Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year's Eve!!

We've never really been into New Year's Eve. I, for one, do not like staying up late. But I would if we ever got invited somewhere. Instead, we are at home and so I just go to bed.Lame, I know! But now that the Hansen's live here, time for a party. And the New Year ringing in at 8:00pm!

Of course electronics are now included in all parties!

Stacey planned fun games for the kids. Here they are stacking cups.

Gideon got in on the action!

We also did a marshmellow toss. The little kids went first and got to stand VERY close, The older kids weren't a fan of the rules for them to stand WAY back!

Then we made bracelets and necklaces. Gideon declared his the most beautiful ever.

Sloan just ate his marshmallows. Smart kid!

Our husbands, sharing a romantic drink!

And sending off our wish balloons. Everyone got to write their wish for the new year on a balloon and send it off. We ate yummy food, laughed and played, and ended the night attempting to watch a kids' version of the new year countdown. It wouldn't work so we counted down ourselves! Happy New Year to you!


As I was going through pictures today, I realized I never posted any of the Instagram photos I took in early 2014. So here goes the run down. This was Super Gideon watching Daddy snow blow away the snow we had played in all day.

Gideon's preferred way to watch t.v. At least the clothes are clean!

Playing with trains. And there can't just be one or two trains. ALL trains must be used at one time!

Gideon was sick and I had to stay home from school/work. He basically stayed on this chair ALL day!

Helping Mommy make some sort of yummy treat, I'm sure!

Early 2014 (last winter) we were dying to play outside. So we got all bundled up and headed out.

Gideon never stopped smiling he was so happy to be out of the house and playing.

Nutella attack. Who knew it could be used as war paint?

One of the sweetest students I've ever had, gave me this. Twist this teacher's heart strings. I already knew I wasn't coming back to teach the next year. Things like this make we want to. But then the worst student in the classroom threw a chair so I was brought back to reality very quickly.

We had to send this picture to Grandpa Sandberg. This is his favorite pop! I got them for my students for Valentine's day so Gideon had to have one too.

Ketty made Gideon this blanket. I think he likes it!

This is what happens when you have a huge stack of tax papers, a two year old, and run for a quick potty break. Thank goodness I finished the taxes right before taking the potty break.

This has become Gideon's parking lot. Not sure why it has to be right where I need to be all the time. On the other hand, check out the fact that all the dishes are done!

Gideon decided to try out my makeup today! He's pretty good at applying mascara, wouldn't you say?

We got new couches! It really was time. The ones we had for 8 years we bought super cheap. When anyone would sit in them, the couch would fall down a little. Give it a couple more minutes and the person would fall down a little further. Great for company! Not to mention how when we first got them, there was room between the bottom of the couch and the floor. Well, not anymore! They were well loved. However, Brian was insistent on getting a chair. That thing swallows the living room. Time for a new house to fit the couches!

Gideon trying on my glasses. Probably not such a great thing because I'm REALLY blind. And I really don't get why people/children WANT glasses. They are a complete pain. It's probably because they don't realize what it's like to not be able to see without them.

Gideon figured out how to turn on the outside faucets. Just great!

My parents had one of these made for each of us kids. We got to pick the shape and color. LOVE!! It's all the sayings, places, or significant things from our family!

It's a good day for a living room picnic!

Gideon chilling in his "wimming cool." He loved that pool. I did not. It was a pain to clean and the sides totally MELTED from the sun. Like completely folded over, no where near close to standing, melted.

I was making dinner (I think) and found Gideon hanging out in the tub. Not sure where the idea came from to soak his feet but hilarious!!

I got called as Young Women's president. Here are the binders I got all ready for my first meeting. Scary!!
And my sweet momma, having chemo therapy. She loves her nurses and is treated with complete respect and love at the clinic. She gets her own tv and remote, and they cover her in all the warm blankets she wants.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Look what I made, times 6!

I made 6 of these bad boys! The only problem was I used the last of my brown paint giving everything a first coat. A second, and potential third, coat was needed. I went to FIVE stores and the only brown I could find was lighter. The curse of crafting along with the rest of Utah!

I made one for each of the ladies I work with in Young Women's as a Christmas gift. And one for Mary and myself! Even though fitting in craftiness is sometimes a struggle, I really do love it!! It's fun to spend time creating something. Now I just need a bigger house with a craft room and some more time. Easy, right?

Monday, December 29, 2014


We FINALLY got some SNOW!! We got all dressed up and headed right out to play because it was probably going to be gone in an hour or two. I love how Gideon wanted to do all the things he does during warmer weather. Like ride his four wheeler.

He loved leaving a path but was frustrated he couldn't go very fast!

So I taught him how to do snow angels. He did not want to participate until he saw the mark I left in the snow. Then he filled the backyard with all the snow angels he could fit.

It was a blast!! I wish there had been more snow this year. Playing inside gets kind of boring. At this age, Gideon doesn't remember snow from past winters. For him, this was a whole new experience. We played outside until it was so dark we couldn't see. Best snow day ever!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Highs and Lows

Today was Gideon's last day of Sunbeams at church. Here is he with his most loved leader, Ketty. I'm having a really hard time with this. Gideon is barely three and, in my mind, just isn't ready for sitting during primary yet. I'm also struggling that he is getting so big. It took me longer to get him here than it did for him to start Primary. I didn't see these emotions coming. It hit me hard. It's a bittersweet day for this momma's heart.

We went outside after church and found there were little tiny flakes of snow falling. Gideon tried forever to catch one on his tongue. He was getting really frustrated it wasn't working. I'm not sure how he could have known that one landed on his tongue. They were seriously so tiny!

And because I was on my death bed Christmas day, we finally had our traditional Christmas morning breakfast for lunch today! Eggs, bacon, and cinnamon twists.

These cinnamon twists are to die for! I've had them for Christmas morning my entire life. They are so delicious we only have them once a year. So if you want some, come spend Christmas with us! Hopefully next year won't be so germ filled!

Thursday, December 25, 2014


All dressed in his Christmas jammies! Santa didn't think those slipper boots all the way through. They are a little tough to but on when putting over one piece jammies that already have feet. But Gideon loved them and that's what counts!

Just another Christmas tree picture so I can remember all the hard work I did on the lights. It was totally worth it!
And what Christmas looked like while Gideon was sleeping! Santa scored that tool bench for free!! Brian, who makes friends he shares his life story with everywhere we go, was talking to a guy in the return line at Home Depot. Somehow the conversation turned to this tool bench and how it needed a new home. So Santa brought it to us!

This video starts out completely black, but give it a few seconds. It's Gideon coming down the stairs on Christmas morning. He doesn't even know what to say about the tool bench!

Here he is LOVING his Batman towel from the Street's!!

And very excited for his marble run from Grandma and Grandpa Sandberg!

Gideon always wants to use our fancy, slightly expensive camera. Thank goodness Santa was so smart and brought him is very own, child friendly, camera!

And from this point on, I didn't participate or take any photos. The sickness in our house lives on because the flu hit me hard core again today. Boo! But thank goodness Daddy was in for the long haul. Gideon found some new transformers in his stocking.

And played with all his cool toys while being Iron Man. I love that he loves to dress up so much. Santa found some of the costumes Gideon really wanted for clearance prices after Halloween!

Then Daddy and Gideon had to give the marble run a few tries. True love at this house!

And now I'm worried because this kid seriously only randomly falls asleep when he is sick or getting sick. This is how Christmas day, about 5:00 ended for this kiddo. It might just be another long week of sickness around here. Despite that, our Christmas was wonderful! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas too!