Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sleeping Survival

Sometimes parenting is all about survival. Pure survival. Gideon has been waking up at night A LOT lately and refuses to go back to sleep. I NEED my sleep and already don't get enough. So I put him in my bed last night so I could go back to sleep.

I turned my back to him and was out in seconds. Thank goodness he went back to sleep too! I don't even care about the consequence of making him sleep in his own bed after sleeping with us. He already doesn't sleep but at least I got some sleep last night. We really need a king size bed!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Karate and Mushrooms

Gideon watched an episode of Caillou that had a teeny tiny karate scene at the end of it. He's been doing "karate" ever since. I tried and tried and tried to catch him doing it without him noticing, but it never worked. He always ran for the camera so he could see it. But you can still see what I'm talking about in this short video.

Gideon is my natural born vegetarian. Although he doesn't like typical veggies like carrots. However, he will open the fridge, grab the mushrooms, and hide while eating them. Look how many he stuffed in his mouth! When I first discovered him behind the chair, he grabbed the mushrooms and said, "Me eat mushrooms. No take away." How can you get mad at a kid who sneaks mushrooms??

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Scales and Tails

This morning we went to check out a place called Scales and Tails. Stacey and her kiddos had been there several times and really enjoyed it. We ended up getting there about 1/2 before it closed so they didn't make us pay! Gideon wasn't too sure what to think of this huge "turtle."

However, he LOVED this albino snake. Well, after a few minutes of watching the other kids pet it. Then he jumped right in and even tried to give it a kiss. Gross!

I LOVED these little turtles. I really want one to keep! It kept crawling all over me and I loved every second of it. I wouldn't even let Gideon hold it, but he could pet it. After this one of the workers brought out a tarantula. FREAK. ME. OUT. Gideon however, he ran right over for it and wanted to pet it. I couldn't even go close to him at all. Or take a picture of the horrible moment.

There were tons of creatures in this super hot, smelly warehouse. I only say that to describe it, it really was enjoyable. It's only open Monday nights and Saturday mornings to stop by. Other than that, you can set up a party to come there or have them bring the creatures to your house.

Dinner Toddler Style

Gideon was way too into eating to give a cute smile like McKade did. Mary and I had a fun day together so we extended it by grabbing pizza to share for dinner. We sat the boys down in front of the tv, the best way to keep them still, and eat dinner toddler style. Shopping with two year olds is tiring!! Who wants to make dinner after that?? :)

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Sunday

Here is what the Easter Bunny brought Gideon! A chocolate bunny and a tube of mini m'n'm's. Plus a spray bottle, lady bug binoculars, sidewalk chalk and a superhero toy. Perfect for this two year old!

The day before Easter, Gideon went hunting for Easter Eggs at Grandma and Grandpa Gwynn's. He was a pro at finding and collecting eggs. So he got right to work today!

He seriously didn't make a peep most of the time. He just walked from egg to egg picking them up and storing them in his basket.

When we would sometime point out eggs to him, he would see them and say, "Oh yeah. Eggs there!" But he wouldn't even look at us this was such serious business.

Oh yeah!! He found some and was excited to show us!

After church and a nap that went too long, we headed on over to Stacey's for Easter dinner. Uncle Pete, Aunt Gail, Eric, Kristina and there four kiddos, plus Stacey's family were all there. It was a great time and delicious food!

And we had to have another egg hunt! The kids were all given the maximum amount of eggs they could find and they did a great job!! And they were so excited and got right to business opening eggs and exchanging candy with each other.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Saturday

Oh melt my heart. This boy asked me to take his picture this morning.  He's used to taking the backpack to daycare but today was a stay at home day!! Maybe that's why he was so happy!

He had to make sure I also took one of the back pack itself! He ran over after the picture to make sure I took it. Then he told me, "Good job, Mommy!"

In the afternoon we headed over to Mary and McKade's house to decorate eggs. Gideon had five eggs to dye and four colors. That made finding a place for each egg a little tricky.

I tried to get him to use a spoon to take the eggs in and out, but it was too hard. Gideon just used his hands. He moved the eggs from color to color to color.

I should have taken a picture of the finished eggs because they were actually really cool! I also thought that perhaps we should dye eggs more often. Gideon didn't move from that chair for almost an hour!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Katie and Zach's Wedding

We headed up to Idaho this weekend for the first of three weddings happening this spring. Grandma and Grandpa gave Gideon an egg full of little bunnies for Easter. He loved having so many little things to put in and out of the egg.

Before the wedding started, Gideon ran up under the archway the bride and groom were going to stand by to get married, raised his hand, and yelled. Everyone laughed. So he kept doing it and entertaining us until the wedding started. Once it was over, we headed outside to get out our wiggles by playing soccer.

Gideon has great older cousins who always play so nice with him. Even when he is grouchy and bossy. He loved running around and kicking the ball with them.

Then Gideon helped decorate the newlyweds car by blowing up a balloon.  Or at least attempting to. He tried so hard to get that balloon to inflate.

Next we headed on over to Chuck o Rama for lunch. Brian got the ice cream challenge from some family members. The challenge is to eat all the ice cream and candy on the plate. It. Was. Huge. But with some help, he managed to get it taken care of. Gideon loved that he could drink the melted ice cream off the plate. I guess Brian's the first one to finish the ice cream challenge.

Gideon is very loved by his cousins. These girlies were sitting next to us in the restaurant and when he discovered them, he headed right over and made himself at home. When we told him it was time to go he said, "No thanks. I stay here." Aren't they all so cute!!

After some food and a good nap, we headed back to the reception. Gideon decided he was done with church clothes and it was time to be superman. This is his first time eating cotton candy and he absolutely LOVED it. I'm glad they served small portions.

And what would a wedding be without kissing cousins??

Here is Katie and Zach, happily married!

Gideon was a great helper during clean up. Thank goodness Brandon is a great sport and let Gideon stay on the vacuum the entire time. I need to invest in one of those so I can get this kid to sit still!

Back at Grandma and Grandpa Morris' Gideon snuggled up with Grandpa to watch some tv and wait for all that sugary goodness called cotton candy to wear off. Let's just say, not much sleep was had this weekend. But lots of fun was had!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Little Welder

We went outside to play today and Gideon got bored of me shoveling up the burrs in our backyard. Thank goodness Daddy came home and saved the day. He let Gideon try out his welding helmet! He had to push it forward to see out of it so he could walk!

Once Gideon got his hands in the welding helmet, he wouldn't let it go. I guess it made all his outdoor toys so much more fun.

He tried really hard to master the art of walking in it. Gideon tried all sorts of ways to walk so he wouldn't have to hold on to it. When Brian tried to take it away, Gideon declared it was "my hat!"

Eventually the love of his phone overcame his lure of the helmet. I need to take a video of him on the phone one of these days. He has the funniest conversations! He talks about all sorts of things, laughs, invites people over, and completely entertains us.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Kitty at Daycare

This kitty is at Gideon's daycare. It's a house and this is their cat that lives outdoors. We LOVE her. She is the sweetest, most loving, gentle, adorable cat ever. And this is coming from someone who loves her own two cats dearly. Every day I want to take this cat home. No joke.

She must know the sound of my car because when I get there for drop off and pick up, she comes running to us. She meows and purrs and rubs against our legs. Gideon sits down and she runs right over to sit in his lap and have him pet her.

And he loves it because his cats at home want NOTHING to do with him. Sometimes this cat is the only reason I can get him out of the car without throwing a fit. And the reason he ends up not wanting to go home most days!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Construction worker

While getting Gideon dressed this morning, he was convinced he needed to keep his batman pajama bottoms on. This kid LOVES Batman!! He then got dressed up like this and told me he was going to work.
And he was going to drive his truck to get there! He told me he needed to go build some stuff. I don't know where he gets this stuff from but I love it!!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

General Conference Weekend

We had a great General Conference weekend lounging around in our pajamas and listening to all the amazing speakers. Gideon was quite a good sport this year. He actually let us listen and was happy to just play. Here he is drawing with Daddy.

We busted out the markers (very entertaining) and rather than coloring, Gideon figured out something new to do. He was so proud of his marker lid fingers. He would just look at them and break into giggles.

A lot of messages during Conference seemed to be written just for me. I felt so much comfort and peace. I LOVE Conference. Six months always seems like such a long time for the next one.

Thursday, April 3, 2014


There has been a funky smell in the house lately. I've cleaned cabinets, the fridge, looked under things, pulled large appliance out...all sorts of things to find the source. Little did I know it was this lovely mold growing in our wall in the downstairs bathroom/laundry room. We had a big garbage can in front of the wall so I didn't notice until the mold grew up higher. Disgusting. We had to wait almost two weeks for our insurance company to come out and investigate!! I was terrified we were living with toxic mold and going to die by the time those weeks were over. Meanwhile, I had to keep towels lining the floor right by the wall, and a stash of dry towels nearby. Whenever it rained, I had to do laundry daily because I had to go through ALL our towels soaking up the water. It was miserable. The wall was slightly bowing by that time and so saturated with water I could stick my finger in it. I was sure the place was going to come crashing down.

Once the insurance guy came, we tore out those walls and covered the place in bleach after it dried out. Much better. It was then we learned that the roofing company that fixed our leaky roof back in December didn't really fix it. Instead, they used the wrong caulking stuff, which cracked in the cold and let the water flow on in. This time it went down the wall and into the crawl space. Once that got saturated enough, it molded all the way through to this room. That's going to be a fun adventure to work this out with them. Not.

When the walls got taken down, we discovered about 8inches of extra space someone covered up with a wall. So now we can add a little sink! Happy day. Now you can use the downstairs toilet AND wash your hands. It's going to be a whole new world people. Hopefully one that includes walls as soon as the roof gets fixed.