Awesome. I got tweezers and he laid still for me for a long time while I tried to get it out. But the tweezers could never get ahold of it. I asked Brian to stop and get medical tweezers at Walgreens. No luck. Brian tried until Gideon was ready to assult him, to get it out. No luck. So to the walk in clinic we went.

Gideon didn't have a care in the world. He loved being out. He loved that we let him play Angry Birds. He loved the attention the receptionist and doctor gave him. He changed his mind when the doctor brought in two other people and they held him down. He screamed and wiggled and two tries later, out came the pea. Don't worry though. This video is Gideon cheering while playing Angry Birds. After the pea was out I was bugged I hadn't taken pictures of the actual event. It was quite funny after all!

Sunday, September 15, 2013


We headed over to Scheels because so many people have talked about how fun the ferris wheel is. We thought Gideon would really like it. Until we drove all the way there just to discover he was too short. And not just a little too short. Like an entire foot too short. Boo on the ferris wheel.

We settled for wondering around instead. We had been thinking of getting Gideon one of these balance bikes. Scheels had a huge display of them and Gideon FREAKED out when he saw them. If his English was clear, I'm sure he was screaming "Get me on that right now!"

He had the time of his life. I wish I had taken a video. There was even a group of people in the store who stopped to watch his pure joy of "riding" the bike. Pure happiness was present in that moment. So we now know he would love one, but we decided to wait for Spring. That way he can actually ride it outside and he will (hopefully) be a little taller and fit it better.

We also checked out the fishes. Gideon loved the scuba diver guy who was in the tank. We found a fun play area where Gideon played while Brian looked for hunting stuff. That night I made a little mental list of Christmas ideas for Brian. Too bad he already went out and bought himself everything. Men!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Little Rider

For as long as I can remember Gideon has always climbed on top of little vehicles and tried to ride them.
He has a ride-on car that he loves, loves, loves and always rides all over the place. He has gotten quite good at vooming on carpet.

But whenever he has a chance, he tries his very best to ride on little vehicles. And he loves it. Even if he only makes it a few inches.

Friday, September 13, 2013

What? He is staying in one spot??

These pictures aren't really all that exciting.  It's just proof that sometimes this kid really does hold still.

Small miracles. Must enjoy them while they last. And document them.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The key obsession lives on

I'm not sure if I've shared before Gideon's totally and complete obsession with keys. He wants to have keys in his hand, at every moment, of every day, no matter what he is doing. Let's just say there are lots of power struggles.. "keys stay over here while we eat dinner..."

Well, Gideon recently became very interested in the way I put the keys in the locks. So he wanted to try it out. I needed to make dinner so I pulled the step ladder up to the door and let him key it up. It lasted for 45 beautiful minutes.

And even though those 45 minutes were delightful, it was time for this kid to finally get some keys of his own. So off to Target we went. It was love at first sight for Gideon.

And to make it even better, I hung up a hook just for his keys. He loves it and hangs them up all the time. Adorable!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Splash Pad

We headed over to the Splash Pad at our local mall and I thought Gideon would be all over it, having the time of his life. But, that was not the case. Not at all. I even went in with him. Nope, he was not having it. Instead, he liked to stay all wrapped up and watch the water. And it was not a cold day. He did eventually find a place with grates and the water safely under them. He played there for a long time. Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

Library Baby Storytime

Mary and I have been taking our boys to the baby story time, at the Salt Lake City Library, while I've been off track. This bench is where Gideon and McKade like to spend their time. They usually scoot themselves along on their bellies.

They alternate between books and songs. The kids can be as wiggly as they like, run all over the place, basically very toddler friendly. Every story time ends with bubbles. Gideon is all over that! I'm going to miss these fun times...

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Brian's Birthday

Happy Birthday to my hubby!! Gideon loved helping Daddy open his present.

It made it take a little longer, but much giggling took place.

Three seasons of Duck Dynasty. We can't watch the show (we don't have cable) but Brian watched some of it one weekend when it was free on xbox. He loved it, so I thought it would be a great gift.

Then we headed down to Provo and got Brian the hunting gear he needed. A jacket, hat, and gloves.

Then we partied with our cousins at Heather's house. Brian even blew out a candle on a dish full of his favorite cookies - white chocolate macademia nut. (That's what he wanted!) One of my Aunts came up with this picture idea. Look at all those toe heads!! They are all about a year apart, all from different cousins. And definitely related with those blue eyes and blonde heads.

Happy Birthday Brian!!!!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day

I really did whittle down these pictures to just a few. I couldn't choose. They were all so adorable.

The day before Labor Day was our 7th Wedding Anniversary!! Since we both had labor day off, we decided to celebrate it then.

We had a babysitter come while Gideon took a nap and we went to the movie, "The City of Bones." LOVED it! We even splurged on popcorn and drinks. Yup, we go all out man.

That afternoon some of my family was getting together for a barbeque at a park. My sister Stacey graciously let us drop Gideon off while we went out to dinner at Tepanyaki. He loved playing with all his cousins, and in the water, and on the playground.

When we got back we enjoyed everyone's company and learned Gideon loves swords. He was a tired boy and that's why he is laying on the ground in several pictures. It was a great day and I think it's really funny we didn't take any pictures of us. Only the little stinker!

Coloring on the Stairs

Gideon has recently learned to LOVE coloring. Especially markers. He got this fun notebook from Grandma Sandberg at the reunion. He carries it around with him everywhere and colors, colors, colors. My favorite place that he colors? On the stairs. Isn't it adorable?!?!

Sunday, September 1, 2013


We were hanging out at Grandma and Grandpa Gwynn's today. I had to take Gideon home to change his diaper and figured I'd just get him ready for bed since it was close.

When we got back Gideon stole these pillows off the chairs and turned them into his own personal bed.

He stayed down there forever, just jabbering away. Sometimes I'd love a little peak into his mind!