Saturday, August 30, 2014

Someone's ready for Halloween!

I LOVE Halloween! Like, really, really love it! I made Brian go to the costume store the day after it opened so Gideon could pick out a costume.

Gideon was in heaven. He couldn't believe all the costumes there were. And so many fun shields and guns and masks. He wanted to be everything. Thankfully, he had been told he could only pick out one costume. In the end, he was choosing between a green ninja, batman, a power ranger, and, I think, spider man. I wasn't surprised at all by his choice!

World's cutest batman!!

Seriously, could this tiny kid get any cuter?!

I'm not sure we are ever going to get this costume off of him again!!

Friday, August 29, 2014

MnM's save the day!!

I called in some prescriptions over the phone today. Several hours later we went to get them. They weren't ready. Somehow they didn't add them to the list of ones to do. The line was long. There were sick people everywhere. After an eternal wait, we found out my insurance was expired! Ugh, so frustrating. Now just add in a nap fighting ninja two year old, a million items right at his reach, treats everywhere he can just take, and a momma who was trying to figure out the whole insurance thing. So I grabbed a pack of mn'm's and everything instantly got better. The ninja stopped all destruction, crying, and grabbing at every item he could and happily sat, completely and utterly sit, while eating his mn'm's. Another miracle in my life I'm very thankful for!! Thank you mn'm's!!!!

P.S. My awesome school district said my signed contract stating my end date as July 31st trumps the official letter they sent me stating the insurance end date as August 30th. And they were unbelievably rude at the entire situation, as if it was my fault for reading the letter. And when I asked why $734 was taken out of my last paycheck on July 25 to pay for insurance that I didn't have in August, they told me I paid for the current months insurance at month end. That's just how it works in education, you have insurance for an entire month and then you pay for it. Yeah right! The list of reasons I left just keeps on growing and growing.

Monday, August 25, 2014

It's a new school year...

I forgot to include this "great" picture last school year. I thought the fact another school year has started and I'm NOT part of it was a great reason to post it. I LOVE not teaching. That might sound horrible. I was an amazing teacher, and I did it with all my heart and soul. It's just wonderful to not be totally and utterly drained everyday with hours of work still ahead of me. That's all!

Instead of teaching, I've jumped right into working with the Young Women. I have the best presidency and woman to work with. I came in at a crazy time. The previous president was moving and had been planning Youth Conference. That fell into my lap. I thought it would be easy to take over someone else's 3/4 completed job. Nope. It wasn't. Not easy at all! I think not planning it all myself made it harder. I would double do things, not realize other's weren't done yet, etc. It was crazy but all worked out in the end! I also had to plan the HUGE summer joint activity the kids look forward to every year. It's based on the show Wipe Out and, yikes, was that ever a lot of work. Every second of it was worth it though. The kids had a blast! Things settled down after both those huge events were over!

I've also been spending lots and lots and lots of time with his character!! He keeps me on my toes and laughing all day long. He is so much happier not going to day care! He even randomly hugs me and tells me he's glad I'm with him! I love that we can craft, play, have adventures, be outside, bake, snuggle, and just be together all day, every day. I'd have to say this is my most favorite school year so far!!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Tracy Aviary

I found a killer deal for a year membership to Tracy Aviary on Groupon! We headed out there for the first time today. We took Grandma Gwynn and Z with us. And, we were all FREE!!

I was surprised at how different this place is since my Early Head Start days. Doesn't even seem like the same place as the last time I went there. This bird had such a cool beak, I had to take a picture! My favorite area though, of course, was the owls. There was one in particular I wanted to take home with me.

We enjoyed a little picnic lunch there and Gideon LOVED that we had a map to follow. We tried out the bird show and well, let's just say, we won't be doing that again. Although, Z did get to be the one to crack the egg at the end of the show.

They are kid play areas all over the park, along with the birds. We learned that you can feed sun contures and the pelicans for only $2.00 each. We are totally doing that next time we go!! It was a great way to spend some time outside, running around, and enjoying people we love!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Bubble Blower

I think it's rather miraculous that Gideon hasn't discovered you can blow bubbles in milk until now! I mean, he is almost three. I count this lack of a skill so far as a huge plus!

It couldn't last forever. It was inevitable that he would figure out this fun little trick. It's too bad the restaurant lid didn't hold in more bubbles. They were everywhere. The food was taking FOREVER, I was tired of him screaming and climbing around on the table. So I just let him do it.

I tried to get him to stop by telling him he was getting bubbles on his shirt. This is how he solved the problem. Too smart for his own good!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My Little Reader

This kiddos love of reading is going strong. Except now he has to read all books to me!! "It's a tory time, momma! Sit down for tory time." And then he reads me book after book after book. His current favorite is Eric Carle's book The Very Hungry Caterpillar. He LOVES that the caterpillar turns into a butterfly!! And since he is just reading the pictures, there are some interesting stories going on around here!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Mall time and some plates

I needed to go to the mall today, just to one little store. Almost an hour later we left! The reason...this kid had to sit on every riding machine. Every single one. And since we didn't really have anything going on, I indulged him.

Directly across from our destination was an arcade. I am certain Gideon will be spending some serious time in arcades when he's older. It was like crack for him. I finally took him out kicking and screaming. I think he wanted to move in. Funny thing is, he couldn't reach any of the games and I never gave him money to play a single one.

Back at home he got found a stack of paper plates and got right to work pouring a small amount of milk on each one and then covering it up with another plate.

He was totally and completely engrossed.

He worked on this project for over an hour. An HOUR!! It was heavenly. Though I'm still trying to figure out why he'd rather play with paper plates and a cup of milk than toys. Well, I guess I'm trying to figure out what to get him for gifts since he has no desire to play with toys. Perhaps I've got a scientist on my hands here??

Also note the price tag that is still on his jammies that he was so excited to wear they are over the clothes we was already wearing!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Dressing himself

Gideon has been working on learning to dress himself! Today, he got dressed all by himself and jumped at me yelling "a prize!"

In case you didn't catch it in the first picture, check out his pants...the pockets...anything seem off? Bah-ha-ha...LOVE it!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sandberg Family Reunion - Day 5

On Sunday we headed back down to Provo for a Sunday together. Gideon was a great co-pilot who was just happy that he got to spend more time with his cousins!

This cute picture of sisters...

Soon got all the ladies together...

And now all the men join in too! I was at the wrong angle for these photos but they are totally a must have family tradition.

We gathered together at a wonderful park to enjoy a delicious meal that Stacey got up at 5 am to start and took both my Dad and Greg to cut up all the meat.

We sang our family song...all the verses which we haven't done since I was a child.

We then headed over to the church my Grandma and her kids helped build! And then we sadly had to say goodbye until next time.

Gideon was out before we left the church parking lot. He played his little heart out. It was a perfect reunion.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Sandberg Family Reunion - Day 4

Saturday was the really big day we had been getting ready for. We met early at the field to get all set up. Gideon thought this was a perfect place to sit.

The helpers spray painting the grass for a killer game of twister.

There was soccer, Koob, flag football, croquet...

Volleyball and ladder ball.

A javelin game.

Frisbee football with baskets.

Nerf guns for the javelin target.

Which were by far the favorite activity among all the helpers.

Cute helpers!

Xander and Gideon found Sara and Cameron's car. Which they promptly took over.

We rented a bouncy house. It was FILLED with holes. Poor house didn't have a chance of holding air.

It's really hard to jump when the ground sinks in instantly!

We gathered for visiting, eating, and game playing under this big tent the hotel provided. It was the most perfect weather day! And even better under the canopy.

Snow cones were served.

Canadian chips were a huge hit!

Lots and lots of visiting took place. It was fun to have time with everyone to catch up.

Michael gave each of us a My Family book the church has come out with. He even brought pictures of our grandparents, great grandparents, and parents to fill the book in. I'm excited to put one together for Gideon!

Everyone was hard at work gluing in pictures of their relatives!

The originals formed a circle and visited the day away!

We rented three razors and torn up the nearby mountains.

To say they were a favorite activity is an understatement.

Gideon tried a ride with his dad but wasn't too sure of it and made them come back early.

But then he begged to come with me. Amy and Barry were so nice to let us try it out. Barry drove slow at first but Gideon asked him to go faster! He ended up loving it!

The boys discovered they could play video games in the Ehlert's RV.  Thank goodness for extra remotes so Gideon could "play" too!

Here is the big tents we used all day.

It was my Dad's birthday, so we celebrated with a huge cake (or three) from Costco!! Happy birthday, Dad!

The replacement bouncy house finally arrived. Only it was for water and we had none.

Oh well, the kids totally had fun!