Saturday, May 31, 2014

Bathtime Fun

Gideon's newest love in the bathtub is having me tie little washcloths on all the pouring items he has in the bathtub. Which is a lot. He tells me, "This one need a towel, too, Momma. He cold." Of course he hands it to me completely full of water making my job a tiny bit challenging. After that, they just sit wherever he has set them. Until I dismantle them after the bath. Don't want any stinky washcloths hanging around!

Friday, May 30, 2014

It's Syrup Time!

This makes me really excited for this fall when I can get my canning skills on!! I grew up in a house where my mom canned all kinds of things. She made us homemade jam and bread, cookies and most all our meals from scratch, homemade hot syrup for breakfast. We were lucky kids. I have a love of canning. I love the sound of the water heating in the pot. I love the steam in the kitchen and how everything turns just ever so slightly damp. And who doesn't love the sound of jar lids popping themselves sealed?? Seriously, I love it. I haven't canned in a few years, but this year is my year. I'm totally excited.

Today though, I was not canning. I was making syrup. Lots and lots and lots of homemade syrup. This is the fourth year my ward has done a scout pancake breakfast fundraiser. After the first year I told Brian, who is in the scouts, they needed something special for breakfast. A tradition that people looked forward to. So, for the third year in a row I am making homemade syrup. Strawberry and blueberry syrup that are only flavored by fruit. Homemade maple. And my, now famous, coconut syrup! We ran out of all the syrups last year, and we are expecting more people this year, so I'm totally making double what I did last year. Let's hope we don't run out.

I think I'm going to start making a surprise syrup every year at next years breakfast. That way, I can try a new idea out every year!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

I can't remember why...

I took this picture for a particular reason. Something happened and I wanted to remember what it was. So I took a picture and totally forgot why. Boo! However, I thought now was a great time to record some of the adorable things this little man says. I should have kept better track, but here's all the ones I currently remember.

What Gideon says = what he really means

ride = car
tiny = star
shiny = sun
sounds like "shoe now" = thank you
fout = food
ikes = lights
bahco = popcorn
bong bong = doorbell
blanks = blankies
mote = remote
me = Gideon (when people ask him his name, he answers "me")
apple = the color orange
knockknock = hammer
fixfix = screwdriver
clicks his tongue for a clock
elegator = elevator (my personal favorite)
battyman = batman
all animals are called by their sound
whenever he wants a cookie, he asks to go to Grandma and Grandpa's house

He is also quite the conversationalist and chatter box. The other day our conversation went like this:

Gideon: There hot air up there. (pointing to the ceiling)
Me: (in shock) You're right. There is hot air up there.
G: Put hole in there, hot air go out.
M: Yes, the air would go out a hole. But then the rain would come in. We don't want the rain to come in.
G: Yeah, no want the rain come in. Um, bee come in?
M: Yes, a bee could come in.
G: Me no want bee come in. Oh momma! A bird come in. Me want a bird come in!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Must help daddy!

Gideon has started crossing his legs while in his car seat. Too funny!!

He LOVES his tools from Grandma and Grandpa Sandberg. He uses them every single day. Daddy got out some real tools and Gideon was insistent that he get to help. No was not a possible answer.

Okay, so this video is slightly dorky because I thought I was taking a picture, but it was really a video. I kept asking Gideon to smile, and he would just stomp his foot and declare he was going to help Daddy. Even though I'm the mean mom telling him to smile, his cute little voice and insistence at helping is too adorable not to post it.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Kenzie and Landon's wedding

We headed to Idaho again this weekend for wedding 2 of 3. The trip was great! I actually got a little nap in. Happy, happy!!! Gideon headed right outside to play at Grandma and Grandpa Morris's house. Daddy and Grandpa worked on the waterfall feature and got it working. There was a cute little mouse family living in there that Gideon loved watching as they peaked their little heads out and ran around. No one else seemed to like their presence very much!

Gideon actually slept during this weekend, so that was wonderful. In fact, we went to sleep so late every night, he slept in later than ever before. Which was a blessing because I slept horrible. The wedding day started with a luncheon where I was really ready to turn Gideon in for an older model that perhaps sat still long enough to eat. Or let me get one bite. I'd be happy either way. He also attempted at giving his first primary talk between the wedding and the reception. I think he (we) explored every single room in the church during the wedding reception.

The wedding was a few hours later, followed by the reception. We took a break from the reception to run for dinner. While there, the lady got Gideon a yellow balloon. He took that thing with him the rest of the night. It was a great distraction from all the things we didn't want him touching.

The Bride and Groom, Kenzie and Landon! The church was decorated SO AMAZING!! Note to self, it's totally worth paying someone else to decorate the place. They also do all the clean up. First wedding reception where we could just leave. Seriously, just walked right out. Didn't have to put away a chair, fold a table cloth, nothing!!

Awesome lego wedding cake!! I love the figurines at the top and how it peels back to reveal legos (made of fondant) underneath.

Gideon was a non sleeping goof ball on the ride home. He asked me to take this picture. After all these recent road trips, this kid has learned that declaring he needs to go potty is very powerful. He's kind of turning into the Boy Who Cried Wolf in that department!

To entertain himself, he put transformer stickers ALL over his leg. This lasted for over an hour of the trip. Lovely!! We headed home Sunday so we could have one day at home to get ready for the rest of the week. Good old reality!

Friday, May 23, 2014

My little Batman!

My friend, Aubree, took these pictures. I have no words for the complete and udder cuteness contained in them. His personality is captured perfectly. He was so happy to give his best and biggest smiles. They are just perfect. A moment of Gideon's life I will cherish forever.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

He's getting too big

Today Little Mister refused a nap. So we ran errands instead. Of course, he totally fell asleep on the way home. When I turned around to look at him, it made me a little sad. He's getting too big and growing much too fast.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Gideon can no longer be trusted!

Today Gideon and I were shopping in Costco and saw the PERFECT gift to give Brian for Father's Day. So I put one in the cart and spent the entire rest of the shopping trip telling Gideon the helicopter was for Daddy and only Daddy could open it.

We get home, I put Gideon down for a nap, and hide the helicopter in the most perfect spot to wait the THREE weeks until Father's Day. Gideon never brings it back up. Until later that night when Brian gets home. Then all Gideon talks about, for over an hour, is Daddy's "copter." Where daddy's copter? Where the blue copter, mommy? Daddy, you open your copter? I finally gave up and let Brian have the helicopter since he already knew he had one. Boo!

At least Gideon made me laugh hysterically when he crawled inside the box. And yeah because Brian LOVED his gift!!! However, this kid will no longer go gift shopping with me anymore. I thought I still had some time!!!

And another funny video of Gideon doing karate. I just can't get enough!!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Salt Lake Temple Square

The Sister Missionaries asked if I could drive them and one of their investigators to Temple Square. I'm still off track and so I happily agreed. Especially since they were totally okay with Gideon coming along. I haven't been inside the visitor centers in forever and they have lots of cool new stuff.

My most favorite part was Gideon seeing the Christus. Adorable. "Momma! Momma! It Jesus! It Jesus!" He ran up there, as close as he could get then turned to me again and said, "Momma, I need give him a hug." Can you see the HUGE smile on his face in this picture? He LOVED being by Jesus. I totally bawled. One of those moments I'll remember forever!

Friday, May 16, 2014

I told Gideon to put his shoes away...

Today, when I asked Gideon to put his shoes away, (he has a little bin for them) this is how I found his shoes. So adorable!!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

If Only Batman Could Swim

Not too long after getting back to Utah, Mary and I packed up our boys to go play at what we thought was a splash pad and cool park. Well, it was neither. The playground was cool but it was for much older children. The steps were too far apart for the boys to climb, everything was SO TALL, and even the sign said children 6 and older. Who builds a playground like that??

Gideon wanted to get into the water so bad. Thankfully he settled for just his feet. He just sat there watching the water spray. Then the big, mean security guard came by and told us children were only allowed to put their hands in the water. While we willingly complied and said nothing to his face, I can't help but think that is such a stupid rule. Feet = sitting. Hands = laying on stomach reaching further and further in order to touch the water = falling in face first. So Mary and I told the boys no more body parts in the water.

So my cute little batman peacefully stood here, watching the water. Not moving a muscle. Then another security guy came and told us there was no standing by the fountain. Umm, okay. We packed up and headed home. Enough of that place.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Back to Utah

Our trip back to Utah only took one day and was void of any crazy events. We got across the border no problem with our faxed documents. Miracle! Here we are enjoying a little lunch break.

Gideon was a really good traveler again. We stopped in Great Falls, Montana to pick up some travel treats. When we were there he saw some batman shoes and seriously jumped out of the cart to get them! I totally bought him a pair because the shoe guy back in Helena, Montana was wrong and size 8 shoes were WAY too big for this boys feet. They rubbed on his little feet and gave him sores. So new batman shoes, in a smaller size, were a must have.

The guy from my parents ward that fixes bikes for a hobby had this bike for Gideon. Whenever he needed a break from the car, we would stop at a rest area and he would ride around. Happy as can be. And he even slept on the way home.

Oh wait, there was one event on this trip. While at this rest area in Idaho, I shut the keys in the trunk. Well the fancy car was smarter than me and I seriously could not figure out how to open the trunk. A nice guy that stopped there also tried to help. I ended up calling the rental place and they had to look it up. There is a hidden button on the trunk that opens it. I got the keys and we were on our way. We arrived home after 13 hours on the road. Not bad for a momma and a two year old!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Canada - Monday

Monday was our last day here. We thought it would be fun to have a picnic at the park. Near the hospital is Henderson Lake. It's a man made lake that you can walk around, play games, go boating, etc. It's really pretty. They recently put in new playground equipment that is amazing! Gideon loved spinning around in this bowl.

In the center was a big merry go round. There is a net around it and a tall pole that you can climb up to the top of. Gideon enjoyed holding on to the pole while it went around and around and around.

While outside playing, Gideon brought me my first dandylion ever!! Look at all that attitude!

Now that Mother's day passed, it's time to get the garden ready for planing. Good thing Grandpa has lots of tools so his little helper could assist him in the garden.

He was so proud that he could help get rid of the weeds, just like Grandpa! And of course, I had to buy him a new Canada jacket while we were there!

While Gideon did help get weeds up, I think he liked making lines in the dirt more than anything.

And he followed Grandpa everywhere he went! I headed down to a little bargain store to pick up Canadian candy. Yum! I found yet another pair of shoes for Gideon, since the foot measuring shoe guy was wrong and the new shoes I already bought were too big. They had spiderman ones so that was awesome! The store didn't have Bounty Bars, Brian's favorite, so I headed to the gas station. Did you know Canada doesn't use pennies anymore?? They just round up or down for your total. No wonder all the penny candies are more expensive now. I didn't know until I went to pay in cash and they lady thought I was so weird for paying the exact amount with pennies.

Gideon looks like a goof ball in this picture! It was a wonderful trip to Canada. Now that I know I can do it alone, I'm hoping to go more often. I sure miss these two right now! Until next time!!!!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Canada - Sunday

On Sunday, we went to church. It was fun to see so many people I grew up with and how big the ward continues to stay. When I was a teenager there was a family I babysat for that ended up moving to Calgary. For a few summers, I would go up there to watch their kids while the mom went to Young Women's camp. It was during those summers I met her niece, Julie. Well, her brother just so happened to move into our little Coaldale ward, and she just so happened to be visiting him the same exact Sunday I was there!! So we visited and got all caught up on life. The best part was her telling me I looked exactly the same, hadn't aged a single day. That always makes one feel good!!

And of course, Gideon and Grandpa spent lots of time outside. This time, Grandpa walked Gideon on this scooter up and down the block for much longer than I ever would have.

Today was Mother's Day and I got to spend it with my momma!! Dad made us a prime rib dinner that was mouth watering and Nancy came over to join us. Not too long ago, the local water treatment plant had some issues and there was a boil water order where my parents live. The water is drinkable now but has stuff in it to make sure the water is clean. It is hard for my mom to drink the water so my dad has been buying her bottled water instead. So for mother's day, I got her a Brita pitcher to help out.