Thursday, July 31, 2014


In the middle of the night tonight, the power went out. The weather wasn't too hot but we are all used to sleeping with noisy humidifiers. So when they turned off, we all woke up. Thank goodness for these noise makers we take on trips. I loaded up some batteries and soon we were all happily sleeping again. And PS - you'd sleep with white noise too if your neighborhood sounded like ours!

So while we made adjustments to a day with no power, Brian found out he got a NEW JOB!! Woot! Woot! We have been praying for this miracle for a long time. Brian went right to his boss to give his two week notice and his boss instantly offered him more money than we are smart enough to know he will ever be able to pay. I feel so blessed that Brian will be working for a company that actually pays their employees and has real insurance!! And he gets to work in the valley, no more daily commute to Park City. Hey, maybe we will get to see him more often?? And I am really, really excited to say goodbye to this collection of work shirts that grows like rabbits. They seriously take up half our closet. And there are always new ones coming home.

And in lieu of no power, we went out for dinner. We found this fortune just perfect for Brian's new job news!!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Just Another Monday

Today was just one of those perfect days. We spent most of it outside soaking up the summer sun. We are very busy getting ready for the big Sandberg Reunion where we are planning all the outside games. Gideon LOVED the croquet set from the moment we got it. He played with the yellow mallet and yellow ball, of course!!

This kid has such drive. He loves to do something over and over and over again until he masters it. This can be both wonderful and very frustrating, as well as everything in between. And work on mastering croquet was his mission today!

If only that crazy mallet would obey and hit the ball.

I might be slightly biased, but seriously, this boy is SO ADORABLE!! I just want him to stay little so I can snuggle and kiss him forever.

Then we went to play with Mary and McKade. All the sudden a massive rain storm hit. The rain poured and within minutes the streets were filled with water. Gideon was all over that, parading around in the water like a pro. What is it about water and little people?

Look how deep! Way above his ankle. Oh man, did he love this!

Apparently though, the gutter water wasn't quite enough so when we walked back home he jumped instantly into his pool. In the rain. Fully clothed. No lightening involved, don't worry.

And there he happily swam until it was time for a bath and bed. Just another great Monday!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Making Jam

Today I turned all of these...

Into this!! Jars and jars of apricot jam.

I got all the apricots for free. Allison came over to learn how to make jam. We laughed and talked so much I kept forgetting how much I had measured, how long we had cooked for, etc. The first batch we made totally bombed. As in, we had to throw it all away. That was the only boxes of pectin I had though, so Allison ran to the store for more. That jam turned out perfect and Allison took her spoils home. Then I went to the store for more pectin so I could finish out the apricots. I bought the only kind they had. It was awful. There was no cooking involved, just stirring and stirring sugar into the fruit. No matter how much I stirred, or whipped it with beaters, it stayed crunchy. So I have that pectin memorized and won't be using it again! Canning is always filled with adventures!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

24th of July

Our annual 24th of July party with the Fowlers was a blast!! Here are just a few of the fireworks. For reals. Maybe 1/4 of them? I have seriously never seen so many fireworks before. We didn't even stay for all of them. I was really burned out of fireworks after 2 hours.

Gideon wasn't too sure of the fireworks at first. They were too loud for him. He did, however, love the fireworks that he could hold and they would shoot up into the air. He would have done those all night long.

Then he found a fun spot, in an SUV, with a bunch of other kids at the party. (Notice all the fireworks behind him?) And he was one happy camper.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


For the first four years I lived in my ward, I was in primary. First as a teacher, than as the chorister. I will admit, at that point, I begged my Bishop to find me another calling. There had to be something, somewhere else I could do. Don't think horrible of me. I had been in my ward for four years and had hardly any friends. No one knew who I was. It was just time.

From there I was called as a Relief Society teacher. Best job ever, if you ask me. Only teach once a month, learn lots about the gospel, oh and did I mention only responsible once a month!! I happily served there for another four years until I was called to work in the nursery.

That lasted for about two months when I was stolen away to Young Women's. I served as the first counselor for a couple of months until I started to have the feeling I was going to be called as the President. I thought I must be crazy! Until the phone call came - they wanted to meet with Brian and I. That's a big thing, husband and wife both coming in. But I already knew. I KNEW it was coming.

And then came the two weeks between being asked and being sustained and set apart. It was HARD. Really, really hard. I struggled every moment of every day with loneliness - people I spent most every day with weren't around for a variety of reasons. Some of those reasons really hurt. And for some reason, being alone was excruciating, which isn't anything like me at all. I don't mind being alone. And I felt my life filling, literally, with a deeper and darker depression moment by moment. I had horrible, awful, soul ripping thoughts. I had never, ever felt like this before. Ever.

It actually took me a few days to figure out what was going on. Stupid, ugly, disgusting Satan. So I headed to the temple, forced away the depressive thoughts, and found lots and lots of things for Gideon and I to do together, all by ourselves, to fill up all our empty time, all while counting down to the Sunday I was sustained and set apart.

And then all was well again. All craziness subsided. Sanity returned and I happily jumped right into working with my amazing young women!!

Gideon found lots of ways to use tape!

We went to the Batman celebration at Barnes and Noble.

And I tried FIVE different recipes for banana bread. I actually bought enough bananas to do this on purpose. However, one of the recipes spilled over and then after several nights of no sleep, I forgot about it. That was a fun oven fire!!

This was the winner!! And it turned out to be a super simple recipe chocked full of deliciousness!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Fun Tuesday!

Today was a fun Tuesday. We went for our daily morning 5K walk. I'm really proud of myself that I keep going every day. I used to go with my friend Mary, but our schedules don't match up anymore. This is how Gideon rides most days. Feet sticking out, covered up by the sun visor thing, snuggled with blankies, and reading. He is insistent that he must always wear socks!

After our walk we went to our cousin's house. Stacey needed to go get some chairs so I hung out with her kiddos. Kale introduced Gideon to roly-poly bugs. Gideon at one point had three of them crawling on him. He loved that they tickled. Those two boys played together so well today. I loved watching it!

So I am now in Young Women's and Brian is coming up on his 5th year in Young Men's. Tonight was a joint activity. We drew chalk murals from the Book of Mormon, competed in an obstacle course complete with flying water balloons, and ended the night with a huge chalk war. It was AWESOME!!

Here is Brian after the war. We all ran around with bowls of colored chalk and had a blast. Everyone was covered and happy. I took lots of pictures but don't think I should put them up on my blog. They'll be great for a later slide show at church!!

Monday, July 21, 2014


We went to the library today and I couldn't help but take this picture. Gideon was busy reading books to himself (the method he preferred) but he kept peeking to see if I was still there. His adorableness needed to be captured forever. We ended up coming home with a few books, one of them a race car book. Gideon takes the book EVERYWHERE with him. He even had to call Daddy and "read" the book to him. He hasn't even looked at any of the other books we brought home. I already have the book memorized from reading it so much. Love this little reader of mine!!

Sunday, July 20, 2014


I have meetings on Sunday after church now and Gideon will NOT go to sleep for Brian. So he has to wait until I get home. Today, he decided playing in his room was much more fun that going to sleep. He came out telling me, "Momma, me wanna be superman!"

He had both his feet in one leg hole but did get his shirt on right side up! He never took a nap but he fell asleep all by himself at 7:30 tonight. I had so much free time. It was incredible!!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Ward Campout

We were going to be brave and go camping with Gideon. I was really excited. Until I realized all the stuff I had to gather and pack up for one night. Brian was too easy to persuade and so we headed up for just the evening instead. Of course, I was so busy having fun I totally forgot to take any pictures but these two. My ward is awesome. People just volunteered to watch Gideon and I got to visit and visit and visit. Lovely!!

There was a grand dinner, fun games for the kids, boating at the nearby lake, and several dogs. Gideon was in heaven. He took Bella for a walk for as long as Bella was willing. He also enjoyed inviting himself into tents. Who can blame the kid? They look so fun! He loved playing with all the big kids but wasn't too sure about the fire. He stood by daddy and helped hold the roasting stick, but he covered his eyes the whole time. And he cried when he realized the marshmallow melted! Too funny! But once I gave him some graham crackers with a non roasted marshmallow, he was happy, and sticky, as could be. It was a great night spent with great friends!!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Children's Museum

My friend, Kara, invited us to join her at the Children's Museum today! For free!! Free admission, awesome company - best day! Only, it was also field trip day for a million day care centers. Gideon didn't want to go anywhere that Kara and her boys went so no visiting was done. He loved the water place but left after too many kids kept taking things out of his hands. We tried lots of other places to play and had fun.
The balls were really fun. Gideon loved shoving balls in and seeing where other balls went. Eventually, all the other millions of kids, plus having everything grabbed out of his hands, plus being shoved and knocked to the ground 100 times, plus it being near to nap time resulted in one tantrum after another. So we left. Maybe we'll have better luck another time!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Gideon has really been into reading to me lately. He often reads his favorite books to me. You know, the books I have read to him a million times each. When he picks a book he's not familiar with, he will make up a story based on the pictures. He's brilliant I tell ya!!! Brian hadn't been able to see it yet, Gideon would rather have Brian read to him, so I took a video. Complete adorableness. I'm just sad I missed the skateboard page. "No skateboard in house David. You knock table. Make mess. No messes David!" My most favorite is ALWAYS the last page. Especially how his voice changes. Love this kid!

Monday, July 14, 2014

While Brian is gone...

Brian left early this morning for Scout camp. I knew he would ask what Gideon and I did while he was away so I decided to photo document it. I'm glad it did. Today was full of ups and downs! Gideon was busy taking photos while I made breakfast.

Well, actually while I burned breakfast. This was suppose to be homemade granola but I used the wrong kind of oil and it totally burned. I made it a second time, using coconut oil, and it turned out perfect and delicious!

After breakfast I worked for hours cleaning Gideon's pool. After a big wind storm the water turned slimy. And so did the pool. I learned cleaning such a large, wiggly item is not best done by one's self. I also had to fix two small holes. Go me! This is the pool all clean, fixed, and drying. Quite proud of myself. Especially since we have a swimming playdate at our house tomorrow!

Gideon was in heaven once I was done with the pool. He spent a good hour just spraying water out of the hose. P.S. Don't mind our ugly back yard. We were going to put grass in this year. I spent days and days hand shoveling 1000's of burrs out of the yard. Hence all the brown patches. Then our roof leaked into the basement and the backyard had to be put on hold. Boo.

While working in the garden I found our first zucchini!!

I went through all my school stuff in the garage and decided what to keep, what to sell, and what to give away. It's nice to have that all gone, gone, gone!!

I also went through all the bins of decorations and got rid of the stuff I never use. Most of it was the decorations I would use to decorate my classroom. Or Halloween costumes I'll never, ever, ever, ever wear again.

I was so proud of myself for being all done, when I turned around and found two MORE boxes from work. Ugh.

And thus ends the photo documentation, but not the events of the day. After lunch and naps, we ran a billion necessary errands. I really, really, really wanted to go out to dinner because I didn't want to cook, but I settled for leftovers. I was going to have a girls night but my friend was sick so Gideon and I headed to Costco where I finally discovered a meat that Gideon will eat. Thank you Costco samples!! I totally bought a bag.

Upon arriving home I unlocked the door, got Gideon inside, and started to unload the Costco food. That's when I discovered Gideon had locked the screen door. He was happily inside giggling at his success. It didn't matter that I had my keys, there was no opening that screen door. After 20 minutes of getting Gideon to try to unlock it, and a variety of ideas, I finally called the non-emergency number for the police. The officer discovered all the same things as me. No outside hinges to remove, nothing could be slid where the lock was to force it open, etc. He said the only option was to break the glass. Right as he said that, Gideon came walking around the corner with a stool. He placed it by the door, stood on it, and unlocked the door. The officer and I burst into hysterics!

I woke up that night with horrible reflux. I headed downstairs for some medicine only to spend the next several hours throwing up. However, Gideon miraculously slept until 8:30 the next morning. Heavenly!! So yes, even when Brian is away, we stay busy, busy, busy at our house!

Sunday, July 13, 2014


Gideon and Brian were playing this funny game today. Gideon would cover Brian's face up, Brian would make animal noises, and then Gideon would laugh hysterically.

At one point he saw me and we had a cute little conversation.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Heather turns 40!

We headed it on over to Provo today for cousin Heather's 40th birthday!! It was a perfect night to celebrate this amazing woman! And to think, she is about to have another baby any day now. She had surprise guests, I got to catch up with some of her fun friends, reconnect with family, and have a great time. I'm lucky to call this girl my friend. She is far more than just a cousin, she has been my life coach on more than one occasion. She has helped me become the person I am and a huge blessing in my life. Happy Birthday to one of the greatest people I know!!!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Random Thursday

Today we went to the chiropractor. Well, Gideon just came along for the fun. They have a little room of toys that he loves but the building had flooded and he couldn't play. So instead I found him in the waiting room, reading a magazine!

Later that afternoon, Mary called to see if we wanted to come to Jungle Jim's. Oh yes, yes we did! And of course I only took one picture. On this ride, Gideon went running over the track, fell, and got covered in oil. That was fun. On the swing ride, he climbed off his swing and the poor worker had to emergency stop the ride. Other than that, we had a great time! Gideon loved the ride that goes around really fast and pushes you to the outside of the cart you are sitting in. He loved making his airplane go up and down, and he really wanted to play all the arcade games but he isn't anywhere near tall enough just yet. And he ate almost one entire piece of pizza - new record!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

For the third time ever...

this kid fell asleep randomly. I actually have pictures of all three moments because they are so rare and so wonderful! Today, we had been playing hard outside and came in for some lunch. He gobbled down his food and then laid like this.

About five seconds later I could hear him snoring. Full on snoring. He is usually so hard to get to sleep, so I completely enjoyed simply walking him upstairs and laying him down. Best nap ever! Wish I could figure out the secret to days like this.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Gideon would never let us put bubbles on him, but lately he has been loving and even putting bubbles on himself! His favorite way is to put his face under the water and then pull his head out! Hilarious!

He also loves to make HUGE splashes, roll around in the water, and is starting to blow bubbles in the water. We typically have to get him in the bath at least an hour before bedtime because once in the water, this kid totally becomes a little fish!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sunday Moments

Tonight Gideon had no desire, as usual, to eat dinner. I told him he could eat here IF he would actually eat. Well, he sat right down and told me he needed to get to work. Then he sat all prim and proper and told his toy laptop, "We gotta get busy eatin' our food."

Then when we were getting ready for bed, he got to snuggle with both cats. A dream come true for this kiddo! He told me afterwards, "Best snuggles ever."

Little Gem

I was looking through Brian's cell phone pictures to make sure I had gotten all the recent photos off when I found this picture. Oh, it made my heart happy. I loved when Gideon slept like this. Totally squished and stretched across the side. Arms stretched over his head. Zonked and happily sleeping. He still sleeps sort of like this. He must be up against something, the wall, the bed railing, whatever he finds. Is it crazy that I miss this??