Monday, March 31, 2014

Sick Boy :(

Today I got a text at work, from Gideon's babysitter, that he wasn't doing so well. Thankfully I work at an AMAZING school that had someone in my class in five minutes, no lie, so I could go get him and take him home. It's tough to be a working momma so it's wonderful to have such great support at work.

When I got to the babysitters, he was so excited to tell me he was wearing a diaper (safety precaution) and then he snuggled right into me. And you know this kid is really sick if he voluntarily falls asleep because he HATES sleep. He took a big old nap and I enjoyed the extra time to get caught up at home.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Mommy's shoes and Ducks

This morning we were being a little bit lazy. Gideon, obviously, wanted to get a little exercise. So he cruised around the house in my exercise shoes.

Then we went to Jessie and Zach's wedding. Such a cute couple and so happy for them! And P.S. I totally stole this photo from Jessie's facebook page!

When we got home we were greeted by our resident duck couple. I love them. They make me happy waddling around my yard, flying up on the garage roof, quacking at us for food. I bought bread in massive bulk just so we could feed them every day. And all the ducks in the canal on our 5K walks. The male is very protective of the female. He will hardly eat while she is eating. He just stares at us and quacks if he thinks we get too close. This is a nightly ritual for us. We love it!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Hollywood Called

Gideon totally cracks me up. I bought a set of sunglasses for my prize box at work and he totally snagged a pair. He was very busy talking to Hollywood today.

They must have had a lot to talk about!

He also needed a little entertainment during this lengthy conversation. Good thing his light spinner came to the rescue.

And all ready for bed, still sporting the glasses, phone, and light spinner. Wonder what role he'll play tomorrow?

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tire Store

Don't ever take a two year old to a tire store. I have no other choice, unless I want to pay a babysitter. So I called an made an appointment at said tire store. I just needed my tires rotated. That's it people. Just a rotation. I show up for my appointment time, tell them I'm there for my appointment, and then watch them take in person after person after person. So I complain. I don't care that people were there before me. I called and made an appointment. I was told that making an appointment put me ahead of anyone who was already there. It was a set time of service. I wouldn't have made an appointment if that wasn't the case. They tell me they don't make appointments.

Then why did the person who answered the phone at your store tell me you did make appointments?? And then tell me what time my appointment was? They should all be cursed to watch a two year old in a tire store!!!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Frozen Yogurt FHE

Tonight for Family Home Evening, Daddy got home in time to join us. So we decided to head out for some frozen yogurt. Gideon wanted his picture taken and pretty soon it turned into this. Picture overload, but I couldn't leave any out!

Saturday, March 22, 2014


Today we went to Rex's birthday party. Gideon and him were so cute together. They both love superheroes and played with the figurines, running all over the house flying them. Since Gideon seems to always be aggressive when I'm around, it was wonderful to see him getting along so well with another child. It melted this momma's heart!

After the party, we headed over to Laraine's for some more partying. Gideon loved being with his buddy, Gavin. I'm not too sure how Gavin felt, but Gideon followed him everywhere and always had to be sitting right next to him.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Nap time FAIL!

When Gideon was born I kept sending him to the nursery so I could get some sleep because he would NEVER sleep. The nurses loved him! He would come back with his hair all spiked up and the nurses would tell me all about how alert he was. And yet he would never sleep. Aren't newborn babies suppose to sleep?? Anyways, he was a tough kid to get to sleep or on a schedule because he always did things differently everyday. So I picked a schedule, stuck to it, and finally he slept. Most times. It was so lovely to do the bedtime routine, put him in his crib, and he would fall asleep all by himself.

Then he started crawling (well, really falling) out of his crib. With his arms all twisted funny as he hung from the bars. I was terrified he would break his arm. So we made his crib into a toddler bed, and then someone wonderful gave Gideon this toddler bed. The first several nights Gideon stayed in the bed perfectly. He would never come out. Dreamy!

Then he discovered his freedom and came out. At first it was always for four times and then he would settle down to sleep. Then four times turned into hours. And hours. I have seriously tried everything. And not for just a night or two. For example, I tried the popular nanny way of saying goodnight the first time, saying time for bed the second, and then never talking again while putting him back in bed for two weeks. That's when he started taking hours to go to sleep. Every night the fight was longer.

So today, I tried not making him take a nap, then he'd be really tired for bed, right? Well, during his "quiet time" he completely destroyed his room. That was real fun to clean up. And just so you know, he totally didn't fall asleep any sooner. The battle continues. And it really wouldn't be so bad if he wasn't so grumpy and aggressive when he's tired.

Good thing he's cute!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Books and Boxes

I cannot keep books on this shelf anymore. For some reason, I find them on the floor day after day after day. No matter how many times they are put away, they always find their way off again. Well, at least it makes a great laying spot for this trouble maker!

We got a box in the mail today. Gideon was thrilled to open it! Inside we found a birthday chair cover and a birthday placemat my momma made for us. I love, love, love them! Gideon's most favorite blankies are from Grandma so he figured she had sent him some more. He took them both, went right up to his bedroom and this is how we found him. With his new "pillow" and "blanket!" Thanks, Grandma. We are excited for the next birthday in our house so we can feel extra special!!

Thursday, March 13, 2014


I love having a zoo pass. It's a great way to spend some time outside, with plenty of room to run, and animals to look at. Win-Win! We love to look at the baby monkeys here.

The elephants were out and eating when we came today. The baby sure is growing up!

Gideon and I could stay at this part forever. We like to go close to closing and the sea lions are always barking away, wanting dinner. They are so fun to watch as they flop along the shore, barking at the door their food comes out of.

Gideon wanted me to take his picture by the rock. Cute!

Can you spot the Polar Bear? On the left side, pine trees, big rock, and then the polar bear's bum. One day we are going to go when he is playing in the water. We always seem to catch him as we walks and walks and walks along the same path. Over and over again.

Hey look - I took a selfie!! Me and my little man on the carousel.

Cheesy smile!! I wish it didn't cost so much to ride the carousel. This little guy would love to go lots of times. Each time on a different animal!


Don't leave any of your clothes laying around our house or this little cutie will put them right on! "I Daddy! I go to work."

This suitcase was out for some reason and Gideon played in it for days. He would climb inside and giggle in pure happiness.

Then jump out yelling "peek boo!"

Except one morning I was in the shower and suddenly I could hear Gideon freaking out. I didn't have my glasses on or my contacts in which made finding him tricky. He had climbed in the suitcase even though the strap across it was buckled. And then he couldn't get out. That was the end of Gideon playing in the suitcase. He didn't like it so much after that.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Bedtime antics

Gideon currently won't go to bed without wearing my socks. Hilarious!

If I put all the selfies that Brian and Gideon took, you would wonder if any other pictures were taken. Regardless, here is another one!

Brian always told me he wasn't going to read to our children because he doesn't like reading. I'm glad he didn't keep that promise. Instead, he reads book after book after book with Gideon. Love!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Squishy Face

I love this squishy face! I got this cute grin when Gideon told me he wanted to send Grandma a picture. "I smile big, big, big" he told me. Oh, I just want to give him a million kisses!