Saturday, November 30, 2013

A little road trip

We took a little roadtrip up to Midway yesterday. It was beautiful!!! And yes, I did take this picture while driving. Don't mind how awesome I look. However, look how adorable Gideon is!! :)

We went up there on a secret mission. Look how beautiful and peaceful and lovely it is up here. I wanted to grab a blanket, a book, and a chair and sit outside all day reading.

I had to include this picture. What an awesome chess set!! The pieces are the same size as Gideon almost!

We had lots of fun walking in the beautiful weather, checking out the fun places, and just being together as a family. It was a nice little get away. Secret mission accomplished!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Our Little Man Turns TWO!

I can't believe Gideon is already TWO! We had a birthday party for him, but saved our gifts until his actual birthday. He got the little trucks that were on his cake, and a bigTonka truck I don't have a picture of. But here is an Elmo bath toy. The description said it lit up and showered out water. Gideon was so excited, he headed upstairs and wanted to take a bath. Well, his toy doesn't work as said. You have to push a button, there is no light, and the spray hits his face. Fail!

Then came this gift. I'm so glad I switched the camera over to take a video because it's so much better than pictures.

Just watch it and see what I mean!!

We got right to work setting up a track and playing. Gideon played for well over an hour.

Then he and Daddy built a new configuration and kept on playing. Success!

 There was also much wrestling with this toy from Grandma and Grandpa Morris.

And Daddy actually let Gideon use his head phones. A small miracle, people. A small miracle.

Then we headed to the Blackmun's house to have Thanksgiving dinner with our cousins. The food was amazing, the company wonderful, and my cute sister even made Gideon some birthday cupcakes.

And just because it's noteworthy, I did all my Black Friday shopping on line at midnight, except one very needed item was not available online. So Brian, the amazing Daddy that he is, left the party early and wrangled his way through aisle blockers and throngs of people at Toys R Us to get Gideon's main Christmas gift. He actually said it wasn't too bad.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Party aftermath

Gideon had a really hard time going to sleep after his party. He was afraid that when he woke up all this new toys would be gone! But he did finally fall asleep. The next morning he ran downstairs and declared, "Happy, happy" while pointing at his new toys. I don't think he was saying he was happy, I think he was telling me they were from his happy birthday party.

The morning was spent deep in play. He tried out all his new toys and loved every thing. He would go from toy to toy telling me, "Happy, happy."

Here is a video of him trying out his new truck.We even had to take the truck on our walk that afternoon!

By the time the day was over, the crazies were in full force. This is how Gideon wanted to wear his pajamas. He has been a little obsessed with hats lately and wishes all clothes had a hood. If not, he makes his own.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Gideon's 2nd Birthday Party!

We went to pick up the birthday balloons and I was reminded of the 100's of times Gideon has watched the balloon video from his 1st birthday. So I had to take another one.

Here is the 1st birthday video if you are interested.

This year the theme was construction trucks. Brian and his mom decorated the cake. Didn't it turn out perfect? I love it!

I didn't want to run games. I wanted to visit. But the kids need something to do. So I set up a table with playdough and playdough toys, and another with coloring pages and all sorts of things to color with.

We blew up lots of balloons and just put them on the floor to play with. The boys turned them into weapons and had a great time.

Then we threw a bunch of huge boxes from Brian's work on the floor, with some tape, and let the kids build away. Best way ever to do a birthday party!

Here is the food table. We had pork carnitas with flour and corn tortillas, homemade black beans, rice, chips and salsa, salad (which I totally forgot to refill - sorry guests!) We finished it off with cake and ice cream.

Here is some of us enjoying dinner.

Gideon blowing out his candle. We practiced before because I didn't want him touching the little flame, so he knew exactly what to do.

And opening gifts with his cousins. This guy got totally spoiled! I love that so many people care for him that they would come and celebrate with us.

Gideon LOVES to help. I'm sure Grandpa could have vacuumed much faster without Gideon's help, but he still talks about doing this with Grandpa so I know it meant a lot to Gideon.

We sure love our birthday boy! Here is a little about him.

He says tons of words and talks all day long. He loves to tell me stories.
He loves trucks, cars, trains, motorcycles, and balls.
He isn't a fan of meat (except ham), but loves fruits, vegetables, peanut butter crackers, apple sauce, fruit snacks, yogurt, and cheese.
He has an incredible memory. Days can pass and he will still remember things I've long forgotten.
He loves to be outside and anywhere he can run.
He loves to help, especially making food, cleaning the house, or anything Grandpa Gwynn is doing.
He got some great dance moves and loves music.
He thrives on being the center of attention.
He loves animals of all kinds.
He loves to read, read, and read some more. Especially books with fish (sisshies) and the moon.
He enjoys watching a few minutes of Elmo, Curious George, and Jake and the Neverland Pirates.
Thursday are Gideon's favorite day. He runs full tilt to the living room window to watch the garbage truck. And the nice man always waves at him. 
He is fascinated by the moon.

Happy Birthday, Gideon!!! We love you!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Grandma and Grandpa Morris visit

Grandma and Grandpa Morris came to visit. Gideon LOVED to have two more people to read books to him all day long. And read they did. He loved to sit between them and on Grandpa's lap.

Then he entertained us by wearing the inner part of his potty around! He loved his new hat. And don't worry germophobes. The potty hasn't been used yet.

He always brought this same book to Grandma to read. He must have liked the way she read it.

Grandma was also very fun to color with. Gideon looked around the house for them after they left. It was a fun time!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Gideon's new job

Gideon has started a new job at our house. He now pays the bills. I'm not sure the bank will accept his signature on our checks, but I'll take the help. Plus, he takes this new job very seriously. He wouldn't look up from his work for nothin'.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wheeler Farm

Mary invited us to come with her to Wheeler farm. Last time we went Gideon wasn't too interested in anything but running, running, and more running. This time, he loved everything. We saw the bunnies first. Gideon saw how they hopped around and now he pretends to be a bunny and hops around all the time. Adorable!
He freaked out when he saw this tractor. No one was around and no signs said he couldn't get on, so I put him up there. He really wanted it to start for real.

He kept asking me to help him but the mean mom I am, didn't help him start it. I know. Awful.

Next were the roosters, or as Gideon calls them, "doodle-doos." He was so excited he kept running from one end to another.

Here are some turkeys. One gobbled at him and he was gone. Too scary for this boy.

Next, the boys played in the leaves. They had so much fun throwing leaves at each other and in the air.

I took a bunch of pictures because the cuteness didn't end.

But don't worry, I limited it down to three.

We saw some more animals, like the cows running full tilt for their lunch, and the horses eating hay. But the ducks and geese were awesome! Gideon tried with all his might to get one.

We didn't have any food for them, poor birds, so they headed back to the pond. Gideon saw how they went under the fence and he got 3/4 of the way under before I noticed and made him stop.

Okay, so this video is long and it's probably only hilarious to me, but I have to share. I can't stop laughing every time I watch it. He wouldn't give up, he just kept trying.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Time for a big boy bed?

Gideon and I went to Ikea to pick up a couple birthday gifts. While there, he really, really wanted to get up on this bed. And then he sat there FOREVER, refusing to get down, just people watching. Perhaps he has heard Brian and I talking about how we eventually need to transition him out of the crib? I think this would be such a fun bed to get him.

I finally got him out by telling him there were trains he could play with. There were tons of train tracks to play with but only one train. It made we wonder how many children have taken home a free train! Not us, don't worry. We bought us some birthday trains and tracks. And a tunnel. And a castle. So fun!!

Gideon's selfies

Gideon has figured out how to take his own picture on my cell phone. He seriously has taken over 100 photos. He giggles the whole time he is taking them. And quite often he says "cheese" before pushing the button. Here are a few of my favorites from a variety of days:

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Saturday fun!

We thought it might be fun to take Gideon to a movie. He won't sit through one at home, but we went to the dollar theater so if he didn't make it through, we only wasted $3.00. We could handle that. So we headed out to see Despicable Me 2. Gideon got cozy in his booster seat, munched on popcorn, and enjoyed the first 40 minutes. Then another child was taken out for crying and he was reminded that life existed beyond the theater. It was all over from there. When we finally got him to sit back down, he moved and wiggled in his seat every 5 seconds and walked out of the theater as soon as the lights came on. We still enjoyed it though!

Then we went shoe shopping, which Gideon discovered he also enjoys. Especially those shoes already on display he can pull down, put on, and cruise around in.

Oh, and mirrors to make faces in. Who could ask for more? I didn't take a picture, but Gideon can clomp around in high heels better than I can. He just loves the attention other people in the store give him for doing it!